Monday Musings, Volume 22

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Hello, lovelies. Happy Monday! Hope your day is going well. My internet has been down for 2 hours today and it’s basically made for a shit unproductive Monday! I have a bunch of work to do today but tomorrow I’m taking a few hours to shoot some posts around the city. I’ve got a whole list of fun posts to get out for you from new products I’ve tried, to a wellness technique Eddie and I do every day, and a Trader Joe’s article on my favorite easy and cheap weeknight dinners.


If you’re a woman watch this and get frustrated, and pissy about equality. If you’re a man, well then I’m just not your biggest fan.


Let’s see. Friday Eddie got me a camera so I basically just focused on messing around with that. Saturday was spent with my sister. We were woken up at 8 am by a call from her stating that her car was stalled in the middle of a busy highway and asked if we could come get her. As I’m groggily trying to wake Eddie up someone stops to help her and she hung up on me only to call back 10 minutes later to say the man got locked out of his car when his 5-pound dog stepped on the lock. I shit you not this is just the luck of my sister. The story and the drama of the whole morning only get better but I won’t bore you with it. We decided to meet up and head out for lunch at the mill for some food and bellinis. Which was then followed by a 2-hour target run, a few drinks before going to see Bad Moms 2 (I wasn’t impressed btw) and then off to dinner for more drinks. So needless to say I woke up a bit dehydrated the next day and Eddie had a hangover before we even went to bed.

Sunday was a slow morning and we dropped my sister off at home before picking up breakfast and then doing our adult chore list for the weekend. I had all these grand plans of styling my books shelves and doing some decorating for the house followed by writing out blog posts for the week. Instead, Eddie and I found ourselves at a bard having a few beers and eating hot wings and avoiding buying groceries for the week. We’re really responsible let me tell you. That evening Eddie spent hours writing for NaNoWriMo and I worked on a weaving project. I finished my first one and hated it so I unraveled it and started over. You can check out the finished weaving below. Later this week I’m going to start working on harder techniques and patterns. Wish me luck! If you have any hobbies I would love to hear them!

Alexandria Drake Weaving


Frustrated: My face and I are just not getting along lately. My skin is so devoid of moisture no matter how many treatments and sleeping masks I use. I really can;t seem to figure it out other than that the weather here has been so unpredictable lately. One day it’s 60 degrees and the next we have 4 inches of snow that melts before morning. If you also live in a colder climate I would love to know your winter beauty routine.

Researching: As I mentioned last week my nephew will be with his father this Thanksgiving so my sister and I were thinking of switching things up and booking a trip for the holiday this year. I did some research this weekend and I think we may go to Brainerd and get a cabin for a few days and do a little snowmobiling, ice fishing, spa treatments and catch a holiday festival.




I love that throw at Target. I need all the blankets.

What camera did you end up getting?

    Alexandria Drake

    Me too! I ended up getting the Sony a6000 camera. I love it so far!

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