Week’s End 05/04/2015

A lot has been going on around here. For starters, I finally broke down and started a Twitter account. I have decided to grow it organically and I am excited to see if it take off. However, I was completely dumb founded when I first started it and by no means have it figured out. But, I’m just taking it one day at a time, though I don’t think i’ll ever get use to the expectation of “tweeting” every two hours.

Luckily, I also invested in Co-Scheduel and found that I now have Buffer at my command. I cannot tell you what a life saver all of these programs are and I’ve been so excited to learn how to use them.

Edward is done with school so we are both ecstatic. With that being said, we have nothing holding us back anymore and we are in trip planning mode. My sister is coming into town for a little while in June, so we were thinking of maybe going down memory lane and spending some time in Savannah and Tybee for a week. On top of that, my birthday is coming and I think we’ve narrowed it down to Charleston. I love everything about that city but overall I’m excited to introduce Edward to everything the city has to offer. Those are only two of the many trips we have planned but I’ll save the rest for later.


FotorCreated3 FotorCreated7

Caileigh and Holly are two sister who started an awesome blog called The Brave Little Cheesehead. This past week they collaborated with fellow female travelers to provide you an article on 12 things you need to remember before your next trip.

Not to long ago I stumbled upon Kisty’s blog, Kisty Creatives. And I must say it has grown on me. I really enjoyed her photo diary of Hallim Park. You really must check it out; it’s quite beautiful!

Andrea once again wooed us all with her creativity. Stop by and see what your horoscope has to say for you. I am a gemini and let me tell you I was thrilled about mine.

[su_quote cite=”Andrea | No Money Will Travel ” url=”http://nomoneywilltravel.com/2015/05/01/travel-horoscopes/”]Extremely independent, Geminis avoid rules and itineraries at all costs. Looking to experience the world on their own, they value their freedom just as much as they value the wisdom that comes along with it. Adaptable, they would thrive in any given situation on any given continent. A Gemini would love a solo backpacking adventure. Where? Thailand, of course! As long as there are no expectations, Geminis will use their wit and energy to embark on an unforgettable and life-changing journey. They might come for the price, but they’ll stay for the beaches, views, temples, and booze![/su_quote]

Julia is the writer behind Explores More. This past week she wrote an article on how to keep your sanity while on a long train ride. Check out her blog and find out all the other travel advice she has to offer you.


FotorCreated1 FotorCreated2This week’s sweet tooth is one of epic proportions, so when I was scanning Camille Styles and came across  Katie’s Kentucky Derby Pie Milkshake. I almost died of envy. Go to the blog, print out the recipe, and try it for yourself. You won’t regret it; it’s delicious.

I feel like a broken record when I say that A Beautiful Mess has there shiz figured out. I don’t know where they come up with all of these ideas, but what I do know is that I loved last weeks personalized dog tag. I will definitely be making one for Carly. Stella would just eat it, so therefore, I won’t waste my time with that one.

Birthdays and anniversaries are around the corner and Edward and I have been racking our brains on something special to do for our 1 year wedding anniversary. I know traditionally the first year gift is meant to be paper, but why not substitute paper with skin and get a matching tattoo together. So, it’s been decided and the number one contender in the King & Queen of hearts tattoo.

In true women’s fashion I got bored this week and went internet shopping. I’ve been cooking a lot lately and I get so frustrated because I keep misplacing all my recipe cards or spilling raw eggs, ect on them. But I found this amazing kitchen dock. It’s still pre-order but I think it’s worth it.


FotorCreated00 FotorCreated999

I collaborated with some amazing bloggers this week and we wrote an article on delicious foods that you can find around the world.

We all have a bucket list, but do you have a reverse bucket list? Stop by and see what all I’ve already accomplished on my list.

Every month I like to review what I’ve been feeling, doing, making, and searching for. Stop by and get to know me a little better with my month’s review.

As always, I do a Week’s End article and if you missed it last time, stop by to catch up on my life and seeing everything the blogging world has to offer.



Andrea || Mitchael Journey

Looks like you are in for some more adventures 😀 How fun! So glad found your blog 🙂


    I am and I am excited! I am glad you found yor way and I hope you’ll follow along!

Lauryn Lasko

These are all such beautiful pictures!

Daisy @ Simplicity Relished

That reverse bucket list is SUCH a good idea! It’s important to look back and take stock of the awesome experiences we have already had.


    You should do one yourself! It was an awesome experience and It shed light on so many great experiences.


Ah that tattoo is awesome!! My boyfriend and I have talked about how we would like to get tattoos when we have our first baby together


    That’ll be sweet. I have a tattoo that is the coordinates of where I got engaged. I think I would also like to do the same thing for when I have children!

