A Wellness Challenge Every Millennial Needs

A Wellness Challenge Every Millennial Needs

Working from home wrecked my life.

I woke up one day and I realized my life was a mess. I had no nighttime or morning rituals anymore. Was eating and snacking whenever I felt like it and I was letting work seep into my evenings and weekends. I no longer made time to take care of myself, somehow it hadn’t been a priority anymore.

All of that needed to change. So I did some research and that is when I implemented my own wellness challenge.

Studies say that it takes you 60 days to make a concrete change in your life. 60 days to implement a task every day before your brain registers it as a concrete routine.

So that’s what I did. I gave myself 60 days to shape up and get my life back on track and yes, I realize 60 days is a long time but this process was so important to me and I was going to give it my all. You should too if there is something in your life that you would like to change give yourself the time to implement it. Don’t try to rush things and turn it into a 30 days challenge or just something you’ll work on when you have time. Make it a priority each and every day until you see results.

So I say to you, let’s get started. Below I have added a few wellness challenges for you to browse through. Choose the one that best suits your needs and start bettering yourself today!

Take a digital detox… every evening!

Yes, I said it. Every evening. Give yourself at least two hours a day where you are not on your computer, not watching tv, and don’t have your phone in reach. Even if mindfulness and wellness aren’t important to you it is still necessary for this day and age to step back from social media and television.

  • Get out a book and read a few chapters.
  • Start a journal where you talk about aspirations and life goals, or just about your day.
  • Spend some time taking up a new hobby and invest that time in mastering a new art. You can do everything from working on learning a new language to trying a new recipe you never thought you could do, or simply sitting down and sketching or doing some water coloring.

Basically, the possibilities are endless and I promise you that after those two hours you will be a much happier person and you will fell more fulfilled.

Learn to control your sleep anxiety! 

This one is so important you guys. How well you sleep will affect the following day in more ways than you know. To be honest I am still working on this challenge and I will have to say it has been the hardest for me. I ended up getting so anxious about the next day that I clench my jaw all night long, I toss and turn all night and I wake up several times throughout the night. It’s an awful experience and I end up waking up the next day sore, drained and in a shit mood.

I wrote an article a few months back about a few techniques I have started doing to help ease anxiety in the evenings. 

  • Start journaling. Write down all of your thoughts from your pit and peak of the day. What you are anxious about the next day. basically, write whatever your little heart wants. Just get it all out there on paper and try to confront your anxiety before your head hits the pillow.
  • Take Melatonin. I will say this is particularly helpful when you have a big event the next day and you really need a good nights sleep. They are not addictive but they do become less effective the more you use them.
  • Like I mentioned before, try unplugging for the two hours before you go to bed. Studies show that it is harder to fall asleep if you have been watching television or have been on your phone right before bed.
  • Use essential oils and a diffuser to help fill your room with a wonderful lavender and frankincense aroma. Lavender is known to help calm you and will help you to fall asleep faster. I use a diffusor each night and a specially mixed blend that I spray on my pillows. I’m telling you it makes a HUGE difference.
  • Make a nightly stretching routine to help stretch out the stress of the day. Here are 15 of the best poses to help you to get a better nights sleep! 

Start a Morning and Night Beauty Routine!

You don’t want to turn around in your late 30’s early 40’s and realize that all those wrinkles and fine lines could have been prevented if only you took a few extra minutes each day to take care of your skin. This regimen should be used for men and women!

Each morning and evening you should make sure that you are:

  1. Washing you face.
  2. Using a toner!  Washing your face isn’t enough, you need to get the extra impurities that are hiding deep down in your pores!
  3. Use an eye cream under your eyes and on your lids. Make sure not to pull the skin but just gently massage in the cream.
  4. Apply a serum. This will be the most expensive process but very worth it. I use Cliniques custom repair every morning and night. It helps to get rid of dark spots from scars, fine lines under my eyes and so much more.
  5. Moisturize!! Everyone loves soft skin.
  6. Put on sunscreen. Not only on your face but the rest of your body as well, especially if you are outside a lot. Sun spots are not pretty people. You should, however, make sure that you do have sunscreen on your face but most makeups and face lotions will have SPFS in them. My favorite brand is Clinique and they have a 15 SPFS in my foundation.


Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Pick up your favorite water bottle and carry it around with you everywhere you go! I know it sounds silly but I can almost guarantee you are not getting the hydration you need every day. I can attest that it is a very difficult habit to start but it is soo worth it. Since drinking more water each day I have not only seen a change in my skin (it’s very soft and dewy looking now) but it also helps a ton with my digestive issues.

On another note, if you drink a full glass 30 minutes before you eat it will help you to become full faster. So get in the8-8oz. glasses of water everyday people!! Also, here is a calculator for you to use when you are out and about and being particularly active.

Whew! I hope that this article was helpful for you. Hopefully, I was able to point out areas that you could work on and that I guided you in the right direction.

