Monday Musings, Volume 12

Monday Musing, Volume 12

At this moment I am finally sober from this weekend so that good. Also, I somehow got wrangled into watching my nephew again so he is in the kitchen eating breakfast and watching some terribly annoying kids show. I don’t know how many of you will be reading this because as you know, as everyone freaking knows it is eclipse day and if you’re like all my friends and family you took the day off and traveled somewhere fun. Well, I didn’t and I didn’t buy the glasses and I’m stuck with Devin today who will be asking me all day if he can just stare at the sun for one second and every time I say no it will just become a bigger fight so wish me luck.

Weekend Recap:

Okay, so if you’ve been following along then you may know that this past weekend was my sisters birthday and she decided to go camping. I hate camping. I hate spiders (I got bit by a brown recluse as a teen and still have a scar on my back), mosquitos love me and I hate waking up on the cold ground. But… I went anyway because it was her birthday and unfortunately I love her too much to say no. I won’t be giving you a whole recap of the weekend today because I will be doing a whole post on our adventure later this week so be sure to lookout for the article!

Website Update:

A good number of you who filled out the survey for the blog said you liked the overall ascetics and it was easy enough to navigate once you figured it out. However, there were some comments on how you weren’t a huge fan of having a landing page and a separate blog page. Some of you just said it was a bit cluttered and hard to get through. So, on Wednesday last week, I made a few tweaks and got rid of the landing page and made the site more of a blog again. It’s just one page now which should make it easier for you to navigate. I would love to know your thoughts and let me know if you would prefer the blog to stay in the new setup or change it back.

Survey Results:

Okay, so never has any survey of mine has had such competing responses. While some of you would love for me to never write another sales round up again, an equal amount of you would like to see more of them in the future. But that wasn’t the case just with shopping, an equal amount of you do and don’t want to see more blogging advice, food articles, etc. Overall, though you guys do want to see more travel article which was a given since this used to be a travel blog. I also got a lot of responses from people wanting to know more about what I do in Minnesota and what life is like here. Knowing that I will be sure to start taking you all on my adventures through this city that I fell in love with.

So, basically, I am just going to have to work on my editorial calendar and if a post pops up that you don’t enjoy I am sorry just be sure to check back later in the week.

On another note, I had asked all of you to leave blogs that you frequently read and enjoy so I can sort of study the kind of content you like. With past surveys, I would see you all read at least a couple of the same blogs. This time you guys were all over the board and no one site was ever repeated which I find quite interesting. A lot of you also mentioned blogs I have never heard of before so I’ve been taking a look at them one at a time. Also, to the person who responded I am into science blogs, I want to thank you because you made me laugh and I am glad I can hold your attention long enough to read my non-science site.

Last note, I was really excited to see that 90% of you wanted to see more mental health posts. I know they’re not always the most fun and I know not everyone can relate but I think it is an important topic to speak about.

The giveaway is closed now but if you still haven’t taken the survey it is still open and I would love to know your thoughts! Survey here.

Survey Winner:

Also, remember to be on the lookout for the Aveda winner later today on Instagram!


the cape on the corner

omg why did you link to the brown recluse?? unprepared for those images, lol. i thought it might be a story about it, something, but not skin being peeled off. gross.

    Alexandria Drake

    hahahaah. I laughed so hard at this. I’m sorry it grossed you out I just felt it was the only way you would grasp why I really hate spiders and what I went through.

Emily of Em Busy Living

I hope you were able to keep your nephew from burning out his retinas!
I subscribe directly to your blog through Feedly, so every time I come to your site it’s directly to the blog post. I didn’t even know you had a landing page!
And whaaat…I won your survey?! Go me!

    Alexandria Drake

    I was. I just told him he would go blind and not be able to play on his Ipad so that did the trick. I did. It was pretty, i thought but it was more like a website than blog. I actually found a template today that I have been in search for for a year now so I will be changing it up again soon. haha. I have a problem. You did win. Sorry I haven’t emailed you yet I have been so busy today. What gift card would you like my dear?

Jennifer Callahan

I like this layout! And you’re not the only one missing the eclipse — c’est la vie.


You are such a good sister to agree to go camping after that experience with the brown recluse!! Can’t wait to hear about it!

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