End Of Summer Bucket List: 10 Things To Do Before Fall

End Of Summer Bucket List: 10 Things To Do Before Fall

We’re already over halfway through August. What!! How did that happen? I started out this summer with so many plans and goals to accomplish. Unfortunately, I fell a little short. However, there’s still time to have a little fun because summer doesn’t officially end until September 22nd. So while there’s still time let’s let loose and have a little outdoor fun before those fall temperature set in. Sound good to you? Side note: My challenge for you is to complete at least 5 out of 10 of these. 

End of Summer Bucket List:

Make S’mores: S’mores are a summer staple. Everyone knows that. Plus, they’re insanely delicious and fun to make. My advice is to go pick up some of your favorite chocolate (Godiva is mine), marshmallows, and some graham crackers and make yourself a big ole mess in your backyard. I also condone dessert before dinner. We only live once after all.

Read a new book (or favorite) in your local park! Leave technology behind by grabbing an awesome book, laying out at the park (work on the summer tan before it’s too late), and relaxing before those fall temperatures set in. Plus, reading is awesome which is why you should joining A Modern Girl’s Travels book clubRelated article: How I find More Time To Read and You Can Too.

Eat something delicious and bad for you at a state fair. A state fair is a place for you to let loose and act like a kid again. It’s also a place where you can find some of the strangest, most unhealthy, and delicious food in the world. But that’s part of the charm, right? My suggestion is to go on a scavenger hunt for some fried Oreos. They’re my favorite.

Be a tourist for the day. That’s right… get out of the house and take an adventure through your own city. I can almost guarantee that there are several tourist attraction near your home that you have never seen before. Also, check out my city guide for How To Fall Back In Love With Where You Live!

Have a Potluck Picnic.  Make sure that before summer is over you have one last bash with some of your favorite people. How? Host a potluck. Have everyone bring their best recipe, favorite spiked drink and a few requests for your end of summer playlist.

Book a last minute summer getaway. Pull out your bucket list, pick a destination, gather some friends or family and head out of town for a few days. If you book with Airbnb you can sign up here and get $30 off your booking. Use this link!

Relax by (and in) the pool. It’s almost time to drain the pools. Nooooo! But don’t worry there’s still time to relax by the pool. Or better yet,  you can put those summer floats to use for one last time.

Take a hike to watch the sunset. There’s nothing more tranquil than nature. Am I right? Put on those hiking shoes, grab a bottle of water and head outdoors to your favorite hiking spot. Once you get to the top you’ll be able to enjoy one last summer sunset. Check out this article on essential hiking accessories!

Have a day on the lake. Spend one last day out on the water before the fall chill sets in. The possibilities for the day are endless. You can rent a boat and go tubing, spend your day kayaking across the lake, or try something new and go paddle boarding  . Either way, you’re bound to have fun, just make sure to bring some of your favorite people along.

Try a new summer recipe. Make that popsicle recipe you’ve been eyeing all summer, get crazy and attempt to make your own lobster roll (yum), use up the last of the vegetables in your home garden. My point is… try one last daring recipe for the summer before pumpkin soup and stews take over this fall.



Candy Kage

We always went to the state fair right before school started. End of summer tradition.

Caitlyn Stone

I start school on Monday and I actually have a hike planned for Sunday so I’m very excited!! I’ve never done a sunset hike though, so I may need to make it into that instead of a morning hike. I love how you said be a tourist for a day! I recently just started exploring the city I live in and it’s so fun! I even wrote a whole post about how other people should try it out sort of like your city guide! Good luck with your bucket list!

    Allie A Modern Girl's Travel

    Sunset hikes are the best, I promise! I love being a tourist in my own city because every time I discover so many new and cool places to see and things to do! I will definitely have to go check out your article. Good luck starting back on Monday, I know how brutal it can be!


I love the potluck picnic idea! As excited as I am for fall, I am sad to see summer coming to an end!

    Allie A Modern Girl's Travel

    I am super excited for fall! It’s my favorite time of year. Summer was great when I was younger, however, now that I’m out in the big girl world and work all year… it’s just not as exciting. 🙁

Martine Alphonse

I can’t believe summer is almost over, I’m not even close to finishing my summer reading list. Your bucket list is very ambitious, good luck.

Denise Salcedo

These are all perfect!

Pamela (Rookie Parenting)

I got about half of those done! Yay!


I still have to make smores, have a picnic, and out here on the East coast we get beautiful sunrises! I have been wanted to take the boys to the beach really early to see one!

    Allie A Modern Girl's Travel

    S’mores are always on my to-do list but I never end up making them! I am on the east coast as well and am currently residing in the Blue Ridge mountains. So I see a lot of beautiful sunrises.


Haha! I love this list! I definitely need to do half the stuff on your list before the summer is over. Good luck!

Katie Dahl

I am obsessed with s’mores this summer. Great list; can’t believe fall is just around the corner!!

Sophia Reed

this sounds like an awesome bucket list. I think I need to create one of my own

Molly O'Connor

LOVE this wish!! I wish I could accomplish all these, especially booking a last minute trip!



Lots of swimming, I agree!

xx Kelly
Sparkles and Shoes

Marie Goldstein

I wrote a similar post over on ThePreppyMAG.com today! Hope you have a sweet end to your summer! http://bit.ly/2bkj5KY

Liz Mays

I’m totally into the potluck picnic idea. I like the spiked cocktail part of it especially, lol!

Justine Y

Oh man, fair food. That’s something I didn’t get this summer and I really missed it. So sad because I usually look forward to it all year!

Amber Myers Mamian

I really hope SoCal cools down soon so that I can enjoy some of the outdoor activities. We haven’t visited a lake once and it sounds so nice.

Mary La Fornara

Have you ever tried making S’mores with Ritz crackers instead of graham crackers? The saltyness of the Ritz gives the basic S’mores a whole new twist! I’m loving your list.

Tamara Goyette

I just made lazy smores in the oven the other day!

Valerie CottageMakingMommy

I so need to do the State Fair food and eat more Summer recipes.


I am happy to say I’ve done most of this. I do want to make a summer recipe while the getting is still good.

Adaleta Avdic

I have yet to have a picnic at all, and I would absolutely love to have one before the summer is over. For me, living in AZ, we want it to be September/October because those are beautiful months! xx adaatude.com

Kari Jonard

Good luck! This is a lot of things to get done in one month!

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