Friday Five: Sweet Disposition

It’s Friday again and I barely blogged this week. “Barely” is even a stretch… it was more like life got crazy and I forgot the blog existed. Summer, wo0-hoo! But let’s get to the point…. Listen to this song… for a little inspiration and happy go lucky feelings. Then read the post… and go off to have a great weekend, my loves.

Five Links I Loved Around The Web

  1. I wear a sleep mask EVERY night and I am completely lost without it! When I came across this DIY I thought it was brilliant.. how did I not think to do this myself? I think i’ll be making a few pairs to have for backup!
  2. Going on an exotic trip or special trip anytime soon? If so, why not hire a local photographer to capture your special moments? Why didn’t I think to do this when we eloped? Just letting you know that I will be booking this service on our next big getaway! P.S. this would be a great wedding gift!
  3. As I mentioned last week(linK), I’m planning out Edward’s birthday in August. I was thinking of renting a house boat and inviting a few of his closest friends to join us for the weekend. It’ll be a fun weekend in the sun, therefore, we will need some yummy tropical drinks. I’ll be making this tropical slushie bar for our guests!
  4. I loved this Instagram travel guide to Santorini! When I was planning Edward and I’s honeymoon, the two choices were Greece and Italy. Italy ended up winning us over mostly because that’s where Edward’s family is from… but you can bet that Greece is still at the very top of my dream destinations.
  5. Is it just me of does this recipe sound delicious?… crispy bacon pasta salad with fresh herbs. I don’t think it will take much to convince Edward to make this for me!

Five DIY Projects I Want To Do This Summer..




  1. DIY Giant Embroidery Picnic Blanket

  2. DIY Sling Beach Chair Makeover 

  3. Build This Cooler Box for Your Backyard Patio

  4. DIY Retro Beach Umbrella

  5. DIY Cornhole Game

Five Movies That I Play On Repeat…

They’re all on Netflix btw, so you should go check them out when you have time. Also, if you like scary movies here are a few recommendations for you!

  1. Stuck In Love. I’ve mentioned before that I would love to be a writer one day and this movie is about a family or writers finding their way in life. It speaks to me.

2. Begin Again. This movie ignites the music lover in me! Ladies, if you’re an Adam Levine fan then you’ll enjoy watching him in this movie. It’s also has The Late Late Show host James Corden. #winning

3. How To Be Single: Okay, I lied, this one is not on Netflix…but….everyone’s seen this, right? It’s fantastic and funny. I love Leslie Mann I think she is pure genius.. so if she is in the movie, chances are it will become a new favorite. My life pre-Eddie!

4. Superstar! Have I ever mentioned to you that Will Ferrell is my dream man. Not what you expected, right? Well, he is! So back in the day, when I found out a new movie of his was coming out I knew I had to watch it.. little did I know but it became one of may favorite comedies of all time! Edward hates it.. but to this day I still laugh uncontrollably throughout the whole movie. Next time you need to it.

5. Somethings Got To Give!.. it features DIANE KEATON, bitches. She can do no wrong and is the best.. plus this movie calms me; I don’t know why, it just does. Another honorable movie mention of hers would have to be Baby Boom. I’m an old lady, you guys; don’t judge me. Plus, Nancy Meyers wrote it so you know it has to be gold. If you don’t know who Nancy Meyers is, I don’t want to be your friend.

Side Note…

In the next week, or so, I will be looking for an intern to help out around A Modern Girl’s Travels! Email me at if you’re interested!


Emily of Em Busy Living

I would love to hire a local photo on a vacation! I have a friend who hired one on their honeymoon and they have the most amazing photos of them on the beach just days after their wedding, when it’s nice and peaceful and no guests are around. Love that idea!

Megan Knox-Davies

i absolutely love this song! the title of your blog really drew me in because i love Temper Trap! <3


I love the idea of hiring a local photographer!

xx Kelly
Sparkles and Shoes


I’m in love with those beach chairs! Especially the pop tart one. Must DIY for my balcony…

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