How To Fall Back In Love With Where You Live

City Guide: Fall Back In Love With Where You Live

Sometimes the urge to move just overcomes you. You’ve been stuck in traffic on the way home or it’s another Friday night and you can’t think of a single thing to do. You begin to get restless… so you book a trip, but when you get back home, the discontentment hits you 10x more than before you left because you’re just not enjoying your current surroundings. So, if you’re like me, you get online and start looking up apartments in new cities far far away.

However, it’s not always realistic to just pack up and move to a new city whenever life isn’t going your way. I have been guilty of wanderlust several times. I lived in a huge city where things were always going on, but I was just so over it and ready for a change of scenery that I couldn’t see what my own home town had to offer.  So what are you meant to do?

You get out of the house and you go on an adventure!

In an effort to cure your restlessness, here are six ways to fall back in love with the city you live in!

How To Fall Back In Love With Where You LiveTry A New Local Eatery

As I mentioned in 8 Weekend Activities to Try This Month, it’s always great to get to know your city. It opens you up to making new experiences, getting to new parts of your town that you’ve never seen, and hopefully making a few new acquaintances along the way. You’ll be able to try unique foods, help your local economy, and hopefully find a new favorite place.

Take a Walk Through Your City

You never know what you will come across. The other week when we were in Minnesota, Edward and I went for a few strolls. When we met up with my sister, we told her about all these places we saw and showed her pictures we took. She was so surprised by what we had come across because after five years there she still hasn’t adventured every corner. And neither have you! So put on some adorable shoes*link* and head out for a walk. Plus, a little exercise never hurt anyone, right?

Go to A Local Event

I guarantee that there is something fun going on that you don’t even know about! Use sites like Thrillist and City Maps to get insight on what is happening around you! Get our your calendar and mark down a few events in the upcoming months that you think would be fun. That way, a few weeks when you’re getting restless and looking for a good time all you’ll have to do is pull out your planner and pick through a bunch of fun activities.

How To Fall Back In Love With Where You Live

Do a Guided Tour

Most people would wonder why you would ever pay to do a guided tour of where you live.. but you never know what new information you will run into. I suggest checking out guided tours by locals. There are so many nooks and crannies to the place that you call home and I guarantee you haven’t seen it all. So what better way to view your city than through someones else’s eyes? I suggest checking out sites such as Like A Local Tours By Locals and Who’s My Guide. Check them out; you never know what adventures you will find! If you would rather take a different route, I suggest checking out Viator or City Pass and seeing what excursions they have to offer you. From a drink and food tour to a guided bike ride around town, your possibilities are endless. Sites: Like Local, Tours By Locals

Read a Book On Local History

Go to the library or peruse the internet to find out some local history. This sounds weird, right? Maybe it is, I just know that I am a lover of history and it give me “pride” learning the history of my home and country.

Plan a Staycation

Do something that you wouldn’t usually do. Rent a hotel or check out an Airbnb. Get together with a few friends and plan a spa day, go have a picnic in the park, or search your town for new graffiti. Spend a weekend relaxing and pampering yourself. When all the stress melts away you’ll be able to get a new perspective on your surroundings.

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Do you have any other tips to help get out of your wanderlust funk? 


Emily of Em Busy Living

I am so down to be a tourist in my own city as a way to get to know it better. We have a few really touristy guided tours I’d love to do, and we’re talking about instituting a “Wednesday Night Out” where we go somewhere new for dinner each week. That’s a great way to fall in love with where you live!

Krista Dial

I’ve done this so many times in my city! 🙂 We live in Nashville and there are so many great places around here to explore…Staycations are fabulous!


YAYyyy!! Loved this post- it’s why I started my travel blog, Trust the Locals! Love there suggestions to do a guided tour- it’s crazy how we often feel the need to go somewhere else to learn about culture and history, when it’s often right in our backyard. Thanks for bringing this to light!


These are really good tips! I need to do this more! Especially coming home from vacation.

Emily Brick

Awesome tips! I should really do this in my current city. I’m just not really loving where I live right now, but maybe some of these ideas would help me appreciate it more!

Joscelyn | Wifemamafoodie

These are great ideas! Really helps you to appreciate the city you’re in!

Brittany Littlejohn Bonnaffons

Excellent ideas. I will be implementing all of these over the next few months. We all need to get away without actually getting away from time to time.

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