Monday Musings, Volume 24


Hello, lovelies. Happy Monday!

Let’s Catch-Up

  1. I added snow to the blog if you couldn’t tell. I hope you’re enjoying it as much as I am and I tried to make the blog a bit more festive for the season.
  2. Go over and check out my Instagram Stories. Emily (my lovely intern) is in Chicago and showing you the cities Christmas festivities.


Friday afternoon after Edward’s much-needed haircut he picked our nephew up to spend the afternoon with us. I had woken up at 4 am and decided to exhaust myself with house chores and work so I wasn’t really sure I would be up for dealing with his rowdiness but everything turned out fine. We decided to stay in per his request and watch movies and play games. Then at some point, it was decided that I would cook dinner for everyone and I swear as I was prepping the meal my eyes were burning and I was struggling to keep them open.

Saturday morning we woke up and made him breakfast and snuggled on the couch waiting for his mother to pick him up. 11 am rolled around and he was picked up and gave me and Eddie time to go run some errands before his hockey game that night. We had honestly had plans to do some fun things for Christmas but my sister was feeling violently ill so we had to cancel all of our plans for the evening leaving our night free. So.. We decided I would finally meet up with a new friend of Eddie’s from work. Everything was last minute so we just threw together some appetizers, drinks and picked out a few games and invited them over. They ended up staying over until like 2 am and for some reason, Eddie and I didn’t make it to bed until 3.

Sunday morning my body decided to betray me and although I was hungover and tired I was out of bed at 9 am. I was too tired to get out for breakfast so we stayed in and made homemade sausage biscuits and hashbrowns and they were amazing! As if we didn’t already drink enough the night before we decided to pop open some prosecco and make mimosas.

For the next few hours, we lounged around before heading to my sister to pick everyone up and go to Holidazzal in Minneapolis. It was cold AF out and I wish I had work my snow boots and gloves but we had a great time. Eddie bought us pierogies which is a polish dish that his mothers family would make and I had us scarfing down bratwurst while we watched my nephew go ice skating. Everyone else got out on the ice and one point or another during the night except me because I have the ankles of a 90-year-old woman and I just know my damn limits and was not going to put myself through that.


Reading: Last Friday I started Stillhouse Lake and I am about 30 pages from being done and I am loving this book. I will definitely be reviewing it in next months Turning The Page Series.

Excited: I only have seven days left of work before taking time off for the holidays and I won’t have to do any work for clients until January. So basically I am counting down the days!


Here is a sneak peak of a few thing I added to my Christmas wish list for Eddie.




Your breakfast sounds so good that now I’m craving breakfast foods at 7pm! I loooove homemade breakfast. My baked chicken tonight won’t compare to sausage biscuits.

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