Things You look Forward To After Traveling

I know that traveling is the best thing in the world. But no matter how wonderful your trip is, it’s always nice to head home. Below I’ve included the top four things I look forward to after traveling!

Numero Uno: You now are able to use your own bathroom, meaning you don’t have to take a shower in a  cruise ship coffin OR find yourself in Europe with no shower curtain and only a half glass plate protecting you and a waterfall of terror from the rest of the world.

Dos: Speaking of having your own bathroom, this now means that you have use of actual human-sized toiletries. You no longer have to injure yourself while beating the last bit of conditioner from the tiny human size bottle. On top of all of this, you regain access to your nice face wash and night cream so you can now fix all the damage done by using soap on your face for the past two weeks.

Tres: The comfort of your own bed is the most amazing feeling in the world. The MOST amazing feeling in the whole world and you sleep like a little baby on sheets that have been softened by angle tears. The first night home will be the most amazing sleep you’ve had in awhile, yet you will still inevitably wake sore for the next few days until your body makes the adjustment.

Cuatro: Washing & Drying Machines. Yes, I realize that on a cruise I can get my clothes cleaned, but they starch everything and they have a salt water smell. When I’m backpacking around Europe, I occasionally have time to take them to the cleaners, but for some reason they always come back with the strangest of smells and I break out in hives. So, I am forced to clean them on my own and line dry them. Which results in any aray of smells and once you put them in your backpack for even one second they are ruined and will smell and be wrinkly for the rest of your trip.

Don’t get me wrong here people, I love traveling more than anything in the world and if these are my only complaints I would call myself lucky. But, nonetheless, they are complaints and they are all so true.



My own bathroom is always the best feeling. I love coming home and first thing first taking a long shower. I finally feel clean after it again!



    Right? I do the same exact thing. My shower lasts for at least 45 minutes and then there’s no hot water left for Edward and he get’s so put out with me!


Agreed with many of these. I’d also add the joy of eating whatever you want from your own cupboard instead of having to run to a restaurant or store whenever you’re hungry!


    Very true! Except we are people who eat out more often than not and when we come home from travels we like to go out to all of our favorite restaurants and recharge our pallet with American food.

Daisy @ Simplicity Relished

Ahhhh YES! A big one for me is actually returning to the climate I’m used to. And being able to put away the bug spray 😉


    YES! That is so true. I love walking into my freezing cold apartment and knowing I dont know to be drenched in sweat any longer!


    Oh, that’s a good one! No more bug spray.

Emily S

The bed one is no joke! I’ve spent many nights sleeping in strange places while fantasizing about my bed back home.


    Everyone does. I think the bed looks especially lovely after continental flights.

Jordan Beck Wagner

I 100% percent agree with everything! I love being able to use my own bathroom, sleep in my own bed, and do my laundry. Whenever I come home from a trip, regardless of how late it is, I always do my laundry!


    I am glad you agree! I always say i’ll do my laundry first thing but in reality I just shower take myself to the closet Mexican restaurant, guzzle back a few margaritas and keep trying to pretend I am on vacation!

Elena Peters

I wish I could travel with my bed. I can’t sleep anywhere else!


    Just get a really comfy blow up mattress that you get accustomed too, haha.


Hehe. Yep. And unlimited access to “clean” water. I enjoy showers without having to try and block the water from getting in your face. And being able to brush your teeth without a water bottle. I travel mostly “third world”.


    Very true. I haven’t made my way to third world countries yet! Check back in a few years and i’m sure i’ll be advising this article.

A Life of Love and Joy

I wish I traveled enough to have this problem! LOL! Although I will say, washing clothes is always the first thing I do when getting back from a trip!


    Aw, I wish you did too. Maybe one day! I think that’s what most people do! Gotta get those clothes clean!

Justine @thetravellush

I can relate to all of these. Travel is great and it’s so worth it to rough it a little. But there is nothing better than coming home to these creature comforts! The one thing that I love about coming home is going to the grocery store and buying all of my favorite foods. When I go back to California this summer all I’m going to eat is cheese, Mexican food and champagne…all things that are sorely lacking in Jakarta!


    haha. I loved this! I too love my creature comforts. As I told someone else when I come home I shower and head to my favorite Mexican restaurant and get gallons of margaritas and keep trying to pretend I’m still on vacation! Have fun with all that delicious cheese this summer, hell just have fun in California for the both of us!

Brittany Bergman

These are all so true! I loooove that first night back in my bed after a long trip. I also tend to eat a lot of snacky foods when I travel, and I always look forward to getting back into healthy routines.


    Unfortunately, my routines only get worse after vacation. I think it’s because I’m so depressed that they are over. I force Eddie to take me out to dinner for almost a week until he reminds me we will go broke soon if we keep it up.

Angela Morales

Pillows. My own pillows are my favorite thing about coming back home! I just got back from Boston, and while the bed was super comfy, the pillows left a little something to be desired… Now I just want to go home and get back in bed. oops.


    Flight 001 has a travel pillow. Maybe you could get that and form a bond with it that way you can take it with you on your travels! Hotel pillows are always the worst so I completely feel your pain!


I think the best part of after traveling is being able to sit down and veg for a day!


    Very true. I love to come home and have a buffer day to do nothing!

Rachel G

Maybe on rare occasions on travels I have stumbled into pretty awesome bathrooms and beds (when I stayed with my uncle’s family in a super-cool house he rented for a family vacation last year…that was way more awesome than my own house)….but most of the time…I definitely miss my home bathroom and bedroom and closet and kitchen and, yes, washing machine by the time we come home! We were gone for 3 nights this past weekend and even with that short of a trip I was happy to see home this morning!


    There are some trips that are amazing but once you’re at the end and you pack up and you have that long flight or drive back you’re just sometimes over it and can;t wait to be home! Where did you get away to this past weekend?

Dannielle Noonan

Really glad I found your blog! Oh god, the first proper face wash and moisturise after a backpacking trip, being reunited with all my fave products… bliss!


    Right? That’s my thoughts exactly. I love coming home and just cleaning myself. Nothing feels better! I am also extremely excited that you found the blog!


Yes X4! I totally agree. The comfort of my own bed is at the top for me 🙂


    That’s number 2 for me. Showers #1 tied with life size shampoo.. I always bruise my hands by beating out the last of the shampoo on my palms. It hurts.


But seriously, there is nothing like that first sleep!


Nice Blog Post….!!!


yup to all these. we always talk about how we dream of the perfect bed for everynight and the bathroom wow we’ve been in some bathrooms on the road haha. thx for the post


    There is no such thing as the perfect bed on the road! You’re just as likely to find a magical unicorn than a comfy bed. I too have been in a lot of questionable bathrooms, especially in Europe!

Niki Ferguson

I totally agree with you! The things we take for granted! But, regardless, have an amazing time on your travels. I would LOVE to travel more if I had the money!


    Thank you for the well wishes, i hope that one day you find yourself able to travel more.

Rachel G

Never underestimate the importance of being able to use your own bathroom!! 🙂 I definitely value mine.

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