Your Monthly Bucket List | December Edition

Holiday Bucket list 2017

Okay, so bare with me. This is only my second month doing this series which last month was called “What the Future Holds”. I’m still trying to figure out the setup – which will only make sense to another blogger. But… I thought it might be fun to make this series a monthly list of fun things to do based on the holiday or season. Things will be a little messy until I figure it out but let’s just have fun. Also, if you have any thoughts on what you might like to see in this series please feel free to leave a suggestion in the comments!

Holiday Bucket List 2017:

  1. Go Ice Skating: I really want to take Eddie ice skating. He’s been asking me to go for 5 years now but because of an injury at a teen I have ankles of a 90-year-old woman and the thought of trying to skate is like my worse nightmare. I’d honestly rather be covered in blood in great white infested waters but that’s what marriage is all about… putting yourself in terrible situations, right?
  2. Sit Around a Campfire & Make Smores‘: Personally, I have to be downwind from this fire because I hate being hot and also Eddie has no idea how to make one properly and I always get flying embers all over my clothes and they get holes in them everywhere.
  3. Watch all the best Christmas movies: You must watch them in this order of amazing to almost amazing. If you disagree with my order I guess we can still be friends but I just need you to know you’re wrong. A lot of you would also probably add more to my list but you’d be wrong. Also, we really should have a conversation about why Jim Carry and Tim Allen like to insert themselves into so many Christmas movies.
    • The Holiday
    • How the Grinch Stole Christmas
    • Love Actually
    •  A Christmas Carol (the “scary” one with Jim Carry).
    • Santa Clause movies in their ranking order (although I really only like the first one but you just have to watch the whole series).
    • Santa Clause is Coming to Town
    • The Polar Express
    • Jack Frost 
    • Christmas with the Cranks
    • Home Alone series (the originals, none of that knock off s**t)
    • Elf because Will Ferrel has been my crush since I was like 14.
    • Four Christmases
    • A Christmas Story
  4. Have a Gift Wrapping Party: Get together with your siblings or friends. Have everyone bring over an appetizer and a bottle of wine and make a night of it. Think of it as more of a fun event than a chore that hurts your back. Seriously, though I make Eddie give me a massage after each year because my back basically hates me when it’s all over.
  5. Host a Christmas Party with Friends: It doesn’t have to be big or fancy. Set up a raffle have a fun little gift exchange and set a budget. Get together some easy and fun finger foods and crack out all of your favorite group games. I suggest Codenames, Cards Against Humanity, Phase 10, and Exploding Kittens just to name a few.
  6. Decorate your Bedroom for Christmas: Don’t just decorate one communal area, that’s boring. Add some lights and fun decor to your bedroom. Also, try to make the decorating style a little different from the rest of the house just to make it fun. Eddie and I have colored lights, this mistletoe sign, and a cute little tree for our nightstand all over our bedroom. It’ll help pull you away from the tree and make you want to snuggle up before bed.
  7. Make a fun New treat for Coworkers or Neighbors: I love to bake but I hate sweets. If you too have this predicament then this is the perfect time of year for you because you can try all of these fun new holiday treats and then just bag them up as goodies for the people in your life. Personally, I’m making these Hot Chocolate Cookies and Chocolate covered smores these this year for Eddie’s coworkers.
  8. Go to a winter Festival or Parade: Every city has one, I promise. I don’t actually use Facebook and haven’t posted on my personal account in over two years but I do use it to search for local events and I suggest you do the same, my dear! You’ll end up finding out about so many fun markets, parades, plays, and fun events you never knew about!
  9. Give back to the Community: Go to your local hospital and read Christmas stories in the children’s wing, or send a care package to a family in need or help out with meals on wheels or a local homeless shelter. It doesn’t matter what you do it just matters that you are taking your time to give back to the community around you and those in need.
  10. Drive around looking at Christmas Lights: Last but not least my very favorite tradition! Grab your favorite person, both of you fill up a thermos with hot chocolate and grab yourself a blanket if you’re somewhere cold like me and head to the best area of town to check out Christmas lights. You can use the app Holiday Lights to search for the best displays in your city!

In the comments below tell me some of your holiday traditions!




I love to-do lists, especially when they’re filled with festive holiday things. We’re definitely having a few movie nights, too!


love these ideas !!


One of my favorite holiday traditions is definitely watching a Christmas story. fragilee!! And we are about to host a xmas party this sunday. Wish us luck!


There is a movie you need to add to your list! Ernest Saves Christmas! Hahaha

Hannah @CleanEatingVeggieGirl

A gift wrapping party sounds SO fun! I definitely love wrapping presents 🙂

Amanda | Maple ALps

I am totally adding some of these to my traditions list – great ideas!


These are all great ideas for christMas! I love having my annual snowboarding/camping trip with friends. its always a highlight of the year for me!



Soooo many fun ideas! I can’t wait to get to them all!


I am DYING to watch that new Christmas movie on Netflix.
the Christmas prince I believe it’s called! looks so cute.
also I haven’t been ice skating in years and it’s definitely on my list this month

Darrian |


Love going to winter holiday festivals (especially music ones)! Great post, i wish it got cooler where i live in the winter time so i can enjoy the snow activities!


Your bucket list sounds like so much fun!!! Can I come over and join you for some of them? 😉

Audrey Knizek

First of all, the snowflakes on your blog are adorable. my friend is hosting a gift wrapping party next week and i think it’s such a brilliant idea! It’s one of my least favorite things to do.


This is a great list. It’s inspiring me to try some stuff. I have a small family and we don’t do much as far as traditions. I do want to do one of those “tacky christmas light” tours — we have a few in RVA. 🙂


I need to get started on this list asap! I feel like im behind haha.


MY holi tradition is driving to the tree farm with my faMily and cutting The Xmas tree x


Love these ideas! I also like driving around and seeing the Christmas lights around town!

Jenn |


I definitely need to watch alllll of those movies during the holidays!

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