Here's What You Should Buy at: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

What to buy at Norstrom Anniversary Sale

It’s Friday and the second day of Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale! If you don’t have early access I suggest that you make a wish list so that when you can shop the sale it will be easier to find the things that you want. Check out this post here for all my tips on how to successfully shop the sale!

Yesterday, I woke up got ready and dragged my sister to Nordstroms. Our car is currently out of commission (huge storm caused a gigantic branch to fall on it and cave in the front of our car, super fun) and won’t be back till next Thursday and I didn’t want to miss out on any of the good deals.

Here is what I picked up for myself yesterday! 

  1. I fell in love with Atelier Cologne a few years ago. I got a sample in my Birchbox subscription and I instantly fell in love. I like all the scents but the Vanille is my all time favorite. Their discovery roll on set is great to take on trips and to through one in your purse for an easy spruce up throughout the day.
  2. I love leather jackets and have had them since I can remember! I never invest in expensive ones because honestly, I’m bad at taking care of them. But I found this faux moto jacket on sale for only $64!
  3. I came across this dress and I actually got it in two colors because I loved it so much. It’s nice and I felt really comfortable in it and I know I will be able to transition it from casual to dressy.
  4. I found that my boots get pretty battered up here in the winter with all the snow and salt so I don’t want to invest too much into winter shoes but I was super excited when I came across these thigh high boots for an extremely reasonable price! Even if they get destroyed this winter they will totally be worth it!
  5. I stocked up on Clinique’s Thirst Quench set. It’s great for winters or summer days when you’ve been out in the sun too long! I snatched up two 4.2 oz bottles and a travel piece.
  6. I’m always snatching up sunglasses when they’re on sale, these leopard print polarized sunglasses are going to get a lot of use this year!
  7. Hunter boots are a must have for winter and rainy days!
  8. I saw this off the shoulder cashmere top and I knew that I would probably wear it every week for the next few winters so I decided the price was worth it and snatched one up. It is super soft and makes you feel effortlessly stylish.
  9. I usually don’t go for bog tassel earrings… but these caught my eye and surprisingly I really liked them. I wear a lot… A LOT of black and I think these tassel drop earrings will help to add a pop of color to my outfit.
  10. I got the leather jacket and I know it will get a lot of use but I also need something a little warmer so I invested in this Ralph Lauren wrap coat! I got it for almost 50% off so it was definitely a steal and it will be my go-to coat this winter!

Here are my top 25 favorites under $100 dollars!

(click the arrows to shop through the post) 



Here are my top 25 favorites under $50 dollars!

(click the arrows to shop through the post) 




Here are my top 25 favorites under $35 dollars!

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Breaking it down by category…

Beauty: I stressed to you how expensive beauty products can add up to be throughout the year! The beauty department is the first place I stop during this sale.


My top 5 Favorite beauty products! 

One || Two || Three || Four || Five


Accessories: They essentially can make or break an outfit. I’ve always been a hoarder of purses and earrings. I will be completely transparent with you and say that I am not as impressed by the accessory sale as I was last year. I would say about 40% percent of my purchase went to purses, scarves, watches, and jewelry last year. This year I’m just not as impressed with the sale, maybe because most of the pieces are just not my style. Regardless, I rounded up the few pieces that I did like.


My top 5 favorites accessories!

One || Two || Three || Four || Five


Winter Outerwear: I mentioned to you before that it is a good idea to shop winter coats if you live in a cold city. This isn’t something I had to worry about a few years ago but now this sale is a life saver and allows me to stock up on a few pieces for me and the man of the house!


My top 5 favorite outwear pieces!

One || Two || Three || Four || Five 



Shoes: I may or may not horde shoes! I think it’s because I have bigger feet than any of my friends or family so it’s the one item that I can never just give away. Now that I live up north I am having to add to my winter collection. Hunter rain and snow boots are a must and are amazing!


My top 5 favorites shoes!

One || Two || Three || Four || Five



Comfy PJs: I live in pajamas! Litter fun fact… since childhood the first thing I do when I get home is put on comfy pajamas. It doesn’t matter if I know I have to leave again in an hour, I will be comfortable for those 50 minutes dammit!


My top 5 favorites comfortable loungewear pieces!

One || Two || Three || Four || Five



Workout gear: Okay so if you’re like me you wear workout gear even when you’re not working out. Sometimes it’s just easier than getting all dressed up just to go do some grocery shopping.



Home Decor: Edward and I recently re-did our whole place. We switched around almost every room in the house and turned our basement into a live in suite. The deal I made with him was that If he agreed to spend a weekend doing this I wouldn’t buy any new decor. I’ve kept that promise for four months but this sale is just too good!



Fun Finds: Here are a few fun finds from pool flotes, cute champagne flutes and so much more.


Whew! I feel like I need a nap after that post. But it’s still morning and I have a lot to do today! I hope you found a few pieces that you liked, comment below and let me know what you plan on buying for the sale!



Those boots are amazing as are your picks from home decor!

xx Kelly
Sparkles and Shoes

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