Nine Creative Ways To Document Your Travel Memories

Nine Creative Ways To Document Your Travel Memories

Going on vacation is amazing, right? There’s nothing better than getting some time away from reality and relaxing or adventuring with the ones you love. But then you come home and those memories start to fade. Awful, right? Well, I’ve scrounged up a few fun and creative ways for you to keep those special memories alive.  Let’s take a look at nine creative ways to document your travel memories.

ONE | Let’s try some cross stitching.

This Etsy Shop provides you with templates from all over the globe. You can choose from London, Paris, New York, and Sydney just to name a few. You can pick them up for 6 dollars a piece or a three-pack bundle for 15 dollars. You could also check out this cross stitch map of the United States!

Nine Creative Ways To Document Your Travel Memories
Nine Creative Ways To Document Your Travel Memories

TWO | Watercolor Photo

Turn a beautiful picture from your trip into an amazing watercolor photo for a gallery wall. You can achieve this by purchasing the Waterlogue app for the cheap price of $ 2.99. Check out this article on how to use the app.

THREE | Decorative Document Pillow

Save the ticket stub from your favorite concert, or the boarding pass for a flight with your friends. Turn those tiny little pieces of paper into forever memories that you incorporate in your everyday life. You can check out the full tutorial over on A Beautiful Mess!

Nine Creative Ways To Document Your Travel Memories
Nine Creative Ways To Document Your Travel Memories

FOUR | Customize a set of coasters.

If you’re like me then you use coaster everyday so what better way to incorporate a wonderful memory into your everyday life. Plus, they’ll be a great conversation piece when you have people over to your house. I am sure you can find a tutorial online or order pick from a few different sets on Uncommon Goods. They would be a great gift for family members as well. (i.e. I made a set for my father of a trip of ours from my childhood.)

Nine Creative Ways To Document Your Travel Memories
Nine Creative Ways To Document Your Travel Memories

FIVE | City Glass Map

I love these, they are the coolest and most creative piece of mention, in my opinion. I have gotten countless ones for myself and even got one for my sister when she moved away from home to pursue her veterinary degree.


SIXCustom Map

There are so many custom maps that you can invest in. Personally, I have the scratch off map in my office but I also really love the National Park map as well. You should also check out this stamp map as well! I suggest putting it in your office over your desk so that a little piece of your precious memories are there for you to look at throughout the work day.





SEVEN | Make a custom photo book.

You can do a photo book for your year of travels or just a specific trip that meant a lot to you. These are also affordable and thoughtful gifts for friends and family members.    If you want to make more than a photo book you can also choose from a custom calendar, a canvas or even a poster.


EIGHT | Travel Journal

Get this awesome scratch off travel journal to customize for each trip you make. I ordered a few for my upcoming trips this year.

NINE | Collect a specific souvenir on each trip.

For example, Edward and I pick up a magnet on each trip that we go on. As of now, these magnets sit on the face on my fridge and take me back in time each time I see them.




Nine Creative Ways To Document Your Travel Memories




Kathleen Norris

These are great ideas! My best friend and I went to Europe last summer and she let me steal the way she collects her travel memories. Every new place I go to, I buy a Christmas ornament. She started the tradition last summer and I started this summer. It was so fun unwrapping them and putting them on the Christmas tree this year. I can’t wait to add more from all my travels this year! 🙂


    How did you like Europe? That is a great idea! My friend brought me an ornament from Austria this year. It was adorable! We collect magnets but sometimes I consider changing it up but I’m not sure what to pick up.

Lauren @

Awe my love and I get magnets and use it to hold our favorite pic from each place. Also collecting the “do not disturb” signs make for an interesting collection.. Love the coasters though!


    We never really go anywhere with the do not disturb signs, but that would be interesting! We love getting our magnets. It’s the first thing we do when we land somewhere new!

Kaelene @ Unlocking Kiki

What awesome ideas! I am trying to figure out what to do with all of are travel photos, we need to use some of these ideas!


    Thank you! I finally buckled down and made three photo books from our travels the past two years. I’m sure you could make some amazing crafts with all your beautiful photos from Iceland!

Nish Gorczyca

Wow, such great ways to preserve memories! I’ll definitely try some this year! Especially love the idea of a photo book!


    It’s always great to be able to look back on a trip. If you don’t want to put a lot of effort into documentation I would recommend a montage book. They’ll arrange all the photos for you!


Amazing ideas! Another thing I’ve been using the ‘1 second a day’ app. It cost $4.99 but it’s amazing! Takes a second of footage everyday. Would definitely recommend.


    I had never thought of doing that! I will have to download that, it would be so much fun and great for a blog post!

Ksenia Ruzanova

I’m afraid, I’m far from being that creative:) Should try number eight, though!



    You don’t have to be creative. Since you’re a writer number eight would be perfect for you! Is there any particular item you collect on every trip?


I am such a sucker for documenting trips! I love making photo books and displaying photos around my home.

<3 Have Ashley, Will Travel


    Me too! I have several photo books. I make them every year! I also love giving them as gifts!

Melai @ Loved and Wanderlust

These are great gift ideas for travelers too! Thanks for sharing! 🙂


What a great little collection of beautiful ideas. My favorites are the watercolor pictures since most of the times you can just stumble across somebody selling those at the touristic spots.


Wow, these tips are great! I have never thought about stitchin or pillow making when it comes to travel memories (not that I would totally end up with plasters all over my hadns anyway^^). Great ideas!

The Boozy Backpacker

The boarding pass pillow is adorable!


I love all of these ideas, have seen the journals a few times and love them – so cute and definitely a bit of me! I also love the hexagonal globe thingy!
I collect shot glasses in each country I have visited, so far I have a pretty good collection! And my Granma used to collect Thimbles! Both of which are personal items to us, you can collect almost anything as a souvenir!
I’m also making a postcard journal on my trip around europe to add photos to when I get home as a visual souvenir! 🙂

Love, May x


These are great ideas! I especially love the watercolor print! Beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration!


Very cool ideas!! xx

Fermina Degross

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