What the Future Holds, November Edition

What the Future Holds

Welcome to my new monthly series What the Future Holds! I find that life is ever changing. Some days are good, some bad. One day you wake up and you’re the same person you’ve always been, other days you want different things in life. You find that you have different needs, aspirations, and feelings about everything going on around you.

Every month I will be doing a post that will feature a mood board and my goals/aspirations/life tasks for the upcoming month! Just a blog post that’s about being completely honest with myself about how I’m feeling, and what’s happening in my life.

Cooking: Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away and I like to do two new and fun recipes each year to keep things interesting. I always love A Beautiful Mess’ recipes and I am dying to try their creamy butternut mac n cheese recipe.

Making: I’m still working on my weave from a few weeks ago. I loved working on it that day but I just haven’t been able to get back into it. But I did manage to buy some new materials for the next piece.

Drinking: I’ve been reading up on vital proteins and I ordered some to put in my water each day to help with my skin, hair, and nails. I also ordered this water bottle. I’m notoriously bad at drinking water and if it’s warm there’s definitely no way you’ll get me to drink it. I’m hoping this bottle will keep is cold on my desk throughout the day.

Reading: My reading goal for the year was 52 books. I’m behind by like 12 because when I came across All The Ugly and Wonderful Things I couldn’t manage to get past it and reread it like 10 times. No joke. Okay, I lied it was 11.

Looking: My sister won’t have my nephew for this Thanksgiving so we were thinking about mixing things up this year and going on a ski trip for the weekend.

Playing: Eddie already started playing Christmas songs a week before Halloween, it’s also starting to snow here so I am just in Christmas mode. Hell, I’ll probably put the Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving again this year.

Enjoying: That holiday season feeling. Do you know what I mean? It’s that time of year when you’re just always happy and there are so many things to look forward too. I would have to say the most depressing day of the year is the day after Christmas. I always hate that day.

Buying: I’ve already slowly started buying Christmas gifts for everyone. Yes, I am a little crazy but I don’t care. Plus, doing it this way helps keep my bank account happy during December.  

Marveling: How is it already only 52 days til Christmas? Wasn’t it just June and like 100 degrees out?

Smelling: I got this amazing candle from Target the other day and I’ve already put away the fall candles and the house is already starting to smell like Christmas trees. Little fun fact: I’m actually allergic to Christmas trees but that doesn’t stop me from getting one every year. 

Wearing: I love onesies! They are the best invention in the world. Eddie gets me a new fun onesie every year but I may or may not have gone ahead and ordered this chipmunk one.

Following: Every few months I go through Instagram and follow a few new accounts that inspire me. I’ll be doing a post in the next week or so on 5 Instagram ladies who promote body positivity and are so genuine and fun to follow.

Browsing: I have been hitting refresh on Zillow for weeks now. Ever since Eddie and I talked about buying a place this coming year I just keep dreaming of a place we can call home and something I can finally decorate the way I like.

Bookmarking: Cameras! It’s past the time for me to invest in one. Eddie has been trying to buy me one for years now but I just feel like it is such a big commitment and every time we go to get one I back out. If you have suggestions I’d love to hear them. I want something light that I can carry around and it not too heavy. I’m also by no means a pro and what something easy to use that will still be good quality!

Feeling: excited to have you following along!

I’d love to hear your plans for November and how your life is going. Feel free to copy and paste the template and tags me in your post!

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Ohhhh, can’t wait to see what you choose for a camera. I have a Sony A6000 and absolutely LOVE it!!! It’s lightweight and takes amazing photos 🙂

Amanda | Maple Alps

A ski trip over Thanksgiving sounds pretty amazing! Also, onesies are amazing – totally agree 🙂

Shannon Mahaney

Happy house hunting! We just bought our first home in September and I’m so glad we did. It’s a process and can be stressful at times but if I have any advice for you it’s get a good realtor! Our realtor was amazing. We had a hurricane threaten to push our closing by a week and he kept in touch with us every single day leading up to it.

Also, get pre-approved for your mortgage early so you know what you can afford.


YAY! I just love this!! I am all about this series!! Also, yes on the cameras!!! SO fun! XOXO


Hi Alex, I so much love your pattern of life updates. You must be a genius to be aiming to read 52 BOOKS! BTW. I do a life updates similar to yours, please check it out.


Stephanie Kirkland

Love this idea as a post series!


Woohoo!!! I’m excited to start seeing your photography when you get a camera!

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