I read this article on The Everygirl about a young millennial who started her own company while working a full-time job. She’s basically a girl after my own heart! Go check out the article here.

This article on embracing change really hit home for me. If you’re going through any changes in your life either from an upcoming move or a new job I suggest checking this article out and coming up with a plan on how to handle life when it overwhelms you.


Friday was a busy workday that I made better by doing a little Amazon shopping. I will be doing posts on all of the things I bought from magnesium for anxiety, to an acupuncture mat for my chronic pain from fibromyalgia and a derma roller to help with facial scarring discoloration. Afternoon rolled around and my nephew came over and hung out with Eddie and me for a few hours. We spent time playing video games, watching movies and telling him repeatedly to stop throwing the football in the house.

Saturday rolled around and I decided to torture Eddie and drag him off to Ikea for a few hours. It actually ended up being a painless process because I am the most decisive person and actually hate shopping. I picked up a bunch of stuff to help me re-vamp my office space. I never really got it decorated and a year later I figured it was time to add life to the room that I spend eight hours a day in five days a week. Your surroundings really can affect your mood people. I figured after our Ikea run Eddie would be ready to go home but instead, he thought it would be brilliant to head to the Mall of America to get some lunch and do a little more shopping. Just so you know he ended up regretting the decision. However, we had lunch at Cantina Laredo and it was delicious, we stopped in a few stores and then I spent a small fortune in Old Navy. I use to hate the store growing up but I will have to say that they’ve really upped their game. In the article below I put everything I picked up so you can check out the pieces for yourself. After a long day of shopping and navigating crowds we were too tired to go out on a date so we headed to Trader Joes and picked up stuff to make Chinese at home. Their mandarin chicken is yummy and simple to make for anyone who’s interested.

Sunday we were supposed to go to the apple orchard with my sister and nephew but the forecast called for rain all day so instead, Eddie and I stayed in. He cleaned the house I cooked breakfast and made mimosas and we relaxed for a bit before I decided to tear my office apart and make a huge mess of the house. I accomplished taking apart my day bed. Getting together two boxes of stuff to donate to Goodwill and I managed to start the decorating process. Honestly, I haven’t gotten very far. Currently, I am trying to convince Edward to let me get a couch for my office. It’s a battle he hopes I will lose.


Saddened: I woke up this morning with a notification from CNN that there had been a mass shooting in Vegas and while I immediately became anxious I was also not that surprised. Which in itself is so tragic, it says a lot about our society that I can wake up day by day and know that somewhere in the world something terrible has happened but that it’s just the reality of our lives. If you want to help out you can donate blood and can find somewhere to donate here.





I wasn’t surprised this morning either. It’s sad to say, but we’re being conditioned to just accept these sorts of events as part of daily life in this country. Things need to change.


    Perhaps not that we are “being conditioned,” (I feel like that sort of implies someone is doing this to us intentionally.) maybe better words would have been that we are becoming numb to them.


it is tragic to hear about the shooting, such a terrifying tragedy. i also have anxiety, so i’d love to hear about whether the products work or have helped. it sounds like you had a lovely weekend regardless of the rain! xx

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