Adorable and Affordable Summer Sandals Under $100

Summer is officially here which means it’s sandal time! I will have to admit that I have an embarrassing collection of summer shoes. Probably over 60 pairs, yet I only have like 4 pairs of shoes for the winter. That will have to change now that we have moved away from the southern heat and to the bitter winter. But there’s just something about summer sandals that are more appealing than winter boots. Maybe it’s all the colors and tassels, either way, I have a problem but we won’t focus on that at the moment. For now, I’ve rounded up 12 adorable sandals all under $100 dollars, some are even in the $20’s. So stroll through and maybe one will catch your eye!


photo sources: onetwo, three 



Lanae Bond

Excellent choice of shoes and great prices too! The flat sandals by Nine West are my fave!

Michael @ Mile in My Glasses

I love your photo! Also, I desperately need to get some summer sandals pronto! Ha!

I hope you have a great weekend,

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