How I Find More Time To Read and You Can Too

How I Find More Time To Read and You Can Too

Like I’ve mentioned before, I love to read books. On average, I find the time to read 50 books a year. Some years I read far more, while others, I barely pick up a book at all. So here are five tips to help you (and me) find more time to read!

How Do You Do It? 

You have to: make reading a priority. This is the most important, because if you don’t do this then you will never find time to read because every other thing you want to do will be more important!

Carry around a book at all times: I make sure that I always have a book loaded on my phone and one in my purse, backpack, and carry on! Why? Well, I can be sitting on the train and pull out my book for a few minutes, or decided that on my lunch break I would like to read for a few minutes. There’s so much wasted time in the day so make sure you have a book with you to keep you entertained!

Setup: a Goodreads account! Why is this important? Well once you finish a book that you love, you can sign onto Goodreads, rate the book, and then the site will tell you what other books to read based on your reading wish list and rating you gave previously read books. I do this with every book I read and before I know it, I am inspired to read a new book and cannot wait to get started.

Consider: checking out audiobooks. Some people say listening to a book isn’t the same as reading it. I, however, say that is not true. I think it is actually harder to listen to a book than to sit down and read it. Why? Because you can be listening to an audiobook while cooking, cleaning, driving, etc.. and there are so many ways for you to get distracted, so you have to be really focused on listening and concentrating on your book.

Join a: book club or talk to someone about what you’re reading! I don’t personally belong to any book club but whenever I start and finish a new book I tell Edward all about them. It get’s me excited to finish because I can then share my story with him.

Check out Audible and try their 30-day free trial. Also, make sure to sign up with for a Goodreads account and you can follow me on my personal account here.

How do you find time to read? What is your reading goal this year? 

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Suze @LuxuryColumnist

I agree that carrying around a book at all times is a good idea, I only seem to get time to read on holiday!

Emily Woodard

These are great tips! I always have a book on me, and I listen to audio books, too. I would absolutely love to join a book club. I wish I could find one in my community.

Scarlett Ballantyne

I love audio books – and now podcasts too! I also love reading short stories – it’s my new way to consume!!

Carrie Wisehart

#1 rule for purses: They must be able to fit a book inside! I carry them around lovingly just hoping for the time to read them! But I, too, am making reading more of a priority in my life! Glad I found your blog through Peony Project!

Hilary Parr

Great post!! Really good steps. I do many of them myself.

Kari Guastella

My parents taught me to bring a book with me where ever I go when I was a child and it really stuck with me!

Carmen's Luxury Travel

Goodreads is great! I agree, making it a priority is key. Thanks for sharing!

Rachel @ STCL

Great tips! Reading is something I really want and need to do more of!

Kiara Catanzaro

Whenever I have a doctors appointment, or any appointment for that matter, I bring a book to pass the time! Now, carrying a book has helped me find time to read throughout my day without sitting in my house for five hours on a Sunday and reading the day away (let’s be honest, I wish I could do this, haha!) Great post! Visiting from the peony project!


I am definitely going to set up a goodreads account! Tbh I probably read one book last year (not including my text books for the courses I am taking). I think just setting up the account will help get me motivated. I also just purchased a tablet (finally!) and will probably have that on me quite a bit. Thanks for the reminder to read; I am super excited to connect with you on goodreads!


These tips are so amazing. I try to always carry a book around with me too. And audiobooks are awesome for long drives or for listening to while working out.

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