Your health and wellness are very important and it’s important not to get caught up in the businesses of the life around you, always remember to take care of yourself. If you have any more wellness techniques or suggestions I would love to hear them in the comments below!



Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl

I definitely need to give the social media detox a try. For awhile there I was good about putting my phone away a couple of hours before bedtime, but over time it has crept back in!

    Alexandria Drake

    I think everyone does. It’s always so easy to fall back into bad habits, I think that is what is the most frustrating of all!

Olivia Stacey

Thanks for sharing all of these tips! I definitely need to try the digital detox– it’s amazing how refreshing a break from technology can be. When I turn off my electronic devices 30 minutes before bedtime, I definitely fall asleep faster!

    Alexandria Drake

    Of course my dear! I am glad you found your way to the blog today and I hope you find some time to unplug and focus on yourself.

Allie Crume

I love this post – especially the skin care and sleep tips! Thanks for sharing, girl!

Corinne & Kirsty

I think my main problem might be hydration! I switch off all devices at 9 the latest and read until bed so detoxed all the way. But I don’t drink much and I know it’s wrong. xx corinne

    Alexandria Drake

    It took me a loonng time to realize it was one of my big issues as well. I wish my husband and I could shut off our phones but we use them for alarms. Perhaps, I will invest in an alarm clock, then we will have an easier time unplugging every evening!


These are such great tips! I definitely need to work on the hydration! I spend my day drinking coffee and that doesn’t help at all! 😉

Jessica Sheppard

So good…great post! It takes a ton of discipline to unplug, thanks for your wisdom and practical advice. I’m gonna get serious about the sleeping routine for sure.

    Alexandria Drake

    Thank you! It takes such a huge amount of discipline, however, once it becomes part of your routine you begin to look forward to that time.

Rebekah Gaspar

I love the idea of having two hours with no phone (or tv, computer, etc) in the evening. I need to do something like that. I love to read but can get sucked into wasting time on my phone! =/

    Alexandria Drake

    That seems to be the consciences. I’m telling you it really is worth it! It has a way of making your whole day feel accomplished. I too am quite guilty of getting sucked into my phone!


Love this! So many great points to take to heart here. I’ve spent maybe like one week in recent memory drinking enough water each day and I felt amazing, but it’s hard to stick with it sometimes! Love the skincare tips too 🙂

    Alexandria Drake

    Thank you my darling! I try drinking water but I’m so picky about tap that Edward and I end up spending a ton on water bottles. I’m trying to get better about just refilling our Britta! Eye cream my dear, eye cream seems to be the key to youth. At least that’s what dermatologists and articles everywhere say.

Katie Dundas

Such good tips! I find even just making the time to read a book before bed and putting down the laptop/phone can make a big difference in better sleep.

    Alexandria Drake

    It really does. When I read before bed I find myself falling asleep easily and not staying up late getting sucked into television!

Emily of Em Busy Living

Gosh, this challenge for 2 hours of no screen time really makes me think about my daily routine…I can’t remember the last day I didn’t have at least my phone on me (at least for photos). I need to take a major step back.

    Alexandria Drake

    Right? I feel like our phones are fused to our hands now. I can’t even go to the bathroom without bringing it with me? When did that become a thing? I’m slowly working on just placing it in one spot each day and walking away from it for a few hours. I’m not going to lie, It’s quite hard!

      Emily of Em Busy Living

      I need to start trying that. I guess I feel like I need it because it’s the one way I’m connected to most of my people? I hate that…remember our childhoods where if you had a thought you had to wait until school the next day to share it with someone?

Michael @ Mile in My Glasses

Thank-you for this Alexandria! I definitely need to give this a go!

I hope you have a great Thursday,

Jenna Condon

Hi Alexandria! I just found your blog and I love it! This challenge is so helpful, and so true. I feel this way regarding online college classes right now in the summer. I have no motivation, and I procrastinate on everything. Not good. I think the social media detox + finding a new location to study will help me out big time. Thanks for sharing with us. Have a wonderful day!

Krystal // The Krystal Diaries

I try to do the digital detox every night but sometimes it’s hard. After working all day, nighttime is usually when I catch up on blog stuff. I try to at least be done 30 minutes before bed though so I can relax and read before I go to sleep.

Adree Na

I definitely need a routine for mornings to encourage me to wake up earlier. Thanks for putting this together, it was a great starting point for me. 🙂

Elizabeth Mayberry

Yes!! I love this post!! I need to be better at evening digital detoxes!! But so much goodness here!!!


Great ideas! I love the idea of a social media detox and having morning/nightly beauty routines! Although mine are getting a little lengthy. 😉

xo, Kendall


These are fantastic tips! I have been having a lot of problems taking care of myself or living as tech-free as I would like since being a SAHM/WAHM. These are really great suggests and I’m pinning to I can remember to keep checking in.

Alifa Putrinda

Great article – couldn’t agree more! Couple months ago, I had the same experience. In the beginning it was so hard to build my own routine. It took a strong willingness to stick to it. however, unplugging for two hours before bed is still hard for me :))


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