8 Creative Weekend Activities To Try This Month

8 Creative Weekend Activities To Try This Month


Go Outside & Get Active

Get outside and breath in some fresh air. From kayaking, to camping, or hiking, the possibilities are endless. Sometimes when the heat is sweltering it is the last thing you want to do, but do it anyways! You’ll have some fun, and you’ll get in a little exercise. Just make sure to bring along the right items to help protect you from the sun and keep you hydrated! 

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I use to volunteer all the time when I was “younger”, however, with all the time you dedicate to a job and keep up with daily life responsibilities it can be hard to be inspired to donate your time. So my suggestion is to make sure to volunteer your time to a cause that will be fun and or worthy to you. Go to an animal shelter; you get to play with all kinds of cute puppies and cats. My advice on that one is to make sure you have a strong will and don’t bring too many home with you. Or volunteer with habitat for humanity and help build houses.


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Read a Book 

I hear/read all the time that people wish they had more time to read! Guess what? You Can! As I mentioned in this article you have to make reading a priority which can be hard to do during a busy work week. So spend a few hours each weekend picking up a book and exploring a new world.

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Check out a Local Eatery

It’s always great to get to know your town. It opens you up to making new experiences, getting to new parts of your town that you’ve never seen and, hopefully making a few new acquaintances along the way. You’ll be able to try unique foods, help your local economy, and hopefully find a new favorite place. If you are ever in Atlanta make sure to check out one of Edward and I’s favorite places! The Porter in Little Five Points offer you 800 beers and deliciously curated meals. 

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Take A Cooking Class 

I love to cook and nothing excites me than learning a new recipe. Look and see if a local restaurant offers cooking classes. It’s a great way to meet new people, learn a new skill, and try a fresh recipe! Check out Groupon for an opportunity near you! If they don’t have anything that sparks your interest, then look for your nearest Sur La Table.

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Join A Community Sports Program 

Almost every city has a recreation program these days. I was once apart of a softball league in Atlanta. Join a recreational community has so many advantages.You’ll meet a lot of great people, you’ll get to try out new sports until you find the one you love, plus you’ll get in your exercise for the day. It’s a great way to relieve some stress while having fun. Plus, it can lead to so many other opportunities. My rec team would go out for drinks after every game or we would have cookouts. I definitely suggest looking up a league if you are new to an area and are looking for some friends.

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Learn a New Skill

Take a class or try out something you’ve always wanted to do but convinced yourself you never had time for. Take some time to learn how to play an instrument, or take up yoga. No matter what it is that you want to do set aside some time each weekend to spend some on a new hobby.

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Plan a Getaway

It’s always great to getaway for the weekend. So head over to hotels.com and book a weekend away. They have great deals for you and every 10 nights you book you’ll get 1 free stays. If you’d rather save a little bit of your funds while getting to know locals you can book a room with Airbnb. Use this link for $35 off your first stay. After you’ve booked your hotel, head over to my Pinterest account for in depth city guides, ways to save money on your trip, and countless other pieces of travel advice.

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Laurel Astridge

Wonderful list! My favourite thing to do when I need a quick stay-cation is reading! I love me a good book.


Carmen's Luxury Travel

A cooking class is a great idea! Great post, thanks for sharing.


Love this, great list to get inspired especially in time for the summer! Happy to have discovered your blog Alexandria!

Fashionable Tigress

Great post. I’m planning a getaway for this summer. Hopefully it happens. All your other ideas are great too. Thanks for sharing 🙂

Lora @ Craftivity Designs

Great ideas 🙂 Right now I’m trying to focus on “go outside” at least a little bit every day… work in the garden, clean the deck, relax, whatever… just be out there. Tweeted!

Candy Kage

This past weekend we spent the day saturday with a group of people picking up trash and cleaning up the roads. Had a great time of community service.

Marette Flora @ Floradise

I like the idea to volunteer. My husband and I volunteered last month and it was not only fun but brought us together. We had a fun day.

Floradise blog

Rach Martin

Love this list! Volunteering is the best, and it’s so easy to find somewhere that suits your personality!

Rachel | http://www.seashellsandsparkles.com


I really want to start Volunteering somewhere. I hope to add this to my to do list.

Mostly Simple Life

I love trying a new restaurant! Especially if it’s one that has been highly recommended and I know it will be awesome.


Super awesome activities to try! Reading a book sounds good right now!


Great ideas! I love doing all of those!

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