Adventures I’ve already Accomplished

People are always making lists of all the things that they want to experience, but we rarely take the time to look back and reminisce on what we have already accomplished. So, today, I am going to do things a little different around here and share with you a few things that I have checked off of my own bucket list.

1. I went on a road trip from Georgia to Minnesota with my sister and nephew.

2. I got a matching tattoo with my sister.

3. I adopted a second dog from the Humane Society.

4. I got engaged and married to my best friend.

5. I got to visit the Mona Lisa while visiting the Louvre in Paris.


6. I got to go swimming with sting rays and sharks in  the Caribbean Sea in Belize.

7. Visited the Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island.

8. Went zip-lining through the jungle in Isle of Rotan.

PicMonkey Collage2

9. Visited the Eiffel Tower.

10. I got up close with an elephant last year for my birthday; I even got to feed her.

11. I took a cooking class in Italy.

12. I swam with dolphins in Florida at Dolphin Cove.

13. I had a Belgian waffle in Belgium.

14. I participated in study abroad; I spent a month traveling throughout Europe.

15. Adopted a dog on my own, she is my favorite.

What have you already accomplished on your bucket list? Also, don’t forget to link up your own reverse bucket list.

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Brittany Bergman

Isn’t it amazing to think about how much good stuff we’ve already done? It’s hard to remember day to day when we don’t stop and think about it. I love this idea — I actually have a “reverse bucket list” planned for my blog in the next couple of weeks! One of my highlights is also marrying my best friend. 🙂 We’re lucky girls!


    You are right, I think it’s important to acknowledge even the little victories. I liked this post so much i think i’ll do it again. Maybe make it a yearly article. I am so excited to see what you have on your revers list! Yes, we really are quite lucky to have two wonderful men in our lives.


So cool! A Belgian waffle in Belgium and a cooking class in Italy? Those sound like amazing experiences–along with adopting dogs from a humane society (adoption is the way to go in my opinion!). 🙂 Thanks for linking up!


    They were amazing experiences.I can’t wait to have so many more! Adoption is the only way to go in my mind, I’ll never buy from a breeder. So many dogs need homes!


Nice, girl 🙂 I definitely want to take a cooking class in Italy too!


    You should! It was amazing, The best food I’ve ever had!

Laura Flint

Hey! I really like your blog so I nominated you for a Liebster Award:

Walking Dot Photography

I love reverse bucket lists! (and normal bucket lists, too!)
Also, such a cute puppy!! My husband and I really want a dog, but unfortunately I don’t think we’ll be able to get one until we move out of our tiny apartment and out of Chicago (because having a dog in the middle of this city just sounds like WAY too much work!)


    Me too! Thank you, they are cute. We have our dogs in the city, but they are extremely lazy. We have a huge dog park near our house and we take them all the time and all they do is find the closest bench and sleep under it. But it’s great that you want to provided more room for your animal, I’m sure you’ll get one one day!


This list is awesome and already so rich – and you guys are going to have so many more adventures to come too!!


    Where have you been? ( When I said that I imagined it in Ms. Wesley’s voice from Harry Potter, know what I’m talking about? If not let’s just pretend I didn’t say this!) I have missed you around the blogosphere! The list is already quite full. I am thinking about doing another or maybe doing it yearly!


      Hahaha – I most definitely know what you’re talking about with Harry Potter! (And thankfully now that grad school is practically over I can get back into the blogosphere because I’ve also missed reading up on your adventures!) That would be awesome to do a yearly list to add on to your accomplished adventures list!


Yay for dog adoptions! You’ve motivated me to finish the list like this I started 🙂


    Yes, YAY indeed. I love adoptions. You should definitely do a post like this.


My bucket list is constantly growing! But so far I’ve visited the Sydney Opera House (overrated in my opinion..), held a Koala bear and baby croc and scuba dived. I’m also hoping to get a small tattoo in each country I’ve visited so I have a permanent reminder of my travels 🙂 X

Alexandra // A Local Traveler

Such a fantastic idea for a post! Love focusing on all that you’ve already done – and I’m sure it was a great trip down memory lane. You have such a great attitude towards life, one I think people that travel/explore more appreciate the most.

Also your puppy…… SO CUTE.

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