Currently Cultivating: Life At The Drake House

Currently Cultivating: Life At The Drake House

Let’s talk my loves!

Making: So I love to cook and I am never afraid of a challenge. However, right now, I have a herniated disk and I feel like death. So cooking isn’t really happening right now. Luckily, Edward has stepped up his game and has been making up some delicious meals this week. Luckily, he has also been taking great care of me and making sure there is a new drink in my hand whenever needed.

Realizing: So this week I was commenting on some of my favorite blogs The Antisocialite & Beer Time With Wagner, to name a few, and I realized I leave the longest comments in the world and apparently I have a lot to say. I also seem to talk in circles… but that is nothing new. If I have ever bombard you… I am sorry.

Wasting: The other day I went on a random tangent on Twitter confessing my love/hate relationship with our Roomba.  It, of course, went into the void. I don’t know why I thought anyone was listening, it’s not like I’m Kanye West. No one’s really interested in what I have to say. But, none the less, follow me for so impromptu, inappropriate, and off topic tweets.

Planning: As I have mentioned, Edward and I are heading one a trip every month until October. Yay! With this warm weather coming I have decided to cut back a day in NOLA and head to _ to spend a day on the beach.

Feeling: Growing up, my nickname was Sassy and I really feel like that’s coming around again; deal with it people!

Knowing: Edward has finally lost his mind. The mountains and lack of civilization have caused him to crack. I just can’t take it. Listen to Read this stupid crap he said the other day: I feel like when I start working out, I’ll automatically lose 25 pounds because you know it’s not really attached to anything. I am a husky person so when I gain weight it doesn’t attach to me.. it’s just there. So when I work out it will go away immediately. When he said all this, I was in the shower so he couldn’t really see the idiot faces I was making at him so I had to vocalize my feelings… “Go call a friend who’s head is shoved so far up your ass and try to sell them your bullshit because I’m not buying it. Okay, muchaco? Comprende?” (this is exact transcriptions, it’s a little dirty, so…you’re welcome).

Wearing: I have never been a high fashion sort of girl. My style is more casual and and playing off natural beauty. Even though I love the casual look I also like to add my own flair, which is why I have an array of expensive shoes and a huge array of jewelry.

So that’s my life lately, my loves. Let me know what you have been up to!

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Isabel @ TheSunnySideofThis

Long comments are better than short ones. At the end of the day, it is about the conversation!! I love those necklaces too, hope your hernia heals soon!

Maple Alps

I agree, long comments are great! I love those sandals – I’m so excited it’s sandal wearing season again 😀

Ashley Colbert

My husband has been cooking a little more lately, too. And I love it! I have no excuses for not helping, though. haha

Life in ATX

Gotta love when the man gets in the kitchen girl! I hope you have a great weekend!
Lee Anne

Danielle Greco

That’s so sweet of your husband to help take care of you 🙂 . Omg I love that necklace from anthropologie!! Actually I like each item you posted from there lol they have the best stuff!! A tad pricey there but man oh man the cutest stuff!! Great post !
Danielle |


Love the formatting of this post, such an easy and entertaining read! 🙂 Have so much fun traveling!

Jackie @ My Sort Of Adult Life

Haha that conversation is pretty funny….I think they need a show called Men Say the Dumbest Things! My fiance is notorious for getting idioms wrong, his best one is “let’s just play it by year” instead of “ear”. I have to write them down because I can’t make this stuff up! Hope you feel better, a herniated disk is no bueno!

Alex {The Antisocialite}

Oh Sassy, you’re such a gem! =P Thanks for the shoutout, absolutely love your blog and appreciate all your generosity. You definitely inspire me to post more- firstly just in general, but secondly more about everyday life because I love reading these round ups. Also, don’t guys just say the dumbest crap sometimes? That interaction crapped me up. Have an awesome weekend lovely!

Diana Maria

A trip every month, that’s so exciting for you two! Haha that conversation is so great, I feel like men have a quota they have to fill by the end of the month for amount of silly things they say. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

My Lovelier Days


LOVE that you’re planning one trip every month! That’s so exciting! 🙂

Jordan Beck Wagner

Awww thanks for the shout out! And I absolutely love long comments so don’t worry 😉 xo

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