A Weekend Recap on a Wednesday: : Monday Musings, Volume 05

Monday Musing Volume 5

So it’s Wednesday, I know! Honestly, I don’t think I was at home the past three days for more than an hour. Edward worked from home last Friday and had off this Monday and Tuesday so I sort of just checked out of all my responsibilities and had a relaxing weekend.


I read Jessica’s article on No More Notifications. She talks about her experience of putting her phone on airplane mode and not being disturbed by the outside world. She also goes on to talk about turning off her phone notifications altogether. It is basically what I’ve been doing the past five days, but I do have to agree that when you get back to reality there are sometimes an overwhelming amount of notifications and emails to respond to. I’ve been considering having one day a week where I am completely unplugged but I haven’t convinced myself to go through with it yet.


As mentioned before Edward worked from home on Friday and got off early that afternoon, so basically, we both went into vacation mode. Friday was basically spent in childhood more. Crash Bandicoot came out Thursday night, it was my favorite video game growing up and I had no plans of leaving the house until I mastered a few levels. So we stayed in Friday and ordered food, drank beer and played video games. Real mature I know, but I don’t care because I had a blast.

Saturday and Sunday were both spent pretty much the same way. We woke up each morning and headed out first thing to soak up some sun. We spent a few hours lounging outside in our hammocks just reading and talking. Each afternoon we would shower and head out to a cute patio on the river and proceed to spend hours munching on appetizers and drinking. We’d come home and have a little nap (outside of course) before grilling out for dinner and playing outside with the dogs.

On Monday my sister got back into town from a camping trip and she brought over brunch and spent a few hours playing Crash with me so that we could relive our childhood. We spent lunchtime chowing down on salsa, cheese dip, and margaritas before heading out on a tubing trip that afternoon. I just going to get it out there now… I hate tubing. I think it’s the lack of control that bothers me the most. We kept going into the banks and running over rocks, currently, my back looks like a war zone but I took things like a champ and just grabbed a new beer every time I thought I was going to lose my mind.

Tuesday morning we packed up the cooler again, got on our swimsuit and picked up some sandwiches before heading out on a five-hour canoeing trip. I’ve always been more of a kayaker, I think they are easier to control and more fun overall but you can’t really fit too much booze and food in them so I compromised for a day. Eddie and I usually don’t get along when we are in the same water vessel because I clearly know what I am doing and he is just a hot mess and needless to say there is a lot of yelling. But I decided that that was not going to be the case yesterday… so I took over the controls and paddled us the whole time (my shoulders and arms are really sore today). We listened to music, had lunch on a beach and watched my nephew and sister jump out of their canoe and attempt to swim up the river. Basically, my sister was just screaming bloody murder because she couldn’t see what was in the water and my nephew kept making us reassure him that there were no sharks. It was a shit show, you guys. Once we got home and showered up we grabbed some of our favorite foods and headed to the park for a picnic and to see the fireworks.

So overall, it was a great weekend. I spent the first part relaxing with Eddie and spending quality time and then on Monday and Tuesday we got to spend time with family and give our bodies a brutal beating.


Anticipating: Nordstrom is having their half yearly sale soon and it’s when I always do my big shopping for the year. I don’t use the sale just to get things for myself, I stock up on winter clothes for Edward and I and I even pick out Christmas gifts for our families. Luckily, Edward and I are Nordstrom card holders so we will have access to the deals two weeks before the public, which is great because sizes and colors sell out so fast. I’ve been saving up for awhile and already have a few pieces picked out which I will share with you later this week, so be on the lookout.

Cooking: I have a confession to make. I am obsessed with corn on the cob and I eat it every night for dinner. You guys, I ate leftover corn for lunch the other day. I may have a problem. Currently, I am on a grilling kick and have an amazing grilled corn recipe but I’ve been on the lookout for a few new recipes. This week I think I’m going to dive into a Mexican corn recipe, although I have to admit I am a little skeptical about putting mayonnaise on my corn. If you have any of your own recipes send them my way and you will forever be my friend!




Krystal // The Krystal Diaries

I have a whole cart full of stuff at Nordstrom right now. I’ve been debating if I should just place the order now or wait until the sale.

    Alexandria Drake

    WAIT UNTIL THE SALE!! haha.. but seriously. The sale will make it all worth it. What types of things are you looking at buying?

Emily of Em Busy Living

Crash Bandicoot was one of my fav games as a kid too! I wish we had the new one. I wouldn’t get off the couch. A night of that, takeout, and beer sounds like a perfect Friday night to me.

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