Monday Musings, Volume 20

Hello, lovelies. How’s your Monday? I know I’m getting this to you later than usual but I got caught up with work today and some other tasks. I’m just proud of myself for not putting this off until tomorrow!


Like most people, I spend a larger portion of my day sitting in front of a laptop for work and more times than not it wreaks havoc on my body. I came across this article last week on 5 workouts from a yoga teacher on how to stretch out your muscles and undo the damage of sitting all day long. You can check out the article here. I really like the plank pose because I feel like it stretches out so many parts of my body. I’m not at all graceful and coordinated so I’m really struggling with where to start for the lolasana. It’s a real shit show watching me trying to figure it out.

So if you’ve been here for awhile then you know I suffer from depression and anxiety. Social anxiety really has a hold on me and while I have the best of intentions and I really do want to get out for drinks with friends. I will more than likely be canceling those plans hours beforehand because the stress will have taken over and my life will seem helpless. A bit dramatic sounding I know. But I came across this article on how to be better at canceling plans when you suffer from social anxiety. It was like this article was written for me. If you suffer from social anxiety you should check it out as well!




This past week Eddie and I have been having so much fun together and I remembered why I fell in love with him. I also realized I need to make our relationship and quality time more of a priority. Wednesday we went out to a new restaurant in St. Paul called Food Truck Park. We had a few bites to eat and drink before heading to King of Leon. We had so much fun together!

After such a great weeknight date I decided that we really need to get out more during the week and not just focus on the weekend being our fun time. However, when Friday rolled around we were cozy at home and Eddie cooked me my favorite meal but Saturday we woke up first thing and got out the door. I decided to go get some supplies to invest in my watercolor hobby . I dragged him around for a lot of other shopping before heading to Mexican for lunch. I think if we went more than 2 days without Mexican food we would die. It’s a legit suspicion. After lunch, Eddie finally dragged me to see It by Stephen King. I will have to be honest in saying I did not find it scary at all and almost fell asleep twice. I have read a few of his books and really enjoyed them but I’m not a fan of paranormal books and movies. They simply just do not frighten or entertain me so go see the movie for yourself and let me know what you think.

Sunday we again woke up at the crack of dawn… which is 7 for me in case you are wondering and we headed out the door an hour later. Our morning was spent at a local farmers market where I picked up some custom jewelry pieces from Wild Poppy- a local handmade jewelry business. After we browsed the market we walked around the city a bit before driving all around the city to find somewhere to eat. We landed on a little burger place in St. Paul and got their version of a juicy lucy. Have you ever had a juicy lucy? It’s a burger that’s meat is stuffed with cheese, but this place also had onions on the inside. It was pretty damn good. After burgers, beers, and Eddie being forced to listen to the Vikings game, we decided to head to a pumpkin patch for a while to get some apples and pumpkins to carve. We clearly had not done enough with our day so we went shopping at Trader Joe’s for food for the week, stopped by the library for a few books and then headed to another movie. We usually don’t see a lot of movies but we got Movie Pass this past month so now we go all the time.

By the way Movie Pass is a monthly subscription that is $10 dollars and you can go to 1 2D movie a day at participating theaters. AMC is on there along with other big chains and a lot of local theaters.



Learning: I am currently still working on my weaving project from a couple of weeks ago but I am also watching some classes on Skillshare for watercolor techniques. If you have any courses you take on Skillshare I’d love to hear them!

Working: Be sure to follow me on Facebook. I’ve been working hard behind the scenes this past week to get together a bunch of fun giveaways for all of you that range from beauty products, to home decor, winter accessories and so much more! The giveaway will start in November!



Yay for getting some watercolor supplies! Your weekend sounds wonderful.

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