Monday Musings, Volume 15

Monday Musings Volume 14

Last week I managed to get out 3 blog post, I was aiming for four but I’ll take what I can get. Later this week I will be posting my book reviews for the month, ways to practice mindfulness, and wine retreats for fall! But for now, let’s just get through the reliable Monday Musings post.


I wrote an article a few years ago about finding hobbies so when Amanda came out with this article I knew that I had to check it out and she honestly has some amazing suggestions for hobbies based on your passions.

Burnout is real people. It is so easy to get caught up in work or life events that you stretch yourself too thin. Check out this article on how to recognize and handle a burnout.


Friday I spent all evening working on launching my site for social media management. If you’ve been here for awhile then you know I’ve mentioned working in social media for years now and have various clients that I always found through Indeed, UpWork, and referrals but now I’ve been wanting to be in more control and provide my own contracts for clients so that is when Savvy Social Impressions was born. I am hoping the site will go live within the week so keep your fingers crossed for me that I stay on track. Also, here are some sneak peaks of the site:

Saturday we got up and planned on spending the day with my nephew. He has been with his father for a month and we haven’t gotten to see him so we all got together took him to lunch and spent the afternoon at an arcade. We then proceeded to drag the boys to Target for 3 hours. I am not a shopper and can make a decision within seconds but my sister is the complete opposite and will sit and stare at two towels that are the same color and texture for like 10 minutes. It drives us all insane but we love her anyways. If you saw my IG stories then you know we ran into a skeleton that my nephew decided he just had to have and he proceeded to drag it around the whole store like a weirdo. Mind you this skeleton was lifesize and 2x bigger than he was and he was literally dragging it behind him by the foot. Eddie was like “I’m not going to be seen with you guys” he would walk off anytime he got near us and even ignored me the whole time but whatever. I tried to intervene but my sister just thought it was funny so we just got stared at all night. So after that extremely eventful and fun day, we ordered in Chinese, got a few bottles of wine and watched movies.

Sunday was less eventful and embarrassing. We woke up at like 1 in the afternoon, got dressed and headed out for gameday drink specials. We do not watch sports in our household which I have a love-hate relationship with but everyone else in Minnesota had their eyes glued to the Vikings game so we got a whole outdoor patio to ourselves and we spent 3 hrs just having drinks, eating mediocre food and talking. I really don’t know how we will cope with having a kid considering we just spend hours every weekend lounging around talking to each other about the silliest of things.

Monday morning came and I woke up at 5 am and appear to have a stomach virus or food poisoning again which is why this post is getting out so late. I feel miserable and would like nothing more than to be cuddled up in bed.


Playing: I’ve been playing my September playlist over and over again. I’m really liking all the music this month.

Thinking: I may have given myself food poisoning yesterday. I don’t know I just know I am deathly ill feeling and I did eat a lone shrimp that had been sitting out in the sun for an hour. Maybe not the brightest decision I’ve ever made.






Very cool! I’m excited for you and this new venture. I am going to rebrand my design business soon too so I know the feelings behind all of the work you’ve been doing on this. Can’t wait to see your launch!

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