Playlist 01. || June Playlist

Music has always been important to me. Growing up I was influenced by pretty much everything around. My mother was a country music lover, my stepfather blasted Welcome To The Jungle every day when he got home. On weekends with my father, we listened to everything from Santana to Green Day. When my sister wasn’t singing along to Etta James she was blasting Nas. Basically, I had a mix of everything.

Music has a way of really affecting my mood, it can cheer up my day, take me back to a romantic moment, or have me crying my heart out. I wanted to start a new series around here to share with you a few songs that I’m currently enjoying. The summer playlists will be upbeat and happy but just wait until this winter. The Minnesota weather may turn me into gloom and doom and it’ll be really sappy, I suspect. For now though, enjoy the songs I’ve gathered up for you and feel free to add your own to the playlist!

Happy listening!



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Author: Alexandria Drake

My name is Alexandria and this is my blog about my travels around the world, navigating marriage, and finding tranquility in a world of chaos.

  • Ooh I love a good playlist! I can’t wait to add it.

    • I can’t wait to see what you add. I’m always looking for new songs!

  • I have some of these on my playlist too! Great picks.

    • I’m glad to know that we have some of the same great taste!

    • Alexandria Drake

      I’m glad to know that we have some of the same great taste!