6 of My Favorite Wellness Phone Apps

As I’ve mentioned in a few post I really started to take my health and wellness serious this last year. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was quite young and have suffered from a lot of different side effects. PCOS can make it quite difficult to get pregnant so now that Eddie and I are getting to the stage in life where we want to start having kids I knew I had to take my well-being seriously. The first step was to purchase  Woman Code by Alisa Vitti. She herself struggles with PCOS and teaches women about the importance of the chemicals and foods that we are putting into our bodies and how they can affect our depression, anxiety, hormones, and fertility.

I have prepared myself for the fact that it will probably be hard for Edward and I to get pregnant and that is a hard reality to face.  But I wanted to make sure I was doing everything I could to help create a better me, a better mindset and hopefully a better vessel for the children to come.

Sleep Orbit

I’ve been using this app for over a year now and it is a life saver for an insomniac. You can create several different sounds based on different needs. For example, I have one mix for falling asleep that contains the sounds of thunder, rain and the ocean. While I also have one to calm me and get me ready for the day. You can create whatever mix your little heart desires. Every night I spray my pillow with my sleep blend, put on my night mask and then turn on my sleep orbit and I am out within minutes.

Essential Oil Sleep Night Spray:

Get these adorable and affordable glass spray bottles mix 4 drops of lavender, 3 drops of chamomile and finish it off with water. Shake before spraying!

Think Dirty

Think dirty is a wellness app for those who are worried about what chemicals are going into your body! You can scan products from makeup to shampoo and even the nail polish you use. More often than not we are not thinking about the chemicals that are in our everyday products. I use to think it was silly and you just used whatever worked best and “clean” products were just another advertising scheme that targeted hippies. haha, oops. I was wrong people! 

Scan or search a product to find it’s dirty score!
This is where it will show you the products dirty meter based on the carcinogens (cancerous materials), the development and reproductive toxicity and allergy issues.
Click on the ingredients tab and you will see the breakdown of the chemicals and their dirty score.
Click on the “our picks” tab and the Think Dirty app will suggest cleans brands based on the product you are looking for.


Pacifica is like an amazing friend who just wants you to have the best life you can! “Manage stress, Live Happier” is the apps moto. Stress, anxiety, and depression can get in the way of you living life on your terms. Pacifica gives you psychologist-designed tools to address your issues based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, mindfulness meditation, relaxation, and mood/health tracking.

The app checks in with you every day to see where you are emotional. For me, I focus on my hopes, mood, and thoughts. So daily I put in how I am feeling. The next step is filling out my thoughts for the day. Followed by my hopes for the day.I do this by writing out a goal I hope to accomplish or something that made me happy for the day and I include a photo. This complies my hope board.

Next, I go over and fill out my thoughts. This is where based on my mood the app will tell me to fill out my traps for the day. My “traps” are the anxious feelings/anxiety I am having for the day. It is meant to help you identify the issue and calm you down by assessing if you are being too hard on yourself, being a bit dramatic, or making assumptions.

Overall, it has to be my favorite app of all time!

Here is a video with a little more insight into the app. But honestly, the video doesn’t do it justice at all!


Meditation is hard for me, it’s definitely not something that comes easy but it is something that I want to master. I suggest finding a place that is quiet, boring, but also comfortable. I have only ever used Headspace and love it! It’s a structured meditation routine to help you unwind! However, Eddie’s therapist suggested he try Calm and he says he loves it. Here is his view on why Calm is better than Headspace:

“I think I first tried out Headspace when several people at work casually mentioned it as being the reason they used the “quiet” rooms we have at the office. I had been toying with the idea of giving meditation a shot, but any podcasts I found on the subject matter were either too intricate (asking me to do certain hand gestures) or too long (if I’m sitting with my eyes closed for more than ten minutes, I’m asleep). Headspace seemed like a really cool introduction to meditation as it basically gives you a five-minute session each day (sometimes with a nice little cartoon). It basically says “Here. Listen to this.” then it’s over.

I thought this was great… until someone told me about Calm. I’m a huge fan of Calm because not only does it come with meditations, it comes with a variety of meditations. And breathing exercises. And calming music…. and don’t even get me started on the sleep stories. I would tell you how much I enjoy the sleep stories, but I can’t honestly admit I’ve heard more than 30 seconds of one before I’m basically in a small coma.
In the end, my subscription money went to Calm (after trying all the free content on both Calm and Headspace), but I think ultimately the apps are made for different people. If you want your meditation to be laid out for you each day, like it or not, go with Headspace. But if you’re looking for some variety (or maybe you want to see if you can stay awake while Stephen Fry talks about fields of lavender for 30 mins) give Calm a try.”
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Daily Yoga- Yoga Fitness Plan

I sit at a desk for 8+ hours a day and then I lay in bed for a solid 6. My body definitely isn’t getting as much movement as I would like. I try to do a sequence of yoga stretches throughout the day to help release tension in my body, flex my muscles and just have some time to relax a bit.

Most classes will start with a few minutes of meditation to calm and center yourself before you begin the yoga. They provide 3 free classes a day usually but you can get a gold membership for $3.33 a month. If you don’t want to pay the fees you can also just use youtube to find stretches and classes for free!

Here are some photos to walk you through signing up:

Choose if you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced so that they can assess your abilities.
The choose your goals whether it’s stress relief, to gain better flexibility, or to just stay healthy!
The app will suggest courses to you based on your results!
Browse different series and workshops.


Now this one you have to have an iPhone for. I know it seems silly to have this as one of my favorite wellness apps but it really is. You can make a medical id so that if something happens to you all emergency services have access to my allergies and medical conditions. It also syncs up with all of the other apps I mentioned to help build a more accurate wellness profile and help me keep on goal.

It tracks my steps for the day and sends me reminders when I’m not reaching my goals. It also has a built-in menstruation tracker, reproductive health date, and will even hold old health records which came in handy when I moved across the country. Another thing I appreciate it that Health will suggest you apps based on your needs from a meditation app, to a healthy recipe app.

Okay, so there you have it. Those are all of my favorite wellness apps. If you have any you love I would love to hear about them in the comments below! 



My therapist recommended Headspace but I haven’t tried it out yet. I do love the Think Dirty app, but it scares me to death to plug in all of our household products!


Wow, these are awesome!!! I had never heard of “think dirty” but i’m really intrigued by it. you’re right, we just don’t think of these things all the time… thank goodness for technology in this case! thanks for sharing!

Amanda | Maple Alps

Great round up! I am definitely going to be checking out that think dirty app! Sounds like it’s right up my alley!


I definitely need to install think dirty!

Rachelle Ray

What a great list! I hadn’t heard of several of these, and probably need to try them all, but I think I’ll Start with Pacifica.


Going to download the yoga one for sure! I’ve been wanting to get into yoga but just keep putting it off! Thanks for all of the suggestions!!


This is a great roundup! I work with teens with anxietY so i’m always on the lookout for new apps to recommend.


These look awesome!! Will definitely have to try the yoga one

antonia | the midwest wife

I just downloaded think dirty! So excited to start scanning and purging my products! thank you for the recommendation!


What an amazing roundup! definitely gotta try that app!

Sophie Fuji

Never heard of any of these, but I can’t believe I’ve been missing out! Downloading some now

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