Monday Musings, Volume 08 and a giveaway!

Monday Musings and Giveaway

Hello, my dears! How is it already the end of July? August is just right around the corner and I really have no idea where all the time has gone. In other news, I have quite a few fun and exciting articles this week that range from travel, wellness, and a yummy yet healthy recipe that you need to try for yourself!


Jenna Kutcher is one of my favorite bloggers and photographers. She recently did an article on 5 Things To Do Before You Leave Your 9 to 5! I think it is a great read for any entrepreneur’s. Also, she is giving away some of her Lightroom presets for free. You can grab them for yourself here.

I haven’t been as hungry lately. I honestly have only been eating two times a day at max but honestly, I’m usually only eating once a day. It’s not on purpose but if I eat more than once I just get really sick to my stomach and I become really distended. I think it’s because I’ve been so busy working lately that I’m not getting up and moving around as much and I also haven’t been making the best food choices. So when I stumbled across Hello Glow’s article about summer smoothies and I knew I had to check it out. She rounded up a few delicious recipes from some amazing food bloggers. You should check it out yourself here!


Friday.. Friday feels like forever ago. Friday afternoon I emailed a few people who applied for the intern position and set up some times to talk with them this week! I was pretty excited about the whole process and I was feeling accomplished from everything I managed to get done for the week. However, all that optimism disappeared when we found a gigantic mass on Carly’s leg that sprung up out of nowhere. So obviously I freaked out because Carly is my whole world and then I called and sent pictures to my sister to evaluate the situation. It was decided that she needed to have the mass aspirated and more than likely have surgery to have it removed. Eddie and I were pretty down about the whole situation because we just went through something like this with Stella. We ended up deciding not to go out that night like planned because I got all melodramatic about Carly and insisted she lay in my lap all night while I fed her popcorn and peanut butter while we watched movie after movie!

Saturday was a whole new day! Eddie and I woke up and did some work around the house and we both spent some time writing. The afternoon was spent laying outside. I’d say I probably spent a good four hours or so in the hammock listening to music, talking with Eddie and catching up on some reading. After I got what I considered a sufficient amount of vitamin c we headed inside to get ready and go out for drinks and some food. We spent a few hours on a waterside patio and had a few drinks while sharing a few appetizers. Once I could no longer stomach any more alcohol and food we headed home to snuggle up and watch a few episodes of Glow with the pups. Have you ever watched it? Eddie and I still don’t know how we feel about it but I love Allison Bree so I’m going to give it a chance. After indulging in a little tv we got dressed again and headed out for some drinks and fun with my sister. We didn’t get home until 5:30 am and didn’t make it to bed until almost 7. Eddie had some brilliant drunken notion that it would be really romantic to stay up and watch the sun rise. All of this led for a really difficult Sunday.

For some reason, I am too nice to my sister and I do whatever she needs whenever she wants it which means that Eddie and I somehow got corraled into painting my nephew’s bedroom on Sunday before his new furniture was delivered the following day. This meant that there was no time for sleep or nursing our raging hangovers because we had to be up bright and early to get over to her house to paint. Silly me thought that when we got there she would have the room cleaned out and the paint ready and waiting for us. I honestly should have known better. I got there and she was in pajamas drinking coffee and hadn’t even started clearing out his room and had no paint choices picked out. So needless to say what should have been a three-hour ordeal ended up into more like seven hours. But we got it all done, had a few laughs, I somehow ended up ingesting paint and no one was killed. I call that a successful day. We ended up staying over and having dinner with her and I had to leave Carly so she could take her into work tomorrow and do an examination of the growth on her arm.

I miss my dog you guys and I just want her to be home already.


Reading: I recently bought the book Woman Code. I got it in the mail this weekend and I’ve started looking through it. The book is about perfecting your cycle, amplifying your fertility, and learning to listen to your body and learn its needs! It was written by Alisa Vitti who suffered from PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) which I suffer from myself. I will be touching on the subject more in the future and will keep you up to date on my journey with Woman Code!

Playing: If you watch my Instagram stories then you know that on Friday Eddie made me a love playlist. He use to do it a lot when we first dated and he said recently said that he always wants to do sweet things for me but he never wants to stop doing the gestures that won me over in the first place. Eddie has honestly always been the romantic one in our relationship. I thought the whole gesture was really sweet and I loved listening to the whole playlist but there were two songs that I absolutely loved above the others. You can check them out yourself if you’d like here and here!


Below I have gathered a few new pieces from the Nordstrom Sale. Once the sale becomes open to the public they restocked some of their best selling pieces and showcased a few new pieces as well. You can browse through them and bookmark them for later! Be sure to enter the giveaway below so that you can win some funds for your own Nordstrom shopping spree! 


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Elizabeth Mayberry

YAY!!! I love this!! I also love Jenna Kutcher ! She is the best!


There are so many things I want to buy 😉
Also, Jenna Kutcher – huge inspiration to me! (and so many others, like you!)


I love all of these finds!!!

Nina McClure | Blooming Boldly

love your Nordstrom picks!! So fun!

Emily of Em Busy Living

I love that suede blazer! I wish I had a big chunk of cash to go on a shopping spree with.
I’m curious to hear more about Woman Code!

Madison Taylor

I just realized I have not laid on a hammock all summer. I need to change that! Summer smoothies are always delicious and perfect for the warm weather. I just posted my own smoothie bowl recipe on my blog! And I love Nordstrom style, even though I don’t wear or own anything by them lol..


What a great giveaway! <3

Ashley Bree Perez

I want to buy the Tory Burch heels! 🙂

Amy Bjorneby

I’ve had some Saturday nights like yours, they definitely do make Sunday quite difficult! Glad you were able to persevere! I love that pink, suede moto jacket! So gorgeous!


your wish list is amaaaazzeeee


That is the cutest that you guys make love playlists for each other! Little romantic gestures like that are my favorite!


I like the Kirie Suede & Leather Crossbody Saddle Bag.

You always share the best things! Thank you for the link to the presets


Love the shoes that you chose!

Shelly Pineda

This is such a great giveaway! Holly is a lucky girl!

Shannon Paige

Your weekend sounds great despite your pup having a mass I am so sorry =[ Our dog Lily was diagnosed with cancer 4 years ago but so far so good with no symptoms other than her getting older =/ I would probably have done the same thing and cancelled the night’s plans to stay home with them! Lol –

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