Monday Musings, Volume 19

Hello, lovelies. How’s your Monday? Mine is off to a quite busy start but that’s honestly how I like it! There is a lot of ground to cover so let’s get started:


It feels like one heartbreak after another keeps happening from the hurricanes to the shooting in Vegas and now the wildfires. I read this article about a couple who survived the fires by taking shelter in their neighbor’s pool while everything around them burnt down. I’m not going to lie I got really emotional and cried a bit. You should definitely check it out. I’ve also added a link below for you to donate if you have the means!

I’ve also been following World Economic Forum on Facebook for a few months now and they have so many interesting and inspiring post. Check out this piece on how a refugee is building houses for displaced people using plastic bottles. He’s been building the houses to protect refugees from the desert heat and sandstorms. Click here to learn more about his cause.


Eddie came home this week and infected both of us and the fun weekend plans we had got replaced by sitting on the couch all weekend whining to each other about not feeling well. Let me tell you it was a blast (insert a whole shit load of sarcasm)! The bright side is I did manage to start up a hobby that I’ve been interested in for almost a year now. Last winter I really wanted to take up a hobby that would keep me busy but also be relaxing. I looked into weaving and watercolor. Watercolor is soothing even though I have no idea what I’m doing but I was always too afraid to start weaving because I didn’t want to mess up the expensive yarn, wool, and fabrics that I got. But I figured it was more useful to mess it up then leave it sitting around the house. It actually went really well and I am halfway done with my piece and excited to start the second one! I also picked up some Kings of Leon tickets for us this Wednesday and bought Borns tickets from January.

Sunday was spent cleaning the house, making a Trader Joe’s run for food for the week and I spent the afternoon getting blog posts ready for this week. Hopefully, next weekend we will be better and be able to head out for some fun fall adventures!



Okay, so I am so excited yet nervous to announce that I created Wayfaring Connections. Last week I asked my followers on Instagram if they would be interested in having a group where we all connect just to talk and make connections with one another. No blog post article sharing, no IG like for an IG like. Just everyday people looking to connect and talk about the pits and peaks of life while connecting with others. The results were amazing and I heard back from so many of you that you thought it was a great idea!

A little backstory to the name… I decided to call the group Wafaring because I got responses from people all over the globe from Germany, Australia, Canada, Italy, and Brussels! I also spent a lot of time coming up with the mission of the group. So if you would like to join click here and I’m excited to connect!

Be sure to introduce yourself in the group and I’d love to hear your feedback on any daily prompts you would like for the group!


Wanting: I mentioned earlier that I have been getting into watercolor this year. I am by no means good at it but I would love to eventually be able to do fun little pieces like this and this. I’m thinking that I should invest in some better brushed and not just the one that came with my pallet. If you do water coloring I’d love to know what materials you use.


Another disaster has hit and wildfires have ravaged California, here is a list of ways that you can help out!

If you haven’t already or if you have more to spare you can donate here to help raise funds for the victims in Las Vegas.

Also, if you would like to help the people affected by the hurricane in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands you can find ways to help here!



I just requested to join your FB group! YAY!!
I love that you’re painting! I took a watercolor class in college and realized just how hard it really is. It was intense! Good luck on that front. It will be such a peaceful hobby.


Thank you for sharing that article. I feel like I’ve been so wrapped up in my own life as of late that I haven’t paid too much attention to the world around me (I feel guilty even as I write that out)…that article definitely hit home. I can’t even fathom that experience.

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