Monday Musings, Volume 21 ** On a Tuesday

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Hello, lovelies. We’re just going to pretend it’s Monday and that I have my shit together and got this out on time. Okay? Ok!


There was an article recently on The Everygirl on signs that you need a mental health break. The first was that you always find yourself sick and I was like ” Hey, that’s me!”. The next point was that you focus on stressor from the past and are not in the present… basically, with every new paragraph I read I could tick the box as one of my “symptoms”. It was eye-opening for me. I’m all for recognizing and tackling my mental health issues. Now I just need to figure out how to allow myself this mental break while balancing work, marriage and the emotions of life. If you have any tips send them my way, please!

I’m just going to need you to go watch this and then roll your eyes with me about the irony that is our political world right now.


Friday. Uh. I don’t remember what we did on Friday. I had to text Eddie to ask him and now I remember.. we binge watched Stranger Things. We made it to bed with only 2 episodes left. While I love the show I will say that this season wasn’t as great as the first. I’m also not feeling this Billy character and do not find him attractive but I think that is also because I think he’s an asshole so for me that means he’s automatically hideous. But I can get behind the swooning over Steve. Also, Eddie if you are reading this please do not come home and whine to me about saying some guy on tv is cute. Yes, I still think you are the most attractive man in the universe. Yes, I love you and no, I will never leave you.

Saturday we headed to lunch, Mexican of course and then met my sister and nephew at the movies to see Happy Death Day. It was by no means a traditional scary movie but I surprisingly really enjoyed it. As did Edward who will not stop talking about it and wants to drag me to see it again. After the movie was over we took my nephew to hockey practice and then went to my sisters for the evening to watch Halloween movies, have some drinks and we ended up staying up and playing games until 2 am.

Sunday we slept in, headed out for Mexican again because that is all we ever eat. I then proceeded to drag Eddie around Target for 2 hours before heading to my sisters to carve pumpkins and spend the evening with family. We by no means had an exciting weekend but we got to spend a lot of time with my nephew and sister and it was just nice to have a family weekend.

Yesterday I just wasn’t feeling like myself and I couldn’t manage to wade through the mental fog I was in. Eddie and I cuddled up together on the couch, played a few card games together and cooked another Trader Joe’s dinner that was surprisingly delicious. Having three dogs makes Halloween difficult. Between the doorbell ringing and the dogs barking, the kids getting scared by our bigger dogs and Blair trying to run out the door every chance she gets… well you can only imagine how miserable it can be. So instead of dealing with an inevitable headache were going to be sure to get out of the house tonight for some drinks and maybe stop by to go tricker treating with my nephew for a while.


Trying: I just bought a bunch of Korean beauty products this week and I’m so excited to try them all out and do a review for you guys. So far I am living for this calming mask. You should check it out for yourself! The brand has a lot of other masks as well like a hydrating mask, a brightening mask, etc. If you’ve used any of them before I’d love to know your thoughts.

Needing: Winter is setting in here in Minneapolis and I really need to get some comfy but warm pjs. I’d love to know where you get yours and what brands you like!


Fall Decor Wish List



Winter, already?! Nooooooo!


Haha he’s an asshole and that makes him automatically hideous- I feel the same way. I have yet to see the new season but I’m excited, IT SOUNDS LIKE YOU HAD A LOVELY FEW DAY. tHAT CALMING MASK SOUNDS INTERESTING I LOOK FORWARD TO THE REVIEW! XX



Those mugs though <3 I need them immediately!

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