Monday Musings, Volume 9

Hi, how are you? Good? Good. Let’s get started.

I have a lot of fun articles planned for the next month and a half and I’m excited to get them out. But I would also love to know what you would like to hear about. So if you could be a dear please let your suggestions in the comments. Also if you follow along on Instagram stories then you know I mentioned starting a Q&A series. Once a month I will answer a few questions (or one question if it is more in depth) from my readers. If you would like to submit a question just go here and fill out the 1-minute form!


I came across an article last week that I found particularly interesting: 10 Ways You’re Making Your Life Harder Than It Has To Be. I completely resonated with point three which was about how the writer always fasts forwards to the worst scenario of any situation. I blame this on my upbringing and my anxiety. I hate it but I have no idea how to change it. If you have any tips send them my way!

So I’ve never been shy about my mental health issues and I don’t think anyone should. I’ve spoken with all of you about how working from home is the best and worst thing that has ever happened in regards to my mental health. So when I came across this article I was blown away by how much I resonated with me and I honestly had a few minute cry session. It was a relief to know that I was not the only one that loved their job but also knew it was taking a toll on their mental health. I’m not sure how to combat the issue but it was a relief just to read this article and relate my issues to others. Article: I Love the Freelance Life, But It’s Taking a Toll on My Mental Health



Friday I was having what I call a bad mental health day. My depression was just not cooperating with me and my anxiety was through the roof. Honestly, the whole day was a real bitch so I told Eddie I wanted to go out on a date and spend some fun time together. He agreed but then proceeded to take a four and a half hour nap and didn’t wake up til after 10:30 pm. So basically he was in deep shit.

Saturday we woke up a little late, got ready and headed out the door and headed to the Farmer’s Market at the Stone Arch Bridge. We walked around, took a look at everything and then I couldn’t stop finding things that I wanted to get. First, we picked up some coffee for Eddie and then I managed to buy the most random things including bread, chive vinegar, a bouquet of gorgeous flowers for only $7 dollars, and a spicy red tomato and jalapeno hummus. I wanted to buy a million other things but Eddie convinced me that we could come back next week and I could do a little more shopping then. After the market, we headed home for a bit to relax and spend some time outside with the dogs. I spent two hours in the hammock reading and having some beers while Eddie did whatever the hell he did. Once the afternoon rolled around we went and picked up my sister and her boyfriend to head out for some fun. We ended up going to happy hour at Republic and had $3 dollar beers and the BEST chicken sandwich I’ve ever had. Seriously though. After we headed to a comedy show and had a few drinks. This is when the night went to shit because Eddie forgot to pay for parking at the lot and once he remembered and went back the car was already towed. The frustrating part was it was only like 10 minutes since we got there and on top of that, they had a ridiculous fee of $270 dollars. So basically I was just pissed and did not end up enjoying the show so Eddie and I just went home and relaxed after. We’ve had to shell out almost a grand on this car in less than two weeks and I am just so freaking over it.

Sunday I slept in because, why not? We did have plans to go to Duluth for the day and spend some time on Lake Superior but we had blown the rest of our weekend budget with the towing fee. I decided that since we couldn’t have fun we were just going to be productive so Sundafunday because cleaning day. Just know when I say cleaning day I mean deep cleaning where you move the couch and everything on the off every piece of furniture so you can dust properly and you organize every drawer in your house. Eddie hates it and is not good at deep cleaning so I had him brush the dogs and give them baths. If you watched my Instagram stories you’ll know that we spent most of the afternoon brushing out the dogs. It was not at all a fun day but that’s life sometimes.


Trying: I’ve been trying out a new face oil this week. I’m still not entirely sure how I feel about face oils. I’ve been adding a few drops in my moisturizer every day for a week now. I’m going to keep using it for the month and see if I notice any changes. Let me know if you have any brands you would suggest.

Feeling: My joints ache lately people. I have no idea why but all the sudden I feel like my body has aged a decade or two. Send help and advice, please.




Emily of Em Busy Living

Goodness…rough on the car being towed. It sounds like you had both good times and bad times this past weekend.

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