5 Delicious Drink Recipes to Help You Survive the Holidays

holiday season drinks
The soft crunch of the snow, the twinkling lights…there’s a certain magic to the holiday season. For many, it’s a time we spend with family and loved ones. But if your family is anything like mine, those moments of quiet, cozy togetherness can quickly turn into chaos.


If the thought of a family party conjures memories of probing questions and political “discussions” over a half-cooked ham, this list is for you. These five drink recipes are guaranteed to help you keep your sanity this holiday season.


  1. Holiday Mule by Home Sweet Jones

    A simple and festive twist on an already popular drink. The splash of cranberry balances the sweetness of the simple syrup and is a perfect holiday substitute for lime. The Holiday Mule is best drunk when the festivities begin and you’re still generally happy to see people. Or, since it’s easy to chug when your Aunt Beth asks when you plan on getting married for the one-millionth time. Throw it back and make your escape under the guise of a refill.

  2. Jingle Juice Holiday Punch by Inspired by Charm

    All you need is three ingredients to be both bougie and boozy. Jingle Juice Holiday Punch is an ideal drink for when you host your first Christmas party. Relatively easy and inexpensive, your mother will be so proud you broke out the (pink!) champagne on her behalf. When she starts trying to redesign your apartment, gently guide her back to the punch bowl, fill up her glass, and walk away. Repeat steps as necessary. If you really want to dress up this drink and impress all your millennial friends, substitute rosé for the champagne.

  3. White Christmas Mojito by Half Baked Harvest
When your dream of sipping piña coladas poolside during the holiday season doesn’t match the reality of your empty bank account, take a sip of the White Christmas Mojito. Let the sweet taste of coconut and rum whisk you away to your happy place so you don’t have to listen to Uncle Bob explain his mile-long list medical ailments. The hints of mint will leave you feeling refreshed even after hearing about his highly eventful colonoscopy.
  1. Baileys Hot Chocolate by Baileys
Who can say no to this classic? Curl up with a cup of Baileys Hot Chocolate when you watch the greatest holiday movie of all time–Die Hard. It’s literally the drink version of John McClane: one part sweet, one part punch. Or two. A mug of this spiked hot cocoa is also the perfect gift for the one person in your family who can’t STFU during a movie. They’ll be too busy sipping on their second helping to make off-hand comments. Yippie ki-YAY.
  1. Your favorite eggnog + liquor of choice
No seasonal drink list is complete without this holiday classic. I went with Oberweis Eggnog and Captain Morgan Spiced Rum (plus a dash of nutmeg). After a few polite bites of Aunt May’s rock hard Christmas cookies, pour yourself a glass of creamy goodness. Perfect for the impromptu political conversation taking place over dessert. You’ll manage to look like you’re still in the holiday spirit while actually drinking yourself into oblivion. The louder they get, the more liquor you add.


While the holidays can indeed be a stressful and chaotic time, these five drinks should help you stay sane. What drink do you think should be added to this list? Comment below to let us know.

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