Exploring America: A Three Day Itinerary For Gettysburg

Exploring America: A Three Day Itinerary For Gettysburg

Are you a lover of history like me? If so Gettysburg would be the perfect destination for you. Travel back in time and learn more about the Civil war, union, and confederate soldiers, and how the war shaped our nation. So follow along with me while I outline a weekend itinerary for you so that you can get the most out of your stay!

Night 1 | Arrive In Gettysburg

6 pm | You’ve made it. It’s your first night in the city so why not indulge?  Take some time to freshen up and then heading to dinner at Sidney Willoughby Run. The whole menu sounds delicious, you can’t go wrong with anything that you choose. However, for dessert, you need to make sure to get the blackberries and roasted peach shortcake with crème fraîche ice cream.
Exploring America: A Three Day Itinerary For Gettysburg

8 pm | Now that you’ve had dinner go grab a drink at Hauser Estate Winery. The facility features a 360-degree glass enclosed tasting room that overlooks miles of farmland, orchards, and forests.

Day 2 | Get Outdoors and Experience Nature

8 am |Wake up, head out the door and go enjoy a delicious breakfast at The Ugly Mug Cafe, you should also indulge in one of their specialty coffees to help you get energized for the day ahead of you. The hangover helper sounds delicious!

9 am | Now it’s time to get explore the city. What better way than to explore by bike? Check out GettysBike Tours and spend a few hours exploring the city and nature. Or go to Strawberry Hill Nature Preserve for a  hiking. There are 10 miles of trails where you can take in the fresh air, wander around and enjoy some wildlife (owls, woodpeckers, and maybe a wild turkey).
Exploring America: A Three Day Itinerary For Gettysburg

12 pm | You’re bound to have worked up an appetite and there’s no better place than Food 101. I suggest munching down on the la Cubana.

1 pm – 5 pm | After you’ve fueled yourself get back out on the town and head to Gettysburg National Military Park Museum where you can visit the — painting, adventure through 12 galleries that include artifacts and interactive exhibits as well as films. If you’re up for it, you can even take a segway tour through one of the battlefields.

5:30 pm | Head to dinner at the Fairfield Inn 1797 is another one of Gettysburg’s historical sites where you can try the steak sandwich or the crab cakes!

8 pm | Go on a haunted ghost tour with History and Haunts, they offer and amazing ghost tour while also educating you on the history of the Battle of Gettysburg.

Day 3 | A Day Back In Time

8 am | Wake up, take a run through the country to clear your head before you start your day! Once you’ve showered up head to breakfast at the 1863 Restaurant. Order the broken yolk fried egg sandwich; sourdough, cheddar, maple pepper bacon, grilled tomatoes and hash browns. It’s guaranteed to be delicious.

10 am | Now it’s time to start your day of adventuring. Head over to Hickory Hollow Horse Farm. Saddle up and spend hours riding horseback and taking in all the beautiful views that Gettysburg has to offer.

2:30 pm | You’re hungry, right? I suggest going on the Savor Gettysburg Food Tours. Spend three hours walking around the city, making 8 stops to try out the best food that Gettysburg has to offer, and getting to know your scenery.
Exploring America: A Three Day Itinerary For Gettysburg

5:30 pm | Now it’s time to take a history lesson and adventure back in time. Visit the Gettysburg Diorama where you can see the entire 6,000-acre battlefield in a 3-D miniature while you listen to the story of the three-day Battle of Gettysburg.

7 pm  | After a long day of adventuring head back to your hotel to relax a little and freshen up.

8 pm | Once you’re ready to head back out on the town and head to the Adams Country Winery  for some drinks before dinner. Be sure to relax and take in the sunset. After spending some time winding down head to dinner.

9 pm | Arrive at Food 101. They’re ranked Gettysburg’s number one restaurant. I suggest checking out their daily specials or trying out their rack of lamb, seared bistro steak, or glazed salmon.

No matter what you plan to do for the weekend you are guaranteed to have a great time. So check out Gettysburg and start booking your next trip!

This post was sponsored by Gettysburg Tourism. 


Jordan Beck Wagner

I want to take a ghost tour so badly in Gettysburg! I’ve driven by it so many times and visited other battlefields from the Civil War (due to being born and raised in Washington, D.C.). Now your perked my interest in this area again!

Marie Morgan

My mother in law is talking about taking all of us and the kids here for Spring Break next year. I am so excited to go back in time! I am dying to do one of the ghost adventures and hoping I won’t bring one home with me lol!

Stephanay Jnote

Sounds like a great place to visit

Karate and Caviar

I have never been. Next time when Ill make it to the continent maybe 🙂 Looks fun!

XX Nadine Cathleen | Karateandcaviar.com

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