5 Creative DIY Kits You Need To Purchase

5 Creative DIY Kits You Need To Purchase

Looking for something fun and exciting to do that allows you to be creative? I am! Remember when I mentioned I wanted to add a few new hobbies to my bucket list? However, if you did catch the article, you might remember me mentioning that I have found myself so overwhelmed with work and the responsibilities of life that I have forgotten to take time for myself?

So, in an effort to keep my word I perused the web a few weeks ago for a few online classes and came across Brit + Co DIY kits. I was ecstatic and over eagerly went ahead and bought 3 DIY kits. Once I finish them, fingers crossed, I’ll be going back for a few more!

If you’d like to find a fun craft to do alone, with a friend, or to give as a gift, then look no further than these six awesome DIY kits!

For The Creative Soul


 Embroidered Pouch Kit

This embroidery kit is full of possibilities. You can choose to monogram your bag, stick on your favorite quote, or make a cute pattern. The possibilities are endless and you’ll have a chance to showcase your creativity. Your new pouch would be perfect for a weekend away, a day at the beach, or a simple pouch you can use to help organize your purse! Price: $24.00

 For the Baker


Watercolor Gold Leaf Cake Kit by SPRINKLE BAKES

I love to call myself an aspiring chef and wannabe baker! Unfortunately, I don’t love eating sweets as much as I enjoy making them. This means that I’m usually only baking around the holidays or a special occasion. However, I ordered this cake to make for my upcoming girlfriend brunch.I am a little worried about how well I will do with the fondant; it hasn’t been my strong suit so far but I’m super stoked to see how adorable the cake turns out (Can you say stoked and adorable in the same sentence? Or does it clash? Oh well, who cares!). Price: $34.00

For The Fashionista

5 Creative DIY Kits You Need To Purchase

Wrapped Necklace Kit

I LOVE accessorizing and necklaces happen to be my favorite jewelry statement! So when I came across this vibrant tutorial, I automatically added it to my shopping cart! Pick up this kit and learn to make an adorable warm tone wrapped necklace; a perfect craft to make a new summer accessories. My advice, get a few kits for a day with your girlfriends and see who comes up with the best design! Price: $29.00

For The Traveler


Leather Jewelry Roll Kit by CHLOE & ISABEL

I love jewelry rolls kits! Who doesn’t? These two are (1 & 2).  However, my shoppers guilt hasn’t allowed me to purchase either yet, so this DIY is a great middle ground! I’ll not only learn a new craft, but I’ll also have an awesome jewelry kit! 3 for 1 price in my opinion, so that’s a win win for me! Price: $39.00

For The Hostess


 Engraved Julep Cup Kit

I jumped right on purchasing this find! Edward and I recently built a bar for our cabin (article on that later) and I am still finding goodies to fill all the shelves! So when I found out we could engrave each cup to our own liking, I died of giddiness! Price: $39.00


Do you think you would order any of these kits? What DIY projects do you like to do? Let me know in the comment below!

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All photos via: Brit + Co



Great Post…Love the cake!!!
Found you on Blogging Boost Group 😀

Boxwood Avenue

All of these are SO adorable!!!! I am a DIY blogger and have a partnership with Darby Smart, they have so many awesome kits, you should check it out!

    Allie A Modern Girl's Travel

    I will definitely have to look into them! I love DIY crafts that come as a kit. I am currently stuck up in a cabin in the woods and there aren;t a lot of stores around here! 🙁

Taylor @ when-im-older.com

These are all so cute!! I love the cake one!

-xx Tay

Chelsea Ann

These are such cute kits! I love them, and I’ll definitely be trying a few, as well as gifting some 🙂

Chelsea | http://coffeewithchels.com

Emily Green

I want each and every one of these!!! That cake is stunning, and all of these look professionally done! Such fun projects.
Darling, Dearest


Want want want! The necklace one is absolutely stunning! Thanks for sharing it!!!!




This is a good idea and guaranteed to have better results than something that’s not in a “kit”. At least for me 🙂


I didn’t even know that these existed!!!!!!! Now my wallet’s going to be hurting a little bit. 😉

Candy Kage

I’ll take cake, traveler and hostess please.

Lauren B.

These are all so cute! What a fun round up of creative projects.. these would make awesome gifts 🙂


These are really neat ideas – I LOVE that cake kit!

Cherry Mayola

I love the embroidered pouch! These are all awesome projects to try 🙂


They look like so much fun. And there’s something for everyone.


Such great picks!! Love that necklace.

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