New Series: Future Expat

The choice to move abroad

Where do I even start? I guess I’ll start by saying that for the past few years Edward and I have been talking about moving abroad. It’s always just been a conversation for us and something to look forward to. We never made concrete plans on when it would happen or where we would go, we just knew it was something we wanted to experience together. 

This past year we eloped in Italy and spent two weeks traveling all throughout the country.  Not even  half way through we felt like we practically lived there and had a routine down pat. We knew how to haggle, find cheap taxis, and connecting train rides. We eventually learned how to avoid tourist traps and where to find the most authentic foods. So when those two weeks were over, I was super bummed when we had to pack everything up and head back to the States, where even a weekend out in our own city could cost hundreds of dollars and really had nothing left to offer me. Some thought we would be glad to be back to what we knew and a regular schedule. But that just wasn’t the case. 

 You see, I adapt fairly well. My life has never been rooted and in the past 10 years I’ve moved 14 times. You could say I’m somewhat of a nomad. So for me being in new surroundings, making new friends, and adapting to change isn’t as hard as it is for other people.

 My husband, on the other hand, is a completely different story. He moved out of his parents house, and straight into a college dorm with the same people he would live with for five years (that is, until I came along). He likes to get comfortable, run the show, and have the lay of the land figured out. He had only ever been on 3 vacations in his life. That all changed after me! Since we’ve met he’s been to 10 different countries and four different states. 

He’s always had that travel bug somewhere deep inside him, but I just had to force it out.  

The Decision To Leave 

Let me just say, I am a city girl! It runs through my blood. I cannot imagine growing older in some suburb with a bunch of kids and animals running around! But, the husband got a new job and we were forced to leave our beloved Atlanta to move to the burbs. I was not at all happy about this transition, but it was what was best for my new little family. So I went with it. 

It’s only been five months and we have a 14 month lease! I am dying over here people! I have never been this bored with my life! Everything closes at 8 o’clock! Who does that!?

It didn’t take long for Edward to tell something was going on with me. So he sat me down one day and asked why I had been so gloomy and a bit grumpy lately. My answer was that I was ecstatic that we were married now, but I wasn’t ecstatic about the direction my life was taking. I was compromising everything I wanted, dreamed of, and worked for before he came along. And this was not his fault, I did everything willingly. But if this relationship was going to work, he had to work with me. He knew exactly what I meant, and not much to my surprise he agreed with me that the burbs sucked and he was bored as well. 

The Big Decision 

We talked about maybe taking more vacations this year, but that wouldn’t have solved the problem of coming back to somewhere I hated and he agreed with me! And then we had another talk about our someday move abroad. But this time we decided we didn’t want that move to be a few years in our future, we wanted that move now. So it was decided, we would move in a year

If this was going to happen we really had to buckle down, pay off our credit card debit, sell our cars, learn a new language, and get the hell out of here! Making this decision was the easiest thing we’ve ever done and we cannot tell you how ecstatic we are!

End Note 

 I’ve decided to document our lives through our transition into expats. I will be starting a weekly post called Future Expats. Topics will include; telling our families, finding jobs, where we’d like to move, and so much more. Check back next Thursday to see what we’ve been up to.   

What are your thoughts on moving abroad? Have any of you made this leap? 




Amanda | Chasing My Sunshine

So glad I stumbled upon this. I live in Philadelphia and I’ve got very similar feelings to yours. And my boyfriend is very content in his job and living close to home, but he DOES have a travel bug. It’s there. So we’ll see if we ever move abroad together! Ha. But I will definitely be following along with your journey!

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