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Food Around The World : Recipes


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Dish: Pansotti con Salsa Di Noci

Splitting my time between London and Liguria, a region in the north of  Italy, the difference I notice in the cuisine is astounding. To eat the same quality of food in London as you do in Liguria will set you back a frightful sum. In Liguria it is rare to find an eatery or a person in fact, that does not value great quality food. Although Liguria sits in the Italian Mediterranean, producing amazing fresh seafood, some of my favourite dishes of Liguria are pasta dishes because they are so unique to that region. One of the most delicious and seemingly unknown pasta dishes outside of Italy is the Pansotti. It’s a stuffed pasta much like ravioli and is filled with seasonal herbs of the region. You can accompany Pansotti with various sauces but the traditional Ligurian sauce that you eat with Pansotti is ‘salsa di noci’. It’s a sauce made of walnuts and is really to die for. The creamy, nutty flavours in contrast to the savoury Pansotti is wonderful. Of course you can find it served at many restaurants around the region. But it’s also so simple to make yourself. Or if you are fortunate enough to visit the Italian Riviera then you could buy some fresh from my favourite place – Pasta Fresca Casazza in Santa Margherita.


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 Bucatini Arrabbiata – “Mad Macaroni”

SpaghettiOs (or any other canned pasta for that matter) were forbidden in our household growing up.  My parents spent several years in the early 80s living in Naples, Italy and they amassed quite a number of recipes.  So many, in fact, that they wanted to share them with friends and family back home so they created a cookbook.When I was young, I distinctly remember wanting to go over to our neighbor’s house so I could just have “plain old spaghetti” with butter and cheese. It was so good!Even though it was delicious, what was I thinking?!?! I was missing out on some of the most flavorful, simple pasta. So let me share my parent’s recipe with you now.

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That bucatini looks absolutely amazing! Hope you’re doing well, friend 🙂


This all looks so delicious. Just give me all the pasta!


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