5 Phone Apps I Use To Edit and Publish My Instagram Photos

4 Phone Apps To Edit Photos

Everyone has an Instagram account these days, right? Are you still struggling with producing a cohesive account? A lot of people have these struggles and I use to as well. That was until I did a little research and found these four amazing apps on your phone that will help you edit your photos.

Photo Editing

A Color Story: Before A Color Story came out, I use to use Lightroom and several other apps for each photo. Now I don’t have to look any further than this glorious app! You can download the app for free and choose to purchase the additional packages. I suggest you “splurge” and spend the $3.99 for all of the upgrades. You won’t regret it. It will help transform your photos.


Facetune: This app is $1.99 but completely worth it! A lot of people use this app to photoshop photos of themselves. And, by all means, if that’s what you want to use it for, go ahead. However, I think the best attributes of this app is the ability to whiten a photo and accentuate details.



Retouch: This can be used to get rid of unwanted reflections, objects, etc. As you can see above, I used this app to get rid of the reflection of my arm in the glass window! It will take a while to get use to the app, but once you do, it can be a life saver. Especially if you are traveling, and in a hurry, and unable to stop to take a perfect photo.

Update: Snapseed and Facetune are also great apps to consider!



4 Fantastic Phone Apps I Use For Instagram






















Scheduling: I use an app called UNUM. It helps you to schedule your photos so that they are aesthetically pleasing. You can also write out the caption and edit the photos with the app itself. You are supposed to be able to publish with the app as well, however, I haven’t had any luck with that feature, so far, which is a bit disappointing. Overall though, just being able to schedule out my posts to be cohesive is enough for me.

Update: Planoly is a newer scheduling and visual planning app


4 Phone Apps To Edit Photos

You can use Later to help you keep up with your scheduled calendar. Go over to IconoSquare and find out your optimization scheduling times. Then, upload all photos to Later, schedule for the appropriate times, and you can even write out your captions here as well. Later is not able to publish the photo for you, however, it will send you a reminder to for when it’s time to publish. Just click the publish now button and it will upload the photo to your IG account for you.

Update: IconoSquare is now a paid feature. You can use apps called Planoly and UMUN on your phone to research optimal publishing times.



4 Fantastic Phone Apps I Use For Instagram




















I use an app called TFL Pro; it stores your hashtags for you! A lot of people advise typing up your hashtags and saving them in your notes. However, I prefer to use this app. Why? Because it not only allows you to make unlimited custom hashtags sets, but it also lets you search for popular hashtags based on relativity. You can get a free version or pay 99 cents for the pro version. P.S. I purchased the pro version because you can only make one custom hashtag set with the free version.

Tell me what apps you use to edit your photos on your phone! Also, don’t forget to follow along on my adventures through my IG account!




emailing this post to myself so I can’t forget for my next ig post thanks http://sheismelrose.net/


Definitely would love to try some of these apps out. They look great! Thanks! http://www.prettyandfun.com @prettyandfun

Kassi M.

Really the work that goes into having an amazing Instagram account is crazy! Looks like you’ve condensed a lot of it though! Awesome!

Emily of Em Busy Living

I just got an iPhone and I’m excited to try out A Color Story!

Michelle Mink

wow there really is an app for everything. i had no idea that there was an app to save your hashtags

Heidi ~ morethan3wishes.com

Thanks for the list of apps. I haven’t tried any of these yet. I will definitely be checking them out. Your photos are lovely! 🙂


Great roundup – so helpful!


I am going to splurge and see if I can make my photos POP with these apps. Also, any hashtag help is welcomed. Thank you!!!

Mary La Fornara

I love learning about new photo apps! Thank you, I can’t wait to check these out.

Lise Cartwright

Amazing, thanks so much for sharing this, I can’t wait to try these out myself!! You’ve got some beautiful photos too 🙂

Boxwood Avenue

Oh that hashtag app looks amazing! I am definitely downloading it!

Ruthie Ridley

Thanks for the pointers! I’m gonna check a few of these out!

Courtney {Alkeks Abroad}

Great list, I’m currently downloading a color story. I usually just stick to Snapseed but would love to try something new!

Carats Confetti

This is a great list! I didn’t know about the hashtag app so I’ll be adding that to my repertoire. Thanks so much for sharing!


First off, your photos are gorgeous. Second, I did a similar post awhile ago and have almost totally different apps, so I lovelovelove seeing this new group of recommendations! Third, I’m such a fan of the layout pre-scheduling like UNUM. I use VCSO cam’s library feature – it looks like it does pretty much the same thing!

Coming Up Roses


An app that stores your hashtags?! That is genius! And something I didn’t realize I needed until right this second 🙂

Antoinette Frances

I can’t find the hashtag app? I searched under TLF Pro?


nice one!

Beth @ Being Beth

Love the hashtag app! I have been trying to find an easy way to store them. And I LOVE A Color Story. Best purchase I’ve ever made.

Cecilia Söderlund

The hastag app is a must for me. Facetune is so good, I also like Snapseed

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