Monday Musings, Volume 06

Monday Musings, Volume 06

Hello, my dears! I hope your week is going well so far, I know how much Monday’s can suck. This week I have four more posts scheduled so be on the lookout. To keep up to date on articles you can follow me on Bloglovin’ or sign up for my newsletter and get an update each week.

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I read this article last week on the effects of cutting meat out of your diet. Supposedly, vegetarian diets are twice as effective in reducing body weight than low-calorie diets are. I’ve been talking to Eddie about cutting meat out of our diet a few days a week and I’m excited to see see the effects.

Studies day that if you want your weekends to feel longer then you simply need to just try a new task. Which I have to say I completely agree with. Any weekend that Eddie and I are getting out and trying new foods are activities I find myself more satisfied when the weekend is over. So next week give it a try and do something new and exciting.


Since I work from home my sister has decided that I will be her summer babysitter and she drops my nephew off for me to take care of at least three days a week. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about the whole situation and he won’t go back to school until September so I’m assuming I will lose my damn mind sooner rather than later. I not only ended up watching him last Friday during the day but we also had to watch him for the night so we just stayed in and grilled and took turns playing video games. Pretty boring day.

Saturday was spent kayaking with the family and let me just start by saying it was an epic shit show. Edward flipped his kyack and ended up in the water 10 minutes in. He was traumatized and pouted the rest of the day. My nephew is only nine and has never kayaked alone or been in a water vessel alone… so you can just imagine how that went. We were out on a huge lake yet he still managed to run into everyone on the lake. He also would get frustrated and just spin in circles and then give up. We decided that we will most definitely not be doing that with him again. We spent the evening grilling out and spending time together.

Honestly, Saturday was probably the most exciting part of the weekend. Sunday was spent lounging around reading and running errands in the afternoon. It’s been really hard to get back in the swing of things after the holiday last week and we’ve been busy every weekend since April so it was nice to just be lazy for the weekend.


Cooking: I’ve been on a Mexican food kick lately and I’ve recently tried out this delicious one pan sour cream chicken enchilada skillet. Edward fell in love with it and wants me to find a few new recipes. been going to my Mexican Cookbook. On another note, for more food inspiration you can follow my personal Pinterest profile.

Reading: This weekend I started Into The Water by Paula Hawkins. She is the writer behind The Girl On The TrainTurning The Page I haven’t decided yet how I feel about the book in comparison to her first book but I will say that I find the article really interesting. I will delve deep into a review this month on my article.


This week is a big shopping week for a lot of people out there. Tonight is the start of Amazon Prime day and later this week is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

Amazon Prime Day is a day that is exclusive for Prime members- this includes the trial members, Amazon Household, and Fresh. I suggest making a wish list ahead of time of the things you really want so that you can check it and see if your products are a part of the sale!

The sale will start tonight at 9 PM EST/6 PM PST.




I used to eat about 80% vegetarian and it helped so much….i’m trying to get back to that place where I only eat meat sparingly. (I do eat a lot of eggs haha)
Also, I would loose my mind with a child around all the time too haha – that’s why we don’t have kids at the moment.
Also that messenger bag is everything!


I’m always on a Mexican food kick. Thanks for sharing another fun idea! Have a wonderful week!

Abi Tomberlin

Are those all things on Amazon prime?!?! Because I’ll take them all!


Omg, that one pan sour cream chicken enchilada skillet sounds amazing! I need that in my life!

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