Monday Musings, Volume 10

Hello, all! Hope you’re Monday is off to a good start! I already have the other three articles this week written and the social media strategies figured out so I pretty much feel like I’m winning at life. That is until I look at my inbox and then I get overwhelmed. I don’t think I’ll ever be one of those people who gets my inbox under control but if you have some tips I’d love to hear them!


I read this article on Free People about Releasing Judgment and I’m telling you if have a free moment this week you need to read this post and try implementing kindness into your everyday routine!

I LOVE hummus and if you follow my IG stories then you know I found my new favorite brand the other week and I will never buy any other brand. However, I did come across Camille Styles article on homemade hummus article and I will have to admit it looks mouth watering so I pinned it and am waiting for the day I am patient enough to try out the recipe myself. I’ll let you know how it goes.


Friday night… I don’t know. I really don’t remember but I do know it was not at all exciting. Basically, we did absolutely nothing of interest all weekend. We had all of the best intentions to live an interesting life but we failed. The weekend was mostly spent playing board games, which Eddie loves and hates. He loves playing board games but I mercilessly beat him 98% of the time. He almost cried when he won his first game this weekend. We stayed home and ordered in all of our favorite foods, made some yummy drinks and stayed up way too late every night doing nothing of importance or slightly exciting. We were so lazy we didn’t even manage to get one load of laundry done or go grocery shopping for the week so I guess I’ll be eating soup for lunch today and washing every piece of clothing we both own.


Waiting: I think I am finally starting to understand why people in Minnesota love summer. It’s cold most of the year and it’s a bit gloomy out so the summers are cherished. I will say that I can kind of agree now but that is mostly because summers here are nowhere near as brutal as Georgia. Although, with all of that being said I am excited for fall. it’s been raining a lot this week and it got down to the mid 60’s and I was in love. A bit chilly but happy!

Excited: You may know by now that I have a new intern Emily and she is working out great! So far we work so well together and I’m really trying to make sure she has as much fun as possible. I learned so much from my intern last time around and so I took a new approach with my new intern and have made things more easy going and I make sure to check in on her each week to see what she enjoys and what more she wants to get her hands on. So far she has been taking quite a bit off my plate and thanks to her help we will be having some pretty fun articles and giveaways around here in the next few months.

Teaching: Stella and Carly are already completely trained and know all the tricks we wanted to teach them. Blair, well some days I’m still not sure she knows her name. She looks all innocent and cute and tiny but don;t let her fool you she’s not a puppy anymore. She’s almost three and completely untrained. I will admit we dropped the ball with her but it’s still frustrating. She’s, not the easiest dog to train but I managed to teach her to shake this week so that was a big accomplishment.

Anticipating: I am taking on a new client this week in my social media strategy company and I’m excited to get to know her and help grow her brand. I think that I will for sure be a bit busier now that I have so many clients while also running this site but I’m excited to learn the ins and outs of a new industry!


Just so you know everything in the week’s wishlist is under 30 dollars except the jeans which are $39.

Below in the comments let me know if you did anything fun this weekend and what you are looking forward to this week!


Emily of Em Busy Living

The weather here has been fall-like these past few days and I’m loving it! So glad the 95˚ + 80% humidity has taken a dive. Richmond has been brutal this year, but I’m hearing the rest of our August is going to “feel like an early fall.”

    Alexandria Drake

    Like I mentioned summers here are nowhere near as brutal as Georgia so it was the first summer I actually enjoyed since I don’t know when but I still am so excited for cooler weather. Everytime I say it my sister literally gets so angry at me and goes on a rant about how I haven’t experienced a real winter up here and the summers aren’t even that hot and how global warming is ruining everything. haha!

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