5 Hobbies I Want To Complete On My Bucket List

5 hobbies to complete on my bucket list

The other day I was doing some reading online and I ran across an article on the Everygirl that was titled What Happened To Hobbies and I was immediately captured; the whole article made so much sense to me and was so eye opening.  It got me to sit down and really think about what I do with my life. It’s a social media overload on my side of things. What about you? I started to get really upset and I went to talk to Edward about things we’ve always wanted to accomplish in our life and I looked at him and finally said ” Why haven’t we accomplished anything yet?” So it’s time for some changes around here. I have decided from this point out I will dedicate an hour each day to a hobby. So let’s take a look at a few things that I want to do with my life!


Playing an Instrument. I have forever been torn between wanting to learn the piano and the guitar. I played violin back in high school (at my parent’s demand) but I never enjoyed it. So, for years I’ve looked into taking lessons and they always seem to be so expensive and time-consuming to the point where I don’t know that I would have time to stick with it long enough to learn. Also, we don’t have room for a piano right now. However, my husband being the man he is, went out with his musician friend and looked at getting me a guitar for our 3-year dating anniversary. I stupidly talked him out of it and I will never quit kicking myself over it.


I’d love to learn how to do watercolor paintings. My mother-in-law studied art and she has a joy for painting but never has the time. I’ve talked to her about watercolor before and she’s explained that it is a difficult technique to pick up, but I am still determined. Someday I’d love to be able to offer some pieces like these for you:

 Now, I realize this is quite ambitious. But, remember, I said I wanted to do this as a hobby, not professionally.




I want to one day know how to speak at least four different languages! Yes, four. I have started French several times, I have dabbled in Italian, attempted German, and successfully got myself through 6 years of Spanish. But I don’t know any of them fluently. Also, my mind works strangely. I only retain current information and everything else is stored is some memory sensor lockdown. Like I can be listening to someone speak Spanish, on television, and I will understand for the most part, but on any given day if you ask me to try and speak to you, my mind will be completely blank.


I have spoken on here a million times about wanting to get scuba certified and my father was nice enough to give me the funds to get it done! That wonderful man! We were going to do the classes last August for Edward’s birthday but we were never quite able to set aside enough time to get it done. We found a company in Atlanta that offered to do the classes all in one weekend. You were there for 8 hours for a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for the pool training. You also have to take an open water dive several times but we were fine with that because the company offered destination classes all over the globe. I still have the money set aside in a travel savings account for when we finally find the time. Only problem now is we live in the mountains and I can guarantee you there are no scuba lessons offered here.


I really want to start practicing yoga. I suffer from terrible anxiety. It can sometimes be crippling and rule my whole life.  Years ago, I practiced yoga after a severe bout of depression. It seemed to really help me calm down and stay in shape. To be honest, life got in the way and I just ended up giving up on it.  So to help get a hold of my anxiety and make myself more flexible I’ll be adding yoga back into the mix.

I think I may be too ambitious, you guys. Past Hobbies I’ve attempted: homebrewing, sewing, calligraphy, gardening ( I kill bamboo, people), home renovations (gave up and hired someone, I really did try. Promise.), and so much more. But this article was meant to be uplifting. What are some hobbies you would like to focus on?

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Jordan Beck Wagner

In terms of #4, I can totally relate to you! I understand German almost fluently but always freeze up when I need to speak it!


    For me I think it’s that I am afraid of saying something wrong and looking like an idiot. I can sometimes be very self conscious! P.S. I am jealous of your German abilities. Hopefully I will get there one day!

Pippa Vague

These are actually really cool goals! I like them all! Especially the learning to paint Watercolors! Have you read Paris Letters by Janice Macleod? If not, I recommend it – not only is the story great but there are gorgeous watercolors at the end of every chapter that make you ache to be able to paint yourself. I also just started getting back into yoga yesterday (I stopped after breaking my wrist – hows your ankle btw?) and I can’t even come close to touching my toes ha! x


    Thank you! I’ve attempted watercolors before, however, I never seem to have the right materials and the painting bleeds everywhere. I have not heard of it. I will take a look at it. Ow! My ankle is my biggest enemy. I’m suppose to start physical therapy for it but I just can’t bring myself to do it. I assume the next time I fall it will give me a kick in the butt! Do you ever have problems with your wrist? Luckily, I am naturally flexible.

