When A Busy Schedule Gets The Best Of You

When A Busy Schedule Get's The Best Of You

Sometimes life gets the best of you. You wake up one day with so many aspirations and you tell yourself that today will be the day that you accomplish at least 3 of your 15 tasks. But then, the afternoon rolls around and you realize you have yet to accomplish even one of your goals.

I wake up everyday feeling like I’m behind on something, like, I’m not giving each day my all. Truthfully, I’m probably not. I feel like my job and social media is forever changing and no single day is like the last. I always thought I would enjoy having a job that challenges me and that kept me on my toes. I thought wrong. So right now I am going to share with you the current struggles of my life.

Perhaps you can relate?

The Troubles Of Working at Home:

I spend most days in bed with a laptop and my productivity levels plummet. People tell me to make a space of my own and that’s great advice. Advice I would love to take. However, right now there’s just no space. Edward and I set up an office but he sits in there too and is on the phone almost ALL day long. He also seems to think that it’s necessary to always be screaming. Therefore, I can never get anything done because I can never focus. Also, the dog beds and crates are in that room and they are constantly dragging in allergens from outside. I just go into that room for five minutes and I have an allergy headache and am congested. I’d like to eventually make myself a small space in our basement… that’s when it’s not flooded of course.

The Effects Your Busy Schedule Has On Relationships:

Last Thursday, I wrote out three posts, replied to 30 emails, worked on my newsletter, and set up Twitter for 100 posts. Sound like a lot, right? I should have felt accomplished in a sense, however, I still felt like there was so much to do! Edward and I were going away for the weekend and I had to make sure all of my bases were covered so I could just relax. This resulted in me telling my husband that no I couldn’t eat dinner with him; he was on his own. Oh, tonight is when we watch out shows together? Yeah? No, I’m not doing that this week. You need help packing? You’re a big boy, do it yourself .. can’t you see I’m busy over here? I stayed up until past 4 AM working. All of these incidents resulted in Edward informing me that we would be leaving my laptop at home and I was not allowed to pack it for our trip. Good choice!

This will sound terrible, but some days, I forget the pets are there. I can go days without interacting with them. Eventually I will find a few free moments and cuddle up with one of them and suddenly guilt washes over me and I feel terrible for neglecting them. It only reaffirms the fact that I don’t have the capacity for children. (P.S. Edward also works from home and feeds them 3 times a day and takes them out probably 10 times a day, so don’t worry they’re not actually being neglected over here.)

I’m am constantly putting work over friendships and my marriage. How is that a way to live? How will that help me foster growing and healthy relationships? Simply, it won’t. Simply, I just need to get better at prioritization.

The Delusional Aspirations Of a College Student:

When I was in college, I had a job that kept me on my feet all hours of the day. I was constantly on the go from class, to work, and dinner out with friends. At that point in my life I was running on five hours of sleep and would always tell myself that it would pay off later in life. That I would get a stable job, school would be behind me and I would have more time for myself. What a joke! I envy how delusional I was. I have never been more busy in my life and it’s not just me, studies show that millennials in 15 countries work more than a 40 hour work week. Of course we do, because there is not enough time in the day!

The Side Effects Of Busy Schedule:

My bones ache! Literally. Does this happen to you? My body constantly feels tired, like I’m not giving it enough: vitamin D, sleep, hydration, exercise. And, well… I’m not. I’m glued to a screen at least 10 hours a day. Everyone says I need to get up and walk every 20 minutes. Who has time for that? Plus, I would get so distracted and off track. Wouldn’t you? … The next solution always seems to be find time to work out. Yes, I know.. but am I suppose to do that? After working 10 hours, cooking dinner, cleaning, fostering a relationship with my husband, and attempting to even acknowledge I have pets?


I wrote to you all awhile back about the importance of finding time for yourself, a time to take up a new hobby or just to set aside time for yourself. I’ll be the first to admit that it’s easier said than done. So tell me.. how do you deal with a busy schedule?


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Hannah Johnson

I feel your dilemmas there! I care for my toddler for most of the day, so then work in the evenings but that means that I then can’t always hang out with my hubby in the evenings when he’s back from his day job – I do try to make sure that we have date night but that can be a real challenge – especially like at the moment where funds can be a tight.

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