Reading Review: Goodreads + Reading Goals for January & Febuary

Some may or may not know about the site Goodreads but personally I am in love with this site. That being said my obsession for the site comes from the facts that I am an avid reader and go through various genre phases. Goodreads lets you find books that you would like to read based on what you’ve already enjoyed. The site also allows you to connect with friends, ask authors questions, review and comment on books you’ve already read and make a reading goal for the year.

  Reading Goal 2014 
goal: 45     read 49
 Reading Goal 2015
goal: 52    read 0 
 To read list: 
1. What Alice Forgot {by Liane Moriarty} 

   —- The last thing she remember is being 29, happily married and pregnant with her first child. One day she falls at the gym and she suddenly can’t remember the past 10 years. of her life, a life that is now very different from the one she remembers.   —-  currently reading
2. Cemetery Girl {by David Bell}

  —- A 12 year old girl goes missing and her parents lose hope. Four years later she found and is strangely calm after her experiences. The girl refuses to testify against the man who kidnapped her so her father decides to investigate things on his own and nothing could prepare him for what he finds out. —-

3. Cold Mountain {by Charles Frazier}
 —- Is about a soldiers journey back home to the love of his life during the end of the Civil War. The book is based on local history and family stories passed down through Charles Frazier’s family. Side note: If the book is better than the movie, which they generally always are, then you can expect to find me sobbing over this tale. 
4. The Silent Sister {by Diane Chamberlain}

 —- Riley has spent her life believing that her sister committed suicide. 20 years later her father passes away and as she’s cleaning out his house she finds that everything she though she knew was wrong. Her sister is alive and living a different life under a different name. This new discovery forces Riley to find the truths and challenge everything she knows about her family. —-
5. Every Day {by David Leviathan}

—-  “Every day a different body, every day a different life, every day in love with the same girl.” —-
Leave your picks and comments!



I love the movie Cold Mountain!! Need to read the book! I love A Thousand Acres by Jane Smiley. I think you’d like it. Right now I’m reading The Casual Vacancy by J. K. Rowling.


Cold Mountain makes me blubber like a baby. We own The Casual Vacancy but i have yet to read it, I’ll have to add it to my list!

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