Fall 2017: Home Decor Wish-List

Home Decor Wish List

Hello, my dears! As you know if you follow on social media I have been revamping parts of the house one room at a time so I thought I would share with you a few coveted pieces that have been catching my eye lately. Our house is currently filled with furniture and pieces that Edward and I bought together when we moved into our first place together. We sold off all of our old college furniture before moving into our new apartment and went on the hunt for “big kid” pieces.

While everything we have is nice it’s not necessarily my style. I didn’t have an aesthetic picked out yet and just went on buying pieces similar to what I grew up with. Needless to say a year or so passed and as I was out on my own and growing as a person my views and styles on a lot of things changed and now I feel like my home does not represent who I am which sort of bums me out. Currently, we are renting and hoping to buy our first place next year and I hope then I can finally curate a place that feels true to us. For now, I’m over here championing for a loft and an open floor plan while Eddie would prefer a house. I’m 99% sure I will win the debate.

This isn’t a groundbreaking article by any means but I wanted to give you a little bit of a more behind the scenes look into my decorating style and I  hope you find something you like. Just to give you a view I have attached photos below of the housing district and loft’s we are looking at as well as decorating inspiration. Also, at the very bottom, you can find some pieces I have bought to start transitioning the house to more of our current style.

Loft Inspiration

Home Decor WIsh List Home Decor WIsh List

Decorating Inspiration


Curated Wish-List



I love the hanging lights inside to separate the space! I wish I had my big loft ceilings back, but the space of our current house. I can’t wait until we have our own home to do what we wish with.

Katie Jurich

I love the loft decor! I have a loft and it can be hard to figure out how to decorate the storage.


im obsessed with it all!!!


Serious interior design inSpiration going on here! Love the openNess of the loft spaces! Happy Renovating!


Some fantastic transformations here. Well done


Wow, I really like your style! My husband peeked over while I was reading this and said I like that!

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