Monday Musings, Volume 01

Hi, all! It’s Monday again, the worst part of the week. I’m here to let you know that Monday Musings will be a new series on the blog. Each week I will show you a few interesting articles I found around the web. These articles will range from cool DIY’s an introspective piece or just a funny article to get you through the day. I will also be catching you up on my personal life each week and letting you know what’s going on behind the scenes of my life and sharing with you a few things I’ve purchased or that are on my wish list. I’m excited to start this series and I hope you enjoy it!


If you read the rebrand article then you know I wanted to step away from focusing on social media growth and be more authentic with my readers. Amanda wrote a similar article this week that is worth checking out: Why it is Important to Blog for Yourself.

I read Grace’s article on self-tanners this week and found it really helpful. My family is prone to melanoma skin cancer which is the most serious of them all. Because of this, I try to stay out of direct sunlight for long period of time and I wear SPF 50. All this means that I end up being eerily pale, which is not a good look on me. Therefore, I’ve been researching new techniques to give me a healthy glow this summer.

Hello Glow did a delicious article on breakfast parfaits. I’m trying to get out of my bagel rut and I’m excited to try out the coconut yogurt parfait with berries!

Chelsea from Millennial Miss published an article today that I found really interesting. We’ve all been in the situation when you’re not a fan of a friend or family member’s significant other. It can be a hard issue to tackle. Check out her article for a few tips to help navigate this sticky situation.


Weekend Recap: In Minneapolis, there is something called “summer hours” basically Edward gets 4 extra hours off each week to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather before winter is back. Each Friday he gets home at 2 o’clock and we’ve been going out to a new restaurant for drinks and snacks. Friday we hit up Betty Dangers and chowed down on their delicious appetizers and had a few drinks. Saturday we both stayed in our pajamas and had “me” days. We both just did whatever the hell we wanted whenever we wanted. Eddie spent most of the day writing and I worked on lettering techniques. We don’t have days like these often so when we do it’s nice. Sunday was spent outside in the blistering 90-degree weather. We went to The Grand Ole Days event, they hold it every year and close down 2-1/2 miles of the city for a day of fun. We got the $8 dollar drinking wristband and spent a few hours walking the streets and checking out food trucks and local vendors. We even made a few stops at different stages and listened to some music and had a few drinks. Overall it was a great weekend and I’m sad that its over.

Currently: I am delving into Jenna Kutcher’s Instagram Lab course. I’m super excited to get through it and build a close and fun community on IG. Also, if you’ve been watching my Instagram stories then you know I’ve been working on lettering and graphic designs. I am hoping to get a shop open with a few fun pieces for you to grab. More or on that in the future though. If any of you have any ProCreate tips I’d love to hear them!

Cooking: Last week Eddie and I got our first shipment from Hello Fresh. Let me just start out by saying that I was completely shocked with how good and filling each meal was. We’ve had pineapple quesadillas, Shawarma pork chops and a delicious burger with sweet potato fries. I think the thing I love the most is that each meal comes in an individual box with all of its FRESH ingredients and each meal only takes 30 minutes to make. I’ll be writing a more in-depth article later this week so be on the lookout if you’re interested.

Excited: My birthday is coming up and there are a few celebrations planned. Eddie has planned out a few events for this weekend since he will be leaving the crack of dawn after my birthday to head to a bachelor party. The weekend after my birthday my sister will be coming to stay with me and we will be having a girls only weekend and we will be getting pampered and going out for delicious meals and drinks. I’m super excited to have her for myself for a whole weekend.




Emily of Em Busy Living

Love those sunglasses! And the festival you guys went to sounds awesome. $8 wristbands for drinks?! Yes please.

I hope your birthday weekend with your sister is wonderful!

    Alexandria Drake

    Me too! I’ve bought like 4 different pairs! Also, thank you for the kind words… I;m sure I’ll have a great weekend.

Michael @ Mile in My Glasses

This was wonderful! I love the idea of Monday Musings!

I hope you have a good Tuesday,

Marette Flora @ Floradise

The black swimsuit is adorable!

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