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Dish: Cuttlefish Risotto
Restaurant: Café Leut
City and Country: Cavtat Quay in Cavtat, Croatia

For seafood lovers, the Adriatic Coast is one the best places to eat flavors form the sea. While in Dubrovnik, we decided to take a 30-minute car ride to Cavtat and ate at Café Leut for dinner. We researched on the Internet where we can have a good dinner outside the tourist trap restaurants in Dubrovnik. We watched the sunset while having a sumptuous dinner by the sea and eating some of Croatia’s best seafood. We had a typical Dalmatian Cuttlefish Risotto plus other delectable seafood dishes that is cooked to perfection. Café Leut is an institution in Cavtat and has been around for 40+ years. If you wanted to splurge, this is the place to go. The meals are quite expensive but you will really get what you pay for. The gorgeous view is an added bonus!

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brock and tanj14We are Brock and Tanj, we are both adventurous eaters, been traveling the world for  10+ years and we love eating our way through different countries. We love to try  new things and would eat anything under the sun, name it, from animal innards,  balut, fermented shrimp to fried insects. We eat it all! From different flavors and spices all over the world, from Indian food to Chinese food, from Western to Asian gastronomy, from street food to Michelin Star, we simply want to eat it all.


Dish: Gnocchi + Chocolate Lava Cake
Restaurant: Osteria Santo Spirito
Where: Florence, Italy

When I began planning my trip to Italy I knew EATING was one of my top priorities. I made sure to budget a larger amount for food spending than I usually do in other countries. In Rome, I was beginning to wonder where the authentic, delicious, Italian food was because I was eating at a lot of tourist traps on the main streets. When I arrived in Florence, I immediately felt like I was experiencing a much truer representation of Italian culture. I had a wonderful host at my hostel and she offered a lot of suggestions for food. That’s how I found Osteria Santo Spirito, and I am grateful for her recommendation to this day.

Throughout my 12 days in Italy, this was my Favorite meal I had! Osteria Santo Spirito is located in a piazza on the south side of the river. We sat outside and people watched while I enjoyed the cheesy baked gnocchi, priced at 10 euro. I am a vegetarian and that made it slightly difficult choosing dishes in Italy. However, this dish was overwhelming delicious and meat free. It actually made for 2 meals, which is great for the price! Our meal wasn’t complete without dessert. I had a chocolate lava cake topped with fresh berries and it was outstanding. If you find yourself in Florence and are unsure where to dine, I strongly encourage you to check this restaurant out!


Wander Vibes

IMG_7616-e1430876330154 Theresa Connell hails from the East Coast of Canada, Theresa is a 21-year-old  full time marketing student and part-time world traveller. She has strong desires to  explore the world and be pushed beyond her comfort zone. Her philosophy is to always choose happiness, and dream big. Theresa’s next adventure is au pairing in Spain, summer 2015. You can follow along on her blog, Wander Vibes.  



Dish: Pepperoni, basil, garlic and ricotta cheese pizza
Restaurant: Home Slice Pizza
City and Country: Austin, Texas, United States

Home Slice is an Austin staple and a spot that locals and out-of-towners alike flock to. The atmosphere is charmingly Austin: casual and welcoming, music filling the room, and colorful, weird art covering the walls. When you walk in, there’s a long bar to your right where you can watch the cooks make pizzas by hand in a flurry of constant activity. Home Slice has a narrow interior with booths and tables, but where this place really shines is its outdoor covered patio. A bar can be found out back so that you can grab a drink while you wait for your name to be called. There’s also a ping-pong table available to distract you from getting too hangry (hungry + angry).

Home Slice is located in an area of Austin called South Congress (SOCO) which is hugely popular. Due to the great location and the amazing food, expect a bit of a wait when stopping by. Don’t let that deter you though and instead take advantage of the aforementioned outdoor bar and ping pong table while you wait! If you’re really in a hurry or just starving for some pizza, they have a take-out restaurant next door aptly titled “More Home Slice” which churns out individual slices as well as full sized pizzas much quicker. You’ll just have to be okay with eating on the curb, or perhaps taking it to Zilker Park for a pizza picnic.

As great as the atmosphere and area is, it’s the delicious New York style pizza that has us wishing we could teleport here at any given craving. The crust is thin and

crispy, but not too thin. It still has some much-appreciated substance to it. The pizza is cooked to absolute perfection. You know how some pizzas look great but when you go to pick it up it’s a soggy mess? That doesn’t happen here. The pizza dough is fresh and light and the crust is able to hold up the cheese and deliciousness on top with integrity. One of the first things we noticed was how non-greasy this pizza was! And we didn’t feel as guilty about the indulgence because of it.

While you can’t go wrong with any pizza here, our absolute favorite is the pepperoni, basil, garlic and ricotta cheese pizza. Throw on a dash of Parmesan and more than a dash of red pepper flakes and this easily has become one of our all time favorite guilty pleasure meals! In fact, we’re already planning our next trip to Austin to satisfy the pizza-sized hole in our hearts.



Norway To Nowhere

Shelly_Jimmie_NorwayToNowhereJimmie & Shelly are an American couple who quit their 9-5 jobs, sold their    possessions, and began traveling around the world in 2014. Together they operate their travel blog. Norwary to Nowhere, where they share travel tips, city guides, and tales recounting their crazy adventures and the equally crazy people they meet along the way.




Welp that settles it, we’ve got to go to Croatia STAT. And that Chocolate Lava Cake looks AWESOME.


Wow! I love to travel. Wish I had the courage to do as you did. Great photos!


Wow! That food – talk about putting fuel in my motivational fire. I want to travel the world one day and experience different foods and cultures.

It also has my mouth watering! Yum!


Definitely adding these to my must do travel places – my list is getting bigger daily. But that risotto sounds devine and the view is beautiful too.

Shann Eva

Gorgeous pictures. And the food is making me drool. Yummy!

Tanj from A Travelogue

We travel for food that’s for sure. Thanks for this feature! 😀


Ugh, this makes me want to hop on a plane and go back out of the states…just to eat!

Tricia Leigh Artim

Ummm….yum!!!! Now I am super hungry!! Great post!

Stephanie Volkert

We’re all about the food when we travel too, although my daughter and I are much more adventurous in that regard than hubby is.


I am planning to visit Croatia soon. Thank you for the tips. My favorite food truck in Austin is East Side King. The menu is very creative. My favorite items are the beet fries and fried kimchi.

Trish Nicholas

It all looks so good! Now I want gnocchi for dinner, lol.

Brittany Bergman

Ohhhh, that gnocchi and lava cake. Two of my favorite things! I would choose gnocchi over pretty much any other kind of pasta. Especially with a really good/creamy vodka sauce — yum! I just ate lunch and now I’m hungry again. 🙂

Brittney Embree

Oh my! I would love to try any of these, they look amazing. I absolutely love gnocchi and you cannot get it in any restaurants around here.

Angela Morales

I want all of these! I guess I have to make risotto again soon!

Rachel Laitala

Fellow Let Your Blog Shine member here. 🙂

And all I can say is, wow! Very cool and it all looks absolutely delicious and so interesting!

The Book Wheel

Yum! Although, I’m not sold on the Cuttlefish Risotto!

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