Emily S

I love the idea of a reverse bucket list! And I love that little kitchen dock you ordered 🙂

I’ve just stumbled upon your blog and I’m excited to see where your adventures take you two!


    Im so excited when new people find their way here! I hope you’ll stick around! The reverse bucket list was a lot of fun. You should try it!


Ahhh this made my night!! Thanks so much for the mention, you are so so sweet! 🙂 I really like your blog and have given you a follow on Bloglovin’, can’t wait to read future content! 😀



    Of course! I always love to give shout outs to blogs that I enjoy! Thank you, I enjoy your blog as well! I can’t wait to follow along!

Lindsey Smallwood

The Kentucky Derby Pie Milkshake sounds amazing!

Hannah Johnson

I think there are mixed opinions out there about A Beautiful Mess. I used to read it all the time but it got to a point where it seems like they always have good going on and they never have a bad day. I think it sort of affected me because I couldn’t match that “all is amazing” style of writing and photos. I think I got so bogged down in the comparisons that it was causing me stress.

But it’s each to their own and so I just read other blogs and occasionally check in.


    There are. They make me feel bad about myself. But it is two sisters who have a degree in design and who have a whole team working behind them. So of course they are always going to be spot on. But we just have to remember not to compare ourselves to them!

Amanda {Planning It All}

Good luck with Twitter – I have a love hate relationship with Twitter haha


    So far it’s going well. It’s taking off a lot better than i though, but then again I had a lot of lovely blogging friends who gave me a lot of tips!

Kyla @ House Of Hipsters . com

I’ve just started to finally figure Twitter out. It only took 5 years 😉 It doesn’t really drive traffic to my site, but I’ve connected with people they it. And yes…buffer rocks!


    ahah.. ” it only took 5 years”! You’re too funny. I signed up for Crowdfire today, have you heard of it? Well it lets you make a custom message so when someone adds you on twitter they will receive a message with links to any platform of your choice. So for example, when someone adds me they get a message from me asking to like me on Facebook and Instagram and I tell them i follow them back. So far it has gotten me a few followers on the blog. Maybe you could check it out if you already haven’t.

      Kyla @ House Of Hipsters . com

      Oooh, I think I’m going to have to do that! Thanks for the tip. And I read your dad post. It was just lovely =)


        You’re welcome! Aww, I’m glad you read it, thank you for the nice compliment!


I don’t think I’ll ever be fully on board with Twitter, but I still try.. LOL!


    I felt the same, but now I think I’m quite enjoying it. Except I don’t at all understand how to use it on my phone. That I am still clueless at!

Elizabeth Mayberry

I love this! And I am not a twitter pro – I just kinda let it do it’s thing 😉


    I am trying, it’s getting a little easier. I still don;t know how to use it on my phone and I fear I never will!

Kisty Mea

I have a love/hate thing with Twitter. I think it’s a great platform to throw your immediate and mundane thoughts (like an alternative way to talking to yourself lol) but I hate how it’s all about numbers, interactions, retweets, etc. I know those things are important but can we have a service that doesn’t need to be measured by numbers?

Oh, and thank you so much for featuring my Hallim Park post!


    I know! I feel the same, but for me what I like about twitter is that i can help promote other bloggers kind of like I do with this weekly post. I fear that bloggers are becoming to greedy & self promoting. I want to shed light on the great work of everyone else around me and twitter seems to be the easiest platform to do that! And you are welcome. ! loved the article!


I have twitter too, but still haven’t figured out the darn thing. I feel like an old woman – how often am I supposed to tweet and what am I supposed to say in such a short amount of space?! 🙂

Sounds like you guys have some exciting trips coming up! Looking forward to reading about them and seeing photos!


    I felt like that too when i started the account. But I’ve seemed to pick up on it fairly fast. Have you heard of Buffer? You can use it to schedule tweets for future and past posts. You can also set it up to tweet stuff from your Instagram, Bloglovin’, and Pinterest.

    We do have some fun things planned. Do you have anything exciting happening anytime soon?


      I have not heard of Buffer, but I will check it out – sounds like a great resource!

      I’ve got graduation next week followed by an overseas adventure to Hong Kong, Beijing, and Tokyo 🙂


        Congratulations on your graduation!!! As far as the trip, you are one lucky girl. Be sure to have fun for the both of use! I hope you have a great time!


I am also hopeless with Twitter – I’ve tried and tried, and just don’t feel the love!

Jessica Rae

Those tattoos are totally cute! I love them!! =)

Brave Little Cheesehead

Thanks for featuring us in your post! 🙂

Kim Seghers

I actually just heard of Buffer today I guess I need to check it out . As far as twitter I use it , but don’t understand it! I enjoyed reading your post .


    Buffer is awesome! I use it daily, it’s become a life saver!

Star Traci

Looks like a really great week! Congrats in joining the twitter sphere.

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