Why My Blog Is Killing Me + Survey

How My Blog Is Killing Me

I am an introvert and secretly an old person at heart. I also happen to suck at social media! So why do I have a blog? That’s a good question! I feel like, day by day, I am losing the battle against privacy.

A few things you need to understand about me:

In my personal life, I haven’t gotten on Facebook in over 6 months and I haven’t posted ANYTHING! Twitter, I managed to grow a pretty successful account for my blog, however, I don’t have a personal account nor do I use my blog twitter for personal rants. Mostly because they go into the void.

I still don’t understand how to use Stumbleupon. I said it! I don’t freaking get it. Edward is a huge fan of the website (and has been since high school) and keeps trying to convince me to get into it but I just don’t care! But you can be the first person to follow me!

Instagram. #amgirlstravels IG account is growing. slowly. When Instagram started, I used it solely for editing my photos. I never posted them for people to see or to grow a community and I never planned too.

I recently gave up being an android user and switched back to iPhone. I still haven’t set up my voicemail and I don’t know that I intended to. My close friends also know to never expect a text back from me right away or even that day and sometimes even that week! Simply because I don’t have that much to say.

So, everyday, technology keeps screwing me over. It’s slowly but surely going to break me.

Snapchat is the newest culprit in my social media demise! You can find me on Instagram, stalk my about me page, send me an email! WHY MUST I BE ANYMORE AVAILABLE THAT THAT?


On another note… I would love to hear what you have to say about A Modern Girl’s Travels! If you participate in the poll you will be entered to win a $25 dollar target gift card! I appreciate all of you, so help me to make AMGT what you want it to be.

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Emily of Em Busy Living

Hey friend! I’d love to take your survey, but it’s just showing as a big blank space in your post. I see “Online Survey powered by Typeform” but nothing else.

Ana Valentin

Hey! So I hear your struggle and TOTALLY get it! Here’s the trick…. get realllly good at ONE thing. Ever heard of jack of all trades, master of none? Yeah. Focusing on one platform alleviates a lot of stress and pressure and it means you have an amazing authentic audience on one platform rather than a scattering here and there!

Amy Lu

Just added you on Snapchat from my Amylubooks account. 🙂

Chantal Steele

I haven’t jumped on the Snapchat train yet. I always feel contradicted as a blogger because I’m trying to cut back on social media but I really need it to blog lol. Ohhhh wellllll.

Carmen's Luxury Travel

I feel the same about StumbleUpon. Okay, taking the survey now 🙂

Little Blue Deer

I have literally been thinking all month, “I hate social media, I hate my blog”. It’s all so much to keep up with, a lot of it is so fake, it’s just overwhelming. I’ve been doing it, with varying degrees of consistency, since 2009 and it’s like having a kid. I’m totally an old person at heart too, what is all this newfangled crap lol! Awesome post.


This is hysterical. I just started a blog – right as I pretty much decided I was done with social media in regular life. Oh well, hard to escape the necessity. But I think it is good to have a certain kind of mentality about whar you are using it for. But there is no way I am embarking upon SnapChat – ha!


Oh my goodness, this is so me! I’m also I started a blog because I love to write and I love to travel. I like interacting with other bloggers through link ups and that sort but social media is not very enjoyable to me. I obviously have a personal Facebook account but I haven’t used anything but my blog page for months and I don’t have any other private accounts. And there are just some things that I don’t share. I’m not a lifestyle blogger for a reason, anything not relevant to my blog doesn’t need to be shared.

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