Monday Musing, Volume 13

Monday Musings Volume 13

Hi! How are you? Hopefully, you did something fun this weekend or you’re out having fun on the lovely Monday morning holiday. Last week I skipped the Monday Musings article for the first time since starting the series. I was just so behind with work and behind the scenes, I have been building a site for my social media marketing business. I forgot how much work goes into building a site and social media handles.


A Beautiful Mess is starting a clean beauty subscription box and I am super excited to try it out. I suffer from a condition called PCOS and I recently started reading Woman Code and Alisa Vitti pushes the importance of moving to clean beauty products and the effects chemicals have on your body. I’ll be doing a couple of different posts on the topics later this month.

For any of you in your 20’s, this is a must read article: Why Navigating Your 20s is Hard. Personally, I think your 20’s are the most trying part of your life, you go through so many big changes and life is evolving faster than any other timeframe.


So my weekend started mid afternoon on Friday. Eddie came home and found us a new place to try for happy hour but once we got to the cute little restaurant I was overtaken by anxiety that came out of nowhere and I just didn;t want to get out of the car. So we didn’t and Eddie patiently and lovingly told me that he would take me home and we would just try the place out another time. My sister was heading out of town the next morning to go to Chicago with her boyfriend for a few days so I put together an itinerary for them and cuddled on the couch watching movies with Eddie.

I was determined that Saturday was going to be better so I woke up bright and early and we made breakfast together. Growing up my stepfather made baskets and gravy all the time so I thought I would take a crack at it and while it didn’t turn out the same it was good nonetheless. If you have a good recipe send it my way. We were supposed to go to the Minnesota State Fair for the day but Carly started throwing up a lot (if you’ ve been following on IG stories you know that she just had surgery to have a cancerous tumor removed from her leg). I messaged my sister and she said that since she is off her meds now and 10 days into recovery it was really weird that she was getting sick so she said to keep an eye on her for the day. So instead of stuffing our faces with fried food we stayed home and cuddled with her and headed off for drinks and appetizers that afternoon. Eddie is really weird about being out of the house when the dogs were sick so all he wanted to do was get home.

For some reason cooking breakfast on Saturday got Eddie is some sort of home cooking mode and when we woke up Sunday he decided that he wanted to make homemade fajitas for brunch/lunch. So I made him a list and sent him on his way. He ended up coming home with a fajita skillet and was running around like it was Christmas. He is so weird. Side note, fun fact about Eddie is that when he cooks he likes to listen to music based on the food genre. So he made me turn on Mexican music while we cooked and ate. The rest of the day was spent reading, me working on my business site, cleaning the house and just relaxing.

Basically, I don’t think I left the house more than 2 times the whole weekend. Oops. But Eddie and I had fun together and laughed a lot so that is all that really matters.


Drinking: Eddie gave up coffee and has started drinking tea. He wanted me to ask you guys if you have any recommendations? Also, let me know if you would like him to do an article on the experience.

Waiting: Eddie signed us up for Movie Pass. You pay $10 dollars a month and you can go to a movie 1 a day at participating movie theaters. Most AMC’s are available and you just check-in on your phone. Eddie’s card already came in but we are waiting on mine.

Stressing: Carly’s surgery is over for now. She does have two dead teeth that need to come out soon but the tumor is out and she is okay. However, now Stella has to go in for surgery for a large anal sac tumor that is rare in dogs her age. My sister said the fact that she got it so young means that it is hereditary and she will more than likely get another in her lifetime. The other worry is how big the tumor is and the location so my sister has prepared us for the fact that she may become incontinent. So we’re not too excited about that possibility but we’re just taking things one step at a time.


Anthropology is offering 30% off no code.

J. Crew is offering 30% off with code YESPLEASE.

Urban Outfitters is letting you take an extra 30% off sales items and free shipping on all orders!





xx Kelly
Sparkles and Shoes


Love that leather jacket.
My mother-in-law and I made biscuits and gravy this weekend for the first time. They turned out wonderful. Dan made biscuits from scratch (can’t help you there), but the gravy was easy: one package hot sausage, cooked, then we added 1/3 cup of seasoned flour, 2 cups of milk, and 1/2 cup water. It was amazing!


Such a fun idea to do posts like these!

I have some tea suggestions! I love jasmine green, mint, matcha and chai. I always buy tea from trader joes. They have a great selection and good prices.

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