Advice on How To Keep Healthy and Active While Traveling

Advice on How To Keep Healthy and Active While Traveling

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When you think about “vacation”, I know what you’re thinking; rest, relaxation, breakfast in bed, wine, mimosas…well, you do if you’re me. But seriously, I know that you’re so excited for your next adventure and the last thing you want to be worrying about is how you’re going to stay in shape, however, I have concocted a listicle of five simple and easy ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle while traveling. Let’s get started. 

Drink water CONSTANTLY! 

Between your flight, drinking delicious alcohol, and consuming caffeine you are bound to get dehydrated. It’s essential to make sure that you are always hydrated, it’s the key to staying healthy! You certainly don’t want to ruin your trip because you passed out because you choose to indulge in a little more wine than water. My suggestion is to invest in an awesome reusable water bottle that you can use in everyday life and while traveling.


Be Active.

I know that working out is the last thing you want to worry about while you’re on vacation (or is that just me?). However, it is extremely important to find a way for you to be active, which will help to keep you in shape. Nothing would be worse than lounging around on your vacation and then coming home and realizing you can’t fit into any of your clothes anymore. I’m not saying you need to make your way to the gym every day but I am saying choose activities that will keep you in shape. For example, go on high-energy excursions like paddle boarding or hiking. Choose to walk around town instead of taking Uber or public transportation. Take a free yoga class in the park or ride a bike around the city to take in your surroundings. Basically, there is no excuse for being lazy. 

Advice on How To Keep Healthy and Active While Traveling

Get enough sleep!

I am the kind of person who on a regular day can run on five hours of sleep, however, any time we are on a trip I find that I need more sleep than usual. My theory is that all the excitement from the day exhausts me. Your body and mind need time to recuperate after a long day so make sure that you are getting between 6-8 hours of sleep every night, it will help you ward off exhaustion and sickness. 

Advice on How To Keep Healthy and Active While Traveling

Take probiotics every day!

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Basically, taking probiotics can build your immune system and help keep you from getting sick, helping you stay on top of your game while on the adventure of a lifetime. 

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What steps do you take to stay healthy while traveling? 

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Leslie Nichole

These are great reminders. I love to relax on vacation but i also love a good adventure.

Amanda @ Anchored to Sunshine

Such an important post! It’s so easy to ignore your health when you travel. Your diet gets thrown off, you miss the gym, etc. Sleep though is one of the most important parts! Love this post!

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