Raddison Blu Giveaway: Win A Trip Around The World | 5 Cities In 30 Days

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Radisson Blu is giving you a chance to win a trip for two around the world. How amazing is that? The prize includes a 30-night stay at up to 5 Radisson Blu hotels, plus round trip airfare!

The whole experience baffles me.  I’ve seen the Eiffel Tower, spent a few days on the Amalfi Coast, indulged in sweets in Belgium and it was all amazing, however, if I won a free trip around the world I would like to start my journey in Africa and move my way up to Europe! Explore with me:

Cape Town, South Africa

The shark lover and adventure enthusiast in me is dying to make it’s way to Cape Town! So what are some of the fun adventures you could encounter in Cape Town? Well, did you know you could spend a day swimming with penguins? Who wouldn’t want to do that? Visit the aerial walkway that allows you to walk through the canopy of South Africa’s forest, take a cable car up to the top of Table Mountain so you can take in the sights of the city. No matter what you do you are bound to go on an adventure of a lifetime.


Dakar, Senegal

Spend a few days in West Africa. Book a room and spend a few days lounging by the pool taking in the sound of the Atlantic Ocean. Visit Lac Rose an hour outside of Dakar, it’s Senegal’s vivid pink lake that brings in visitors from all around the world to take in the views of the . Or perhaps you could spend some time at  the Bandia Reserve and go on a safari.


Marrakech, Morocco

A fact you’ve probably never heard from me… Morocco is at the top of my must-see destinations. I’ve traveled through a larger part of Europe The architecture and colors of Morocco are to die for. There is so much that Marrakech has to offer you. Browse through souk markets, try delicious Moroccan food, you can even book an excursion to ride a camel in the Sahara Desert. Basically, go have a new and unsheltered adventure.


Madrid, Spain

Madrid is on everyone’s bucket list, right? Well, it should be! Visit Mercado de San Miguel, Madrid’s oldest market where a food lover can indulge their pallet. after you’ve stuffed yourself I suggest you go work off a few of those calories by renting a paddle boat and venturing through Retiro Park. Spend your afternoons on rooftop bars and browsing through local shops or check out Royal Palace. Just make sure to indulge in Madrid’s famous churros… that you dip into a cup of chocolate. #yum

Lisbon, Portugal

I imagine that when I finally make my ways to Lisbon I will need a day or two to just walk around with my camera in tow so that I can take in the beautiful tile work that is Lisbon. You can hop on a trolly and venture around Lisbon taking in local shops, restaurants, and getting to know the city like a local. Spend a day visiting the Jerónimos Monastery or National Pantheon, whatever you do make sure to check out all the amazing street art and murals that you can find in Lisbon.



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So how do you enter to win this trip of a lifetime? Simple, all you have to do is play the #PaperCity game. All you have to do in the game is to guess which 5 cities are featured in the game with the clues given to you. The game is actually pretty fun! Edward, and I had fun playing it. Once you’ve played the game you will be entered to win a trip around the world!

What are your 5 dream destination if you were to win the contest? I’d love to hear from, so please feel free to comment below.


Krystal // The Krystal Diaries

There are so many places I want to see, I wouldn’t even know where to start!

Sandra Meaders

I want to see Switzerland and France.

Falon Loves Life

This sounds like an awesome opportunity! I am dying to go to Greece!

Emily of Em Busy Living

This was an awesome contest! What a great user experience.


My top 5 places to visit would be: India, Thailand, New York, France and Austrailia

Kari Guastella

My top 5 would be Sydney, Ha’apiti, Aukland, Nairobi, and anywhere near the Galapagos!

Ashley M.

My top 5 would be California, Ireland, Hawaii, Australia and France!

reanna roberts

India, Amsterdam, Turkey, London, Scottish Highlands/Inverness.

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