24 Gifts Under $25 for the Men in Your Life

24 Gifts Under $25 for the Men in Your Life

Hello, my dears! Here is the third gift guide in the series for you! 24 gifts under $25 dollars for the man in your life. Like with the wellness and beauty guide Eddie and I personally own each and everything on this list and we put our stamp of approval behind each gift!

  1. These cocktail kits have been around for years and I love to get them as stocking stuffers. You can get them in kits ranging from Moscow mules to a gin and tonic and so much more!
  2. I got Edward this cocktail book years ago and we use it a lot during the winter months. Personally, the White Russian and spiked hot chocolate are my favorites.
  3. These case-mate pockets are amazing and you could honestly get them for anyone in your life. They stick to the back of your phone/phone case and can hold your license and debit card. Casetify actually has a ton of different styles so be sure to check them out!
  4. It’a monkey coffee mug and I don’t think I need to say much more than that because it’s clearly awesome.
  5. Everyone needs a good flask for those fun weekend festivities whether that be tailgating, a guys weekend out or for a little afternoon fun. I don’t know what you do with your life but I do know that these flasks are amazing and Eddie and I personally own 2.
  6. These Tile Mates are perfect for the man in your life who seems to misplace everything he owns. They can be put on his key chain to help find his keys or even place one in his wallet. You just download the tile app and it helps you to find your lost goodies!
  7. Years ago Eddie discovered the magic that is cold brew coffee and fell in love. Personally, I still don’t drink the stuff but he said this was a must-have for the list!
  8. If you don’t already own Cards Against Humanity then you are not living your best life.
  9. Whiskey stones are always a great gift. I don’t know how but we manage to misplace these each year but believe me they’re worth every penny. Also, if he’s not a whiskey drinker thats okay because they can be used in a variety of drinks!
  10. Grab him this unique handmade painting for his office or nightstand.
  11. Popcorn is the best snack, right? Well, if you’re not wanting to splurge on a popcorn machine (like I stupidly did) then get him this awesome outdoor popcorn maker!
  12. This portable phone charger is a lifesaver and I think everyone needs one! Pick this one up for only $24.99 with over 700 positive reviews!
  13. Okay, so this one is a little different. Technically it’s not under $25 but hear me out. It’s Movie Pass which is $10 dollars a month and allows you to see 1 movie PER DAY! AMC and a lot of other larger chains, as well as family-owned theaters, allow movie pass. Eddie and I both have it and it’s great for date nights and it’s sooo¬†cheap. You basically get your money back by seeing just one movie!
  14. With it being winter and all a beanie would be a nice stocking stuffer to help him keep warm.
  15. Slippers for those men who hate cold feet. These also have rubber feet for those men in your life who try to wear slipper out of the house like shoes. Believe me, I see it all the time.
  16. Men seem to have an addiction to technology and I swear Eddie has like a million cords and I never have any clue what they go to and we were always misplacing them until I got him this awesome travel cord and electronic carrying kit. It holds all his mess in one place and is so amazing!
  17. This gift is for the man in your life that has a beard! Eddie came across this peppermint¬†beard wash years ago and fell in love with it. He says it’s so refreshing and helps wake him up in the morning. You can pick it up at Target for only $12.99!
  18. Okay, so honestly I want this for myself because it’s freaking awesome. Who wouldn’t want a shark card holder? Buy it! It’s only $18 bucks from Uncommon Goods!
  19. Everyone needs a portable speaker and this one is a great value! It has Bluetooth and water resistant. It’s also only $24.99 and have a 5-star score with over 23,000 reviews! So basically you know it’s amazing!
  20. This leather toiletry travel case will come in handy for vacations, the gym or a business trip!
  21. I’ve bought these custom city map glasses for every man in my life. They’re sentimental and really unique. You can pick one up for only $14 dollars!
  22. These grilling kabob holders are really cool and while they won’t come in handy as much in the winter he will really appreciate them once summer rolls back around!
  23. This charging dock holds an iPhone, apple watch, and an iPad to help keep everything in one place! Pick it up for only $13.99!
  24. These North Face gloves are really durable and will help keep him warm during the winter months. Also, if you have to deal with snow like us they’re great for when you’re cleaning off the car of shoveling snow!


Jenna Condon

What a great round up!! Happy holidays



Cards Against Humanity is a blast! I can’t think of a single time I’ve played it where everyone wasn’t in stitches. I can’t believe we don’t have our own set.
Also, I’m seeing Tile everywhere this season. I could use that too!

Hannah @CleanEatingVeggieGirl

These are all such great ideas. I know my husband would be happy to receive them!


love this list! IT totally rocks! I’m pretty sure a few things on here will be heading to my fIL!


Woah, what a great list for all the fellas!
I’m loving the popcorn maker and the print!

Shannon Mahaney

Great ideas! My husband can be hard to shop for because he never wants anything. I always try to get creative with his gifts. Thanks for sharing!


These are fantastic ideas!!! I pinned it for future reference!

Elizabeth (@oakandoats)

SO many good things!!

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