Laura Strand

Awesome and inspiring goals, After I read The Circle Maker I was inspired to set similar life goals to, it’s really helped to prioritize my time. I’m with you on the Yoga and the painting, gonna leave those four languages up to you! good luck!


    Thanks! I have never heard of that book. Do you have any hobbie your practice right now? I’m excited the most about the languages but it’s also the hardest to stick with. So thanks for the encouragement!

Mrs K

I’ve always wanted to learn Spanish. It sounds so beautiful and I would love to sing in Spanish.


    You’re right! It does sound beautiful, however, I don’t think I would ever be talented enough with the language to do a song and I can guarantee no one wants to hear me sing. So good luck to you my dear!

Rebeka Brooke Ervin

These sound like really great hobbies! I would love to learn water coloring as
well. Also, this is my first time on your blog and I love it! I found it via The Peony Project.


    Thank you! I am so glad you found my site and it really means a lot to hear that you like it! Do you have any hobbies that you practice at the moment?

Sophia Fulton

oh my goodness, I want to do so many things that you want to do! I’ve always wanted to do water color painting and speak more languages. 🙂


    Yay! The like minded! What languages are you looking to learn?

Sara McCarty

This is an awesome list! I’m so impressed with all the languages – I can’t even speak two! And scuba certification is on my bucket list too!


    Thank you! I am really excited to get scuba certified. What hobbies do you practice at the moment?

Jackie @ My Sort Of Adult Life

Whoa! You are an over achiever with languages 🙂 if I could just learn Spanish fluently I would be happy! I definitely recommend Yoga for anxiety, it’s one of my biggest tools to relax!


    haha. Thank you. I’ve always been interested in learning languages. But I travel a lot so they come in handy! I’m excited to take up yoga again!

Danielle Greco

These are awesome!! I would love to water color paint! It’d be so helpful for blogging haha you could make your own logo and cute pics! My husband and I are learning italian now and wow … it’s taking a while. but I’m excited to just stick with it and be fluent one of these days! Great post
Danielle | AccordingtoD.com


    I know I thought of that too! It does take a bit to get it down. But I have found it is easier to build on languages. So hopefully if you choose to learn a third language it will be easier for you! I’m hoping that one day I can become fluent in all four of them one day. But I’m not holding my breath. My husband’s family is italian and they helped us learn quite a bit before our trip to Italy, however, his 90 year old grandmother just kept throwing around curse words. The frustrating thing is that each region had its own dialect so a few of the words we learned we’re only understood in the southern parts of Italy but not the north.


I absolutely love watercolour paintings, and think it’s such a good idea! I love bucket lists, too! I made one that’s up on my blog, and hope to cross off a few items this summer. Good luck with yours! 🙂


    Me too! I will have to go look at the bucket list now! I have one that is pages long! Everyone always does an article on bucket lists so one time I did one on adventures I’ve already accomplished! You should do the same so you can let us know about your experiences!


    What is your blog? The info isn’t on your disqus profile.

Elizabeth Mayberry

GREAT list! I love that you are thinking big and making fun goals like this!!! The water coloring is magical!!


    Thank you! I’ve attempted watercolor before, however, it always bleeds. So I’m excited to get the right materials! What hobbies do you do from day to day?


Nice list for the hobbies on your bucket list! I’d probably add hand lettering and watercoloring to mine! 🙂

Rachel Forrest

I love your goal-setting. As CS Lewis said, “you’re never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream.”
You should totally recommit to the violin! What a rare gift it is to play that beautiful instrument! My husband plays piano and organ, and I play guitar. I would LOVE to play something like the violin or cello, though. Cello has a special place in my heart. My favorite hobby is calligraphy. I’m just a hobbyist, I don’t sell or anything, but calligraphy is so relaxing for me, and I love to journal in my bible with it.


