Easing Your Anxious Mind So That You Can Get Better Sleep

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A few months back I spoke with all of you about my struggle with anxiety and today I am going to touch the bases on how that anxiety is keeping me from getting the proper rest that I need.

Sleep. The sometimes-elusive, slumber that we desire and look forward to at the end of a busy day. I hate the feeling of being so tired and laying down to get some rest but your mind won’t let you and you try to fight yourself to sleep all night… and then next thing you know you wake up more exhausted than you were the evening before.We’ve all experienced these nights where we spend hours tossing and turning, trying to quiet our minds so that we can fall asleep, but when we do we’re never comfortable. I mean you’ve had that, right? Or am I the one and only, lucky girl who gets to walk around like a zombie?

In search of a remedy, we try to establish routines that will help us to get to sleep. There’s the no TV an hour before bed rule, or the hope that a mug of chamomile tea will do the trick, sometimes we even try listening to soothing music (which for me ends up turning into a rap battle or crying over a sappy playlist). And to no avail sometimes/most times nothing seems to work. So we get frustrated and we try new approaches.

We then try to work out more (I tried Insanity for a month – I got super buff thighs but no better sleep). We attempt eating healthier because maybe all the caffeine and msg is keeping us awake So you eat nothing but veggies for days… and things still don’t get better…. and it’s my belief that it’s because we need help. Like from a doctor kinda help. I know that a lot of people would rather not take meds to help them sleep and if you’re one of those people you can go to Sleep.org and BeyondTired.org to study other methods that will help you get a better nights sleep (hold on while I go order curtains – who knows maybe it will help). You can also check out the National Sleep Foundation  which provides wonderful resources for people that aren’t getting their best night’s sleep due to issues such as insomnia, narcolepsy, cataplexy, and other ailments. National Sleep Foundation works to inspire people who suffer from insomnia to find help and give them aid so that they can get a better nights sleep.

Remedies that I will try this upcoming month:

  1. Yoga: Do a set of soothing yoga poses to help release tension and get your mind centered.
  2. Melatonin! 
  3. Keeping a journal: so that I can write out all my thoughts before bed – hopefully this will keep my mind from running.
  4. Breaking down my TV habit – I keep it on all night until it wakes either Edward or I up!

If you have any suggestions for me or if you suffer from insomnia yourself then leave a note below and we can talk. Also, enter this giveaway -> you might win. Woohoo.

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