Monday Musings, Volume 07

Monday Musings Volume 7

Hello, my dear! It’s icky Monday again but that’s okay we will get through it together. Currently, I am writing you this article from the comfort of my bed in so comfy PJs so my day isn’t going that bad so far. In other news, I have some fun giveaways and articles coming for you soon and I am so excited!

Below I am sharing some exciting news I have been keeping to myself for awhile and I’m also letting you in on a position available on Alexandria Drake. If you have any comments, questions or just want to say hello be sure to leave them in the comment section below. I hope you have a great day.


Friday I had Devin until later in the evening and then I worked into the night. Honestly, I’ve been working a lot behind the scenes on a new aspect of the blog that I hope to launch in the next few months. I will be starting my own product shop and launching a few pieces. I hope you guys are as excited about this new adventure as I am. Because I have so much work already adding all this new work and stress has me working the nights and weekends away. I’ve been pretty good about stepping away from this, however, not having a car has forced me to be at home and indoors this week.

Saturday was spent inside working on the blog, building social media strategies and doing some binge watching of Criminal Minds. Overall, it was quite the boring and uneventful day to an outsider.

Sunday I promised myself that I would get outside for a bit. So I woke up, did a little more work but that’s okay because I am so passionate about what I do lately and once I finally had enough of looking at my computer screen I grabbed Eddie and we headed outside to bake in the sun for a bit. I spent a few hours in the hammock reading and having some beers before we headed inside to be board game nerds. On that note, you can expect to see a featured article on the blog soon from Eddie about all the board games to play with your significant other. He has a very catchy title planned. The night was spent just lounging around and cooking dinner. Overall a pretty laid back weekend.


Feeling: Sometime late last week I came down with a sinus infection while my lady friend also decided to show up. So basically I have been a shit show of emotions over here. Oreos have been the only comfort.


If you watch my Instagram Stories then you that I mentioned that my intern Maddie had to step away from her position some time ago. For awhile that was fine because I wasn’t blogging so much and I went through the re-brand. However, now that things are back up and running and I am working full time plus trying to start a product shop… well you can imagine I need a little help.

The position will eventually become a paid position and I will probably hire a few people once I have the product shop up and running and figure out all the logistics! So if you would be interested in working with me or getting a behind the scenes look into how to run a blog you can apply to be my inter!

Apply here!


I’ve already done quite some shopping for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Here are the pieces that I have picked up already! If you watched my Instagram stories last week then you know that I will be hosting a giveaway with a few other bloggers and we will be giving away a couple hundred dollars for the sale.



Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl

I can’t blame you for having the Hunter boots on your shopping cart wish list. I have a dark green pair and now I want ALL of the colors! 😉

Krystyana Lux

Love your Nordstrom picks!

Nina McClure | Blooming Boldly

Wow it sounds like you have a lot going on! How exciting! Can’t wait to see what products you start creating!

Aubry Lybbert

So many good picks from the Nordstrom sale!

Emily Daley

Is the intern application closed? Every time I try to submit my information, it says “Unable to open file at this time”.

Elizabeth Mayberry

I love your wishlist and I love that you are hiring an intern!! I need to do something like that because I need help! haha. Also YAY on the new things!!!!

Emily of Em Busy Living

I think your productive weekend sounds wonderful, even if it feels like it would look “boring to outsiders.”

Sheila Jo Spencer

Best of luck with the new shop! The board game post sounds fun!

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