My Little Family!



ABC of Travel: A Year In ReviewEdward was born on August 28th to parents in their 40’s, needless to say, he wasn’t part of the plan. But that was okay because he was a docile child who spent his time reading and playing with his Star Wars toys. He is and always will be a nerd by definition. He received his undergrad in English (with minors in writing and film) with hopes to one day become a writer. Until one day he chose to pursue another passion. Recently, he earned his Masters in Software Engineering from Southern Poly and although he denies it now I know he’ll be going back to school for his doctorate. To this day he still has no knowledge of sports, his sense of direction is terrible (mind-blowingly terrible), and he is the worst at car maintenance. But, Edward is one of the happiest people you’ll ever meet, people are drawn to him, and to this day I have never met a single person who didn’t immediately like him, and want to be friends.


aka Carlsbarkley: is the perfect dog, she’s brilliant, loving, and lazy.  Back in 2010, I found myself a little lonely, so I headed to the Humane Society to take a look around. That’s when I fell in love for the first time, and since then my life has revolved around her. She’s a german shepherd hound mix with floppy ears and the most adorable wrinkles you will ever see.  She’s a lover of popcorn and peanut butter, the way to her heart is through a lovely butt scratch, and you can usually find her sunbathing on our deck.

STELLA aka Stellsbells: came into our life back in 2014. It was a rainy weekday and Edward and I found ourselves having lunch at our favorite restaurant, a few pitchers of margaritas later we were drunk and heading towards the Humane Society. I walked in, picked her up, and she made the noise of a baby dinosaur. I knew I had to have her. Although it should be said she’s not the brightest bulb. You can frequently find her running into walls, chasing her own nub, and playing fetch alone.


BLAIR aka Clairblaire: Blaire, well she was abandoned on the side of the road. Who could do that? She’s so stinking cute. Edward and I had no choice but to adopt her, right? She’s the newest and youngest one of the bunch. Public notice: she does not believe in personal space and you can always find her sitting in someone’s lap, dog or human. Unlike her sisters, she loves bath time and would spend all day lounging outside if we let her. She is the quintessential baby of the bunch and gets away with more than her sisters could ever imagine.