    I have tried to get into the violin. It’s just not a talent I have. It may have been because I was forced into it. But it’s just such a small instrument and I was never good with placement and the bow. I did well at calligraphy but you have to constantly practice. Which is where I’m not so good!


I have always wanted to learn calligraphy and piano. Piano is in the slow-process of learning (slowed down more by leaving my piano 3hrs away at my parents house). I have started learning knitting, am getting better at crocheting and sewing. I dream of having a small ‘farm’ and homesteading, the ultimate hobby, eh?


    You can take an online calligraphy course. You just have to have a phone with a camera ( which I think everyone has in this day and age, right?)… you just upload your work online and the teacher will critique you, show examples, and give you more tutorials. It’s what I did. Plus, it’s far cheaper than in person courses! My friend knits all the time. She recently started a shop on etsy. She really enjoys it. How are you liking it? That is a beautiful dream!


      that’s right! I just might have to check out some online calligraphy courses. that would be SO cool. i’m liking knitting, the problem is i’m not liking my project. haha. that’s what i get for trying to be creative on my first big project. i really want to make stuffed animals though, so i’m gonna stick with it!

Kaelene @ Unlocking Kiki

If only I could master a second language I would be so happy!


    Ha. I have yet to “master” any of them. One day hopefully! But you can do a little icelandic right?

      Kaelene @ Unlocking Kiki

      Ya I can get by, I am to that point where everyone keeps saying soon it will all quick but I still find it very frustrating 🙂


I agree with you on the yoga front. I have anxiety as well and notice such a difference when im calming and excercising. Also with the instrument, yes! Ive always wanted to play piano. Good luck accomplishing your goals! Keep us updated


    Right? Yoga is great. I’m so upset that I gave it up for so long. Thank you for the kind words! I aprreciate it!


so many wonderful goals! I adore your blog, btw – so pretty! I look forward to reading about your future adventures!


    Thank you! I really appreciate the comment about the blog, I’m glad that you like it! I’m excited to have you following along with me.

Alex {The Antisocialite}

Seriously, what happened to hobbies though? I think they got sucked into the social media vortex… I occasionally try yoga, drawing, and calligraphy, though I’d love to devote time to them regularly. I’m learning Spanish with Duolingo and the Coffee Break Spanish podcast, which are really helpful- definitely recommend those. Otherwise, Pat and I brew hard cider (though that’s more his hobby- I’m the assistant and lead taste tester). The one hobby I keep meaning to start but never do is gardening! I understand the basic principle of planting something and watering it and whatnot, but it seems like there are just so many nuances and so much equipment required, I haven’t dived into it yet. Maybe I should start with an herb pot =P

Mary @ Small House, Big Love

Wow, I love the look of that watercolor, would love to learn that too!

Adriana Renee

Love the hobbies you picked out! I feel like hobbies are the best thing on a bucket list because they’re things you can keep up forever instead of an item to cross off and never think of again!

Jennifer Carcache

Im glad I ran into your blog! incredibly cute and your bucket list is awesome! I’ve been wanting to add Yoga to my to do list too!


I love these! To be able to paint those water colors would be amazing.

<3 Have Ashley, Will Travel

Tricia Leigh Artim

These are such good bucket list items! I hope you can complete them all!! Good luck!

Linda @ themurphmans

Totally agree on the demise of hobbies. So sad, and I’m definitely guilty of the lazy Netflix or Instagram at night instead of picking up a book or paintbrush. I would love to do pretty much all the things on your list though, so let’s keep each other accountable! 🙂 Also, do you guys have plans to do any traveling or expat living in Central/South America or SE Asia? SO many cheap options to get dive certified! Although that is the one thing on your list that I’m not keen on, so we’re not taking advantage. haha. I’m happy to just snorkle on the surface for now.. maybe someday!

Jessica McC

You have some of mine, learn to paly an instrument; learn to paint watercolours, however, I will be content with 2 or 3 languages. Wishing you success in completing